My Blogging Story (& How I Make Money Blogging While Working Full time)

My Blogging Story (& How I Make Money Blogging While Working Full time)

hello welcome back to my youtube channel
I hope you’re having a fantastic day I am so excited you’re here today because
today I am going to be sharing with you my entire blogging journey and how I’ve
come from knowing nothing about blogging to making money blogging and helping pay
off my student loans from my blog income okay so it all started in 2011 when I
graduated law school with two hundred and six thousand dollars in student loan
debt take that in for a minute that is an insane amount of debt and I had no
idea at the time that I had that much debt you know for a number of reasons I
went to undergrad then I went to law school figured I would be
fine paying off my debt if I was an attorney that was wrong I ended up
taking a job as an attorney and you know paying my student loans back but feeling
like every single paycheck was just going straight to my loans and I just
had no idea how I had made it to that point knowing absolutely literally
nothing about personal finance I had never taken a class about it never really
talked about it in my home life nothing like I knew nothing so being the type a
person that I am I decided to start learning about personal finance I
started reading books I started listening to podcasts and I soon found
out that I was even more ignorant than I had ever even imagined so knowing
absolutely nothing about blogging I decided that I would start a blog and
you know take it from there my thinking was that if I knew nothing about money I
could share my experiences with my debt and whatever else I learned about money
and help other people do this obviously there were other blogs already doing
this but I was clueless I just thought well I’m gonna start along so I did it
wasn’t long after I started my blog that I realized
there’s this entire online world out there where people are friends with each
other they go to conferences together they make money online like it was so
crazy to learn all this stuff because I was clueless before this and then I
started realizing how much I really loved personal finance and I loved
learning about it and at the same time in my law career I was like hating it
like I was just hating law firm life it was really really stressful
the hours were nuts like sunup to sundown all seven days of the week like
I just and I didn’t see that ending even as I progressed in my career so I
decided to pursue a career as a financial planner I had already had my
blog up and running so I decided to apply for jobs as a
financial planner and pursue a career in that field I ended up getting a job as a
financial planner and sitting and eventually passing the certified
financial planner examination however during that time I continued to blog and
I continue to make money blogging so the first year I blogged I was a lawyer the
second year I blogged I was a financial planner and then this year the third
year I was also a financial planner so all of my success with making money
blogging and blogging in general has been done while I work full time this is
like very different than a lot of other bloggers out there who end up quitting
their jobs and are just blogging full-time or they have a full-time job
but their blog is just sort of a hobby that they’re not interested in
monetizing so I’ve found a way that works for me to work full time and make
money blogging the first year that I blogged I made a total of five thousand
dollars from my blog this included money from advertisements affiliate marketing
and maybe like one or two sponsored posts but mostly freelance writing as
well now with freelance writing I wasn’t actually making money from my blog but I
was writing for other blogs and getting paid for it this is like one of the best
ways to make money blogging at first because when I say blogging in quotes
because it’s not really from my blog but it is an online form of making money the
reason that I love this is because it gives you an income stream that you can
use to put towards blog expenses because what a lot of people don’t realize is
that if you really want to turn your blog into like a successful business it
costs money and you will have to pay for things and you sort of get back what you
put in and if you’re not willing to do that it’s gonna be really really hard to
monetize and then scale your blog up fast forward to my second year blogging
and I made just shy of a thirty thousand dollars blogging and this was while I
was working full time and studying to sit for the certified financial planner
examination so it was a lot I had a ton of stuff going on but I still did it I
was able to do it and the way that I did it was just having a very structured
schedule you know putting in time slots in my calendar when I was going to be
studying versus when I was gonna be blogging around my work schedule and it
really paid off and part way through that second year I stopped freelance
writing and shifted my focus to just on affiliate marketing and ads now I forgot
to mention that I also did sell digital products for a little bit in the very
beginning but that was before I knew anything about the online world and I I
definitely did it way too soon I plan to do this again in the future
I just took six-figure blogger which is a course that shows you actually how to
monetize with digital products but when I did it I knew nothing about marketing
nothing about sales and like I was just not ready at all for it
so that and it wasn’t a significant amount of my income at all so second
year blogging mostly ads and affiliate marketing my third year blogging is this
year and I’m so excited right now it’s August I don’t know how
much money make this year but I can tell already
that it will be more than $30,000 and that is while I’m working full-time
again it’s from display advertising of an affiliate marketing only
and I’m hoping that next year I will incorporate digital products and then
I’ll make even more money but this year I just spent really focused on
fine-tuning my blog how it looks the design of it and then my strategy for
monetization and most of that is what I learned from the six-figure blogger
course and from making sense of affiliate marketing so with those two
courses again I had to pay for them and that you know that’s money that some
people hesitate to spend but it’s like that’s how I learned how to make more
money on my blog and I use this money for my student loan payments when I
shifted from being a corporate attorney to being a financial planner
I took a 50% pay cut which was really hard on the budget because of my student
loans the biggest expense in my budget for sure is my student loans so I had to
find a way to continue to pay those off as quick as possible while working in my
dream career which is with personal finance and helping people with their
money so the way that I do this is with my blog and if I if I did not have my
blog 100% I would not be able to stay on a standard repayment plan and pay more
on my loans instead I would probably have to go on an income driven plan and
because my debt is so high I would unlikely even be able to pay for the
interest every month so my blog is truly a life saver I pay a minimum of fifteen
hundred dollars a month onto my student loans and sometimes more like last month
I paid $2,700 but that was a little unusual although I hope it continues to
grow and I hope that I can continue to pay that much on my debt
I still have just over $100,000 in student loans to repay my goal is to
repay that in the next two years but that only works if I can exponentially
increase my blog income and so far I’ve been able to do that I went you know
from 5k my first year to 30k my second year and you know verdicts still out on
my third year but it will be more than 30k so if I can just keep this up and
repay my debt in the next two years life will be good so that’s my blogging story
so far a lot of people ask me how do I do it how do I get so much done and a
lot of it has to do with how much I plan so at night I plan for the following day
and I make sure I have in my gcalendar and my productivity planner what I’m
going to do the next day so I’m so good at time management because I use these
tools that I actually increase my productivity significantly and it sort
of takes away the idea that I can choose when to do things because I’ve thought
about it ahead of time I won’t just act on how I feel that day I’ll actually
follow my plan I highly recommend this if you’re trying to blog and work
full-time or balance all of that and for me what works is to often blog in the
morning before work like you know I I’d get up at 4:30 a lot of times if not
5:00 and then I blog before work and sometimes I blog after work or on the
weekends but I’ll look at my week ahead of time and make sure that I’ve allotted
enough time for me to do it and all of this is to say obviously I love blogging
like if I didn’t this would be way too much time spent on it so if you’re
thinking about starting a blog only do it if you really love it yes you can
make money blogging and I’ll link to some resources for you in the notes
below but really only do it if you think you can really find a passion
that I think you have to put in too much time if it’s not something you’re gonna
fall in love with so that’s all I wanted to share with you today it’s my personal
story of blogging if you guys have any questions please share them in the
comments below I love talking with people about blogging and a link to a
few of my resources my how to start a blog post and my five-day blogging
bootcamp they’re both free and you can sign up for them and learn how to start
a blog right now that’s it for this week thanks for tuning in and I hope you have
a great week bye bye

7 thoughts on “My Blogging Story (& How I Make Money Blogging While Working Full time)

  1. I love this. I work full time but also want to build a blog that makes money. It would be a great way for us to continue pay down our debt while I build a business to eventually stay home when we have a child.

  2. Great video Natalie, I would love if you do more videos about juggling a full time job and your blog ( how your schedule looks like, how much do you reinvest on the blog, most exhausting blogging tasks, do you recommend batching content?, strategy for answering comments or keeping up with your audience emails, how do you keep your finances separate, etc) ? I love your story.

  3. Your videos are really inspiring! I am starting a fashion / beauty / lifestyle blog ( June was my 1st month and I have 35 followers. I was wondering how you found freelance writing gigs? I am very interested in this! I also was wondering if you started of on WordPress and did you use the free version? Thank you ☺

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