My Bullet Journal [2017]

My Bullet Journal [2017]

For 2017 I wanted to keep to simple bullet
journal spreads instead of commiting to more complex layouts that I probably wouldn’t
be able to keep up with during busier weeks. So for each month I have an overall view spread.
On the left side, on the top half of the page I have finance and tax information and under
that section I have a task or bucket list only dedicated to that month, as well as a
list of items that I need to buy during that specific month. I feel that sectioning my
bullet journal in months instead of weeks gives me a broader view of everything I have
to do and it also lets me use a theme for each month, that is, concentrating on a topic
of my life once at a time instead of having this huge list of things I feel like I need
to accomplish permanentely. On the right side I have a monthly overview
in list form where I can quickly write some major things that are coming up. It it’s
a particularly task-free month, this view is enough for me to organize my days.
However, if I feel like I will have a busy month, a classic monthly spreads with wide
boxes is better to plan out your days with more detail. This is one of the spreads I used last year for the month of November and I will keep up with this layout as soon as
I start my classes. Moving on, I also decided to use a habit tracker
for the first time. I was very sceptical about this concept at first, since I thought that
I would never remember to color the boxes each day but during the month of January I
actually got used to doing this as a routine and I am really enjoying the results so far.
I am currently keeping track of very basic things which I tend to forget lots of time,
like moisturizing, uploading posts on tumblr and Instagram, practicing my german on Duolingo,
no spending days, etc. You can really customize your habit tracker as it better suits you
and I think it’s a must have in any bullet journal.
On the right side of the page, nothing too exciting – just plain task lists for different
days of the month, where I still use the classic bullet journal key with a dot for uncompleted
tasks, a cross for completed tasks and an arrow for migrated tasks.
On the next page we have a permanent spread. On the top left corner I have a list of books
that I want to read throughout the year and I will mark them as I finish reading. It still
has enough space on the right side , if I need to add anything else. Below
that I have a quarterly overview, and this is something that I wanted to try out after
reading one of Boho Berry’s posts about it. Basically, it’s an overview of specific
goals you want to achieve during the four quarters of the year, which is more flexible
than adopting a monthly system. On the right side I have two main columns.
The first is just a youtube brainstorm list, with video topics and themes that I would
like to work on during the year. It’s something that I can refer to whenever I can’t come
up with ideas for a future video or if I want to overlap different themed videos throughout
time. I also have a still very short list of movies that I have watched this year and
I am really hoping I can reach the bottom of the page in December. Fingers crossed!
Then on the next page I start the bullet journal task in itself. From this point on I haven’t
draw any specific spreads or layouts and I just write dawn task lists assigned to a specific
day or a weekend, which you can mainly see on the left page. I highly encourage everyone
who is starting out a bullet journal or who thinks that bullet journaling is a tiresome
routine, to start with task lists with the most simple, minimal style you can think of.
On the right, I have a few tasks I need to work on for specific projects, like redesigning
my students union website. That means that, besides daily specific tasks I also bullet
journal to prepare for specific projects and when every task under that project is complete,
the project itself is also done. That makes me understand my progress, what I still have
to do, and it gives me a sense of accomplishment when I finish all the tasks under that list.
Next week I will be uploading a Bullet Journal Hacks video with 10 tips on how to customize
and make your bullet journal your own, so stay tuned for that and I will see you next
Friday. Bye!

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  1. hi!!! I love your videos!!!! It helps me a lot!!! this is the first video that I am so early to a video!!!i love you and your vids so much. helps me get organised!!

  2. I do French and German on Duolingo! So much fun. I like the idea of separate bullet journalling for a specific project. I sometimes need that for a larger ongoing project.

  3. Hey girl! Eu sou Portuguesa e adoro o teu canal. Também adoro manter a minha agenda direitinha apesar de também ter tudo no telemóvel… há qualquer coisa de diferente em escrever em papel 👌Vou ver se começo a fazer vídeos sobre este assunto 🤗 Beijinhoss 😘

  4. Olá Mariana, me tira uma dúvida por favor, como você difere a organização entre seu Planner e o bullet Journal? Tô amando seus vídeos 🙂

  5. Thanks for sharing! I may have to try out using a bullet journal! I feel like Im too messy to do one though! lol xoxoox KayH

  6. Great video, as always! I always get inspired by your tips both on studying and planning. There are so many channels about these stuffs, but unfortunately only a few of them worth watching. Congrats for having so many subscribers!

  7. a sua caligrafia é tão linda!!! e os layouts ficaram incríveis, mt cleans e minimalistas. vídeo incrível, parabénsss por ser maravilhosa! <3

  8. Olá, Mariana!
    Assim que vi um dos teus vídeos, comecei logo a ficar inspirada para estudar! Ajudaste-me imenso a conseguir ter concentração e empenho, agora sinto-me mais organizada!! MUITO OBRIGADA Mariana's Study Corner!
    Beijinhos de Lisboa!!

  9. l'm really impressed by your handwriting!!!
    l remember in one of your video ,you said that you are studying law in college ,but what you do just like you are studying art ,it is totally amazing !
    By the way , l am your big fan from Taiwan so my English isn't very well . l hope you can understand what l'm mean and how much l'm love your channel!

  10. I've watched tons of bullet journal videos, but this was the one that inspired me the most to start a bujo, just because of the simple and clean look of it 🙂

  11. Hi Mariana! I love ur videos. The organization & simplicity is wonderful. This is the only bullet journal vid that made me want to try it. Can't wait for the next one 🙂

    I also use Korean skin care products! Love them so much! They're the best! Such good results!
    Where do you get your products from? Do you live in Korea? I live in South Africa so it's really hard to get them here.

  13. Thank you so much for this video! That journal is amazing. Definitely going to use some of those things from now on.

  14. Hi Mariana. Love your videos and am inspired to do my own study notes. Also, i really like your background music. Where do you find it?

  15. Hi Mariana! I have to thank you a lot, specially for your tips on how to take notes and how to study from huge books and articles! You've helped me a lot (I'm from Portugal too, and your methodes are great for the sistem here – and actually everywhere, I guess!). Just have a question: do you keep a planner and a bullet jornal at the same time? And if you do, isn't it quite the same, at some point? Again, thank you so much and I look forward for your videos !

  16. Aleluia encontrei um canal de bullet journal de Portugal! Adorei o teu bujo Mariana, eu tentei começar a postar videos também mas com o trabalho não tenho muito tempo. Fico-me só pelo insta!

  17. My mom had one when I was a kid and used to use it on daily basics. I avoided using it since I did not like it, because it had days counted and things, and I do not like that. Now, as a 12th grader, I realized the need to be organised, since I have finals at the end of the year in 3 classes and an admission test for medical school. I counted lessons and things and made 'day boxes'. I took a blank page and drew 3x3cm squares, giving each a day of the week and day of the month name. I used colours to underline the day, 2 lines meaning deadline for having studied and done all exercises from the lesson. I used it to note some tests on it too and put in on my wall. Problem was on a page I only had about 70 squares, so I made another page. When that filled up, I made another one, 2x2cm this time. Woops, this one managed to get me till September, way more than I needed. Now my question is: Since I will be going to med school and I will have courses such as anatomy, biochem, biophysics, physiology etc, how can I keep organized?

  18. I like the idea of the "habit tracker" and the "quarterly overview," because I am currently attempting to develop a macro time schedule to better organize my time while working. I do have one question, do you know of any tips, tricks and/or life hacks for making the writing and drawing quicker to do? Thank you Marianna!

  19. its a great video!!!
    i saw the video and made my own bullet journel.
    please also subscr… my channel

  20. What products are you using for your Korean Skin Care Routine? Do you track those in your bullet journal also? 🙂

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