My Daily Schedule Working Full Time & Blogging

My Daily Schedule Working Full Time & Blogging

Hey guys welcome back to my channel. I
hope you’re having a wonderful day. Today I am going to share with you my schedule.
So I’m getting a lot of questions about how I work full time blog on the side
and make steady income from it as well as maintaining my relationships and doing
everything else. So that’s what I want to dive into with you today. Really the
secret to how I do it all is planning. I am a psycho planner and it starts the
day before the day starts and the week before the Week starts and even the
month before the month starts. So what I mean is I will look at the month ahead – I
use my gCalendar for this and I use it in like the month view so you can see
all 30 or 31 days, and I will see what the weekends look like, what events I
have for work, or what events I have planned with friends, or if I have a
really low-key week and maybe I should plan something new. So this gCalendar
view is something I always have up every single day it’s on my laptop in the
background and it’s something I’m always kind of thinking about and planning for
as the month progresses. For the weeks I use the Productivity Planner, can you guys see that hopefully, this is amazing for weekly planning because it’s broken up
into weeks and you have room for your weekly goals every single day during the
week and then a weekly review, and I just find it helpful to capture what I need
to focus on, and I really like this instead of just using my gCalendar
because you can also do weekly planning in your gCalendar but what I find is
since it’s digital I will change things so much instead of remembering to focus
on what I planned ahead of time and not letting like the chaos of the day or the
week interrupt to what I know I really want
to focus on. So I use the Productivity Planner for my weekly planning and then for my daily planning I make sure the night
before I plan the following day and it’s in line with like my weekly plan and my
monthly plan as well. So at night I’ll look through my Productivity Planner and
plan the next day what I need to focus on in order of priority and that’s how
the Productivity Planner is set up but then I will also go to my gCalendar for
that day and I keep it in the month view and I put in where I can accomplish each
of the things in time slots. So a typical day for me, now hopefully I don’t know
this might sound crazy to you but I do get up between 4:30 a.m. and 5:00 a.m.
most often it’s 4:45 by the time I’m getting out of bed but this is just
something that enables me to have like the most amazing successful morning
routine. I get so much done in the morning I feel like very clear,
productive, and you know I don’t even need any coffee for the first few hours.
What I do is I get up by 4:45 usually and I shower and get ready for the day
just so that’s done and out of the way and this includes you know putting on
makeup getting dressed because I have a day job that I commute to about 20 or 30
minutes away so I really want to just get that all done right away. Then I go
in to my blog work, and this is something that I do before my day job, usually I
plan what I need to focus on the night before so I already know what to focus
on. So I’ll just flip open my Productivity
Planner and have my gCalendar up and say okay what am I gonna focus on for
the rest of this morning and that’s what I focus on. And that’s pretty much it for
my morning routine. I get up at 4:45 and I leave the house by 6:45 now because
I’m focusing so much on monetizing my blog because I want to pay off
my student loans so bad I really use all of this time for blogging but like in an
ideal world where I’m debt-free I would really like to also incorporate reading
and personal development and all that stuff. One thing that I do do well I am
showering and getting ready is listening to podcasts. I love podcasts and sort of
obsessed with them and I’ve grown so much by using my time where I don’t have
to think like showering getting ready for the day commuting listening to
podcasts so definitely recommend that one. I leave for work at 6:45 a.m. and
I’m there by 7:00, which is great because my morning commute, since it’s so early, is
only 15 minutes whereas it’s either double or triple that on the way home.
But I get in at 7:00 and I work until 4:00. Now I have an hour for lunch and
usually I will walk in the summertime. There’s a nice area that I can walk and
get some exercise in – I’m a big proponent of just moving and getting outside when
possible, but if I can’t do that if because of weather or it’s just not
gonna fit in my schedule, I’ll either read or blog at lunch as well. And it
depends if I do this based on what I have going on that night so if I have
like meeting my girlfriends or date night or some other event fundraiser or
something I’m going to in the evening, I’ll use my lunch to be a little bit
more productive like reading or blogging as well. And then I finished the day
around 4:00 or 4:30 p.m., and I get home by 5:00 p.m. usually, and that is when I
start my evening routine. The first thing I do when I get home from work is like
unpack my life, change, put on comfy clothes, leggings sweatpants whatever,
take off my makeup – I really just get almost ready for the evening right when
I get home. I will pack my lunch for the next day, I even pick out what I’m going to
wear the next day so it’s just like getting all that stuff done right away
and then I prepare dinner, which I do actually
like to cook a lot but because I’m blogging and working full time I’ve kind
of put cooking on the back burner as a hobby and usually it’s just something
quick whether it’s like rice and soy sauce and beans or pasta just something
quick soup I do a lot of soup, I eat dinner. And then once I’m done with
dinner I blog again, and I’ll usually blog for about 1 to 2 hours in the
evening and this is where I really really rely on my Productivity Planner
and gCalendar to tell me what I supposed to be doing.
I don’t just open my computer and say “oh what do I want to blog about right now”.
I have tasks kind of designated in each time slot so that it requires much less
thinking because in the evenings I am tired, and I’m just less focused
so I want to take out as much decision making as possible. So what I’ll
try to do is batch my tasks. On Sundays typically I record YouTube videos,
Mondays I’ll write a new blog post, that’s also when I publish posts and I’m
2 months ahead for scheduling blog posts, so you know as one is posted that same
Monday I’ll write one and schedule it for two months out. So I try to get all
of my writing done Monday and then that leaves Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday for anything else with blogging or you know social life, boyfriend, family,
whatever else events that I want to do. So I know mentally that I’m going to record
videos Sunday, get that editing – everything done, write on Monday, and then
have other sort of miscellaneous goals to work on the blog and you know keep it
pushing forward, whether it’s my monetization strategy, design, social
media, accounting, the business side of things – whatever. I always will do that
sometime Tuesday through Thursday. Not all of those days but just whenever I can throughout those days. I won’t do it Sunday and Monday.
So typically I start getting ready for bad about 8:45 p.m. That’s obviously
really early if you’re a grown adult, but for me it works.
I ideally like to be in bed by 9:00 but you know that’s kind of like when I try
to be off my phone and getting ready for bed. I also use the Five Minute Journal,
which is part of my morning routine I forgot to mention, so I use this in the
morning and at night it’s only 5 minutes maybe even less sometimes so I will do
this at night and say what I’m thankful for for the day kind of wrap up anything
else, and I’m asleep no later than 9:30 every night. So I’m definitely getting
enough sleep, which is great. And that schedule you know the wake up, journal,
blog, go to work, come home, get ready for the next day, eat dinner, blog is a very
typical day Monday through Thursday. It’s rarely all four of those days because I
have stuff going on, whether it’s you know going to meet a girlfriend or a
girls night or a date night or a work event or a fundraiser or something else
there’s always other stuff podcast episodes sometimes you know that sort of
thing, but I will know it ahead of time by planning my weeks so I can kind of
see when I can have maybe 2 to 3 days out of the Monday through Thursday that
look like that, and that will help me be really productive and keep me focused.
Friday is I really just I don’t like blogging Friday evenings at all, I just
feel like I accomplished a lot through the week, so I will blog in the mornings
go to work and then Friday night I usually do something fun whether that’s
you hanging with my friends, going out to dinner ,or taking instagram photos around
town, something that is just fun for me. And then Saturday you know I have stuff
going on you know it’s wedding season in just my
life so and baby season so whether it’s baby shower, wedding shower,
weddings, bachelorette parties, that sort of thing, a lot of my Saturdays are taken
up, but if they’re not you know I’ll like to do other activities like, we’re gonna
go pumpkin picking an apple picking this Saturday, so that’ll be really fun
and just kind of balancing having fun on the weekends and relaxing and like
maintaining my life doing laundry, grocery shopping, and cleaning those
things with blocking as well. So the weekend is kind of a balance of all that
Sundays are like my mega days. I love some days. I go to church, I sometimes
will walk and do like a little coffee check-in date with Tyler, my boyfriend then I will do a YouTube video, which is like hours of time because of
the editing and preparation that goes into it. Then I make sure I do my
budgeting, I look at my business accounts, like, I keep track of the money that
I’m making from my blog for the month, not just coming in, but what I’m earning.
So, I look through that. I also look through any other sort of business side
of things for my blog. So that’s something I do Sunday night. And that is
it I think for a normal week for me. I will say that I’m so much in the routine
of it it’s not hard at all honestly. I think that if I was used to kind of
being like lazier or more just go with the flow do whatever and didn’t have
goals and like really feel passionate about blogging, I would probably find
this schedule impossible but it’s just that I don’t have this much downtime
anymore. So if people want to do something or get on my schedule or I
want to do something I always look at that month view and plan it out ahead of
time. The one time that it really does get
hard to keep this up is if I go out of town for a weekend, it’s just difficult
and I have to find ways to plan ahead and work it out. That is how I have
managed to work full time and also make money blogging. So if you have any
questions leave them in the notes below. I never would have thought people would
be interested in this topic but it was from questions I was getting and that’s
why I did it. So please let me know what you want to
hear. And please subscribe to my channel I’d really appreciate it! I will see you
next week thanks for tuning in bye bye!

20 thoughts on “My Daily Schedule Working Full Time & Blogging

  1. Thanks for sharing. I like how you schedule hour blogging time and what needs to be done during those hours. ☺

  2. Wow! I love this and I give you kudos…by the time I get home from work and eat dinner I'm wiped and my brain hurts. How do you keep your energy levels so high?!

  3. This was great Natalie. You have incredible focus and energy. Just goes to show what can be done when you focus and plan.

  4. Thanks for this video. Toward the end of the video, I took out my planner and set my alarm to wake up one hour earlier than normal. Once I get used to this new schedule, I will set a new schedule for 2 hours earlier. I feel totally inspired now! Thanks again!

  5. I just came across this video Natalie. Love it! I admire your organization. Just goes to show what's possible when you focus! Would love to hear tips on how you actually plan your blog content/productivity, so you know what tasks to focus on each morning and evening when you blog. Thanks for sharing such great stuff! And, congratulations on your results!

  6. This was really fascinating! I've been kind of nervous about starting a blog while having a full time job, but this made it seem less scary. I feel like I just need to push through the HARD work of getting everything started–email lists, design, etc.–and then I will be able to focus more on just putting content out there.

    I also really like how you basically get ready for bed as soon as you get home. One of the hardest parts about going to bed for me is trying to wash my face first! My least favorite thing ever.

  7. Great video! I am going to use this as a foundation to create my schedule. I just need to include working out. Which is really important for my weight loss journey

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