My Bullet Journal Setup | Setup for 2020 !! (Eng/Sp Sub) | Mi Agenda 2020 (ES Sub) | バレットジャーナル

My Bullet Journal Setup | Setup for 2020 !! (Eng/Sp Sub) | Mi Agenda 2020 (ES Sub) | バレットジャーナル

Hello! I’m Ayanorosa. Thank you for watching. I bought this notebook. This is my first MOLESKINE. and the first BULLET JOURNAL!! I already drew title 2020. The design concept is Flower & Moon. From here, set up for 2020! For this Bullet Journal, I studied and planed. I put KEY on this first page. I put planets around KEY. I like simple design, I use 2 colors only. Black and Gold. I add “YouTube”. and “Idea”. Next page is INDEX. save 2 pages for INDEX. GRID SPACING CHEAT SHEET In advance I drew lines. 5 mm spacing. It’s little bother, but really convenient for each page! This is my original. I put KAIZEN. KAIZEN is Japanese word. It means improvement. I am going to write KAIZEN things for the next Journal. The left is what was not good in this time. and the right is KAIZEN ideas for next year. From here, Important pages! FUTURE LOG ! I made it as many as 4pages I use only gold and black color. No illustration. Simple and lovely. I’m sorry… I change color. I use Acrylic gold. More sparkle. I like it 🙂 I write the days of the week on gold. On acrylic paint, I could use oil-based pen. but I needed to wait until the paint is dried. This is so hard! I have to write number and number! I like it ★ Next page is also FUTURE LOG. Finally done! I am going to note birthdays and anniversary etc. oops! Acrylic paint was stuck! but i don’t care 😉 This double-page is for YOUTUBE. It’s for writing down video Ideas. I draw flowers. Wishing my channel blooms! Next double-page is for ART. About drawing ideas, plans of art exhibition etc. I draw flowers here too. I draw them richly on both side of double-page. but I don’t draw anything in the middle, I don’t need any section lines. Because I like to write down and draw freely. I paint gold on all corners of this double-page. I really like acrylic gold on Moleskine Journal ! Here is WHAT (THINGS) I LIKED. Words, Habits, Fashion, Movies etc 🙂 I put moon and stars. Here is super simple. I write HEALTH and CLEANING, that’s it! I always want to write down and draw freely, so there is nothing in the middle of pages. Almost finish! Here is last page of setup! The last is Moon. From new moon to full moon. It’s like dreams come true! Finally done! Happy!! I will note on KAIZEN page… Be careful when you paint on double-page! It took a long time to make the first Bullet Journal. It was fun, and I am happy to have this! I’m looking my journal everyday, because I am still happy. and I’m looking forward to using this more! Thank you very much for watching 🙂

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  1. Hola!
    Este es mi primer Bullet Journal! Este vídeo es inglés y español Mexicano. Por favor active los subtíclos.
    ¡Muchas gracias por verlo y suscribirse a mi canal de YouTube!

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