100 thoughts on “My Bahamas TRAVEL DISASTER

  1. As an American introvert who travels frequently, I HATE OUR SYSTEM!!! Everything that can go wrong, does when I fly. Airport security is literally the worst

  2. A ref during a soccer game asked my teammate if she was “questioning her authority” literally quoting what the airport probing lady

  3. I’ve been to the exact airport Dan was at least five times now. He wasn’t joking about the drum band and the margaritaville ads.

  4. “Or get probed by anyone…….. well not anyone🥴”.. few days ago *dan comes out*….. Oh.. OHHHHHHH. Happy for him

  5. i’m in the bahamas and i loved the band in the immigration center
    literally all i was thinking in that room was you saying “i was having a pleasent fucking bop”

  6. Phil has the magical power to avoid awkward situations via making people fall in love with him.

    Dan is a magnet for disaster.

    A match made in hell.

  7. So this might be a stupid question, but was there any way they could have known if you hadn't gone to the Bahamas for a day?

  8. i think about this video and the deodorant video when im feeling sad and then i feel a little better for some reason

  9. Me: ‘does this hit different?’
    Also me: ‘nah.’
    Still me: Commenting ‘This hits different’

  10. 10:32
    My house got really quiet and my family stared at me and went "what are you watching?" And I laughed because of course that would happen to me.

  11. The U.S. online questionaire You have to fill in when going there is truly riddiculous. Q: "Were you in cahoots with the naziz in the 40:s?" A: I was'nt born, so what do you think? Q: "Are you planning on doing something immoral while in the U.S.?" A: According to whom? Morality is subjective ffs…

  12. Nah son first the closest thing is leak which is like 30 min away, the fight yes, the flight being delayed yes, the security no. I'm from Nassau so trust me.

  13. Yes I'm still watching this in 2019, and 1:35 I love how he somehow lowkey snuck in videos that're actually Phil's that don't even have his name on their titles.

  14. As a resident of Central Florida, I sincerely apologize for how you were treated. We can be pretty bad (never, ever drive on I-4 if you're inexperienced with Florida highways) but we're not ALL like that.

  15. The us immigration security is indeed scary, but it’s scarier trying to pass it with a passport from Latin America when a guy nearby is getting deported and you suffer from anxiety. 😀

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