My Favorite Journal and Art supplies + Demo & Tips!

My Favorite Journal and Art supplies + Demo & Tips!

Hi everyone, today I want to share with you
my essential journaling and art supplies in a slightly creative way to help you figure
out where they can be used in the process of creating. I was thinking of including my craft and sewing
supplies as well, but I’ll save those for another video if you guys want! You can find all the links to the products
below, some of which aren’t exactly the product but they are good alternatives since I’ve had some of these supplies for a very long time. The links below are affiliate links, so if
you purchase through them, I’ll get a very small commission, if you do, I just want to
thank you so much for supporting my work! I am going to start with my journals, sketchbooks, and paper. If you guys have been following me you’ll
know that I love to DIY my own supplies, the journals I mainly use were made by me. I use heavy sketch paper, printed my own dot
grid, and put it all together. You can find the link to my super simple tutorial
down below if you want to make one too! Next I have my daily Pro art sketchbook, it
is hardcover and spiral bound which makes it a good companion when I sit at the park
or am working off my lap. I mainly use this for brainstorming. So there are a lot of ideas and scribbles
here, and they are very random. The pages are meant for dry media, charcoal,
pencils mostly, markers will bleed through, but that’s okay, you can just skip a page,
or put something on top of the backside. For illustrations that I want to finish in
a sketchbook I use my Canson Mixed media sketchbook, which I just bought a few weeks ago. Again it’s hardcover and spiral bound, but
the pages are made for dry and wet media. You can use pencils, charcoal, watercolor,
acrylic, anything you want in this one. But with watercolor, you still can’t layer
too much or else the pages will start wrinkling. So for my final watercolor paintings, I am
so in love with arches cold press 140lb paper! It is so expensive and I only buy it when
I have a coupon. Its 100% cotton paper with a very light texture That off white color gives the painting a
subtle elegance and gallery quality look, so basically it makes your painting look like
a million dollars. It takes watercolor so well and you can layer
as much as you want on it and it’ll only have a slight wrinkle. Now for my measuring tools! I have three main rulers that I use. A 12” metal ruler with foam backing, an
18” see through quilting ruler, and a 24” metal ruler with cork backing. I use both the metal ones for cutting with
my mat knife and self healing cutting mat for safety reasons because my blades will
not cut through the ruler or the mat and cause an accident. And its non slip, so I can get a pretty consistent
cut line with these. The 12” ruler is used for smaller projects
and then I whip out the longer one for the larger projects. These metal rulers are also perfect for deckled
edges to create a ripped look especially if you want it in a specific size. I use the quilting ruler to create 45 and
90 degree angles and parallel and perpendicular lines. This is the ruler I love for bullet journaling
because I can see through it to the edge of the page, line it up and produce a perfect
perpendicular line. They are normally in the sewing isle because
it is made for quilting but it’s just too perfect not to have. Moving on to my pencil, there is only one
that I consistently use and that is this BIC lead pencil. It’s a really cheap one that comes in a
value pack so i’ll never run out of them. I am using .5 2B lead and it works perfect
for my sketches. In case you hear the terms 2B or HB, that’s
a reference to the hardness of the lead. It goes from H which stands for hard to B
which stands for black. The the higher the number with the letter
H, the harder and lighter the lead will write. The higher the number with the letter B, the
softer the lead, which produces darker blacker lines. This is what they would look like on a scale. And of course you can create a grayscale with
only one type of lead, which makes drawing that much more dynamic. Harder leads are also harder to erase, especially
if you press down too hard leaving an imprint on the paper. One most important tip for drawing or sketching
is to pay attention to how hard you’re pressing. Keep a light touch so that you can erase your
marks easily. My all time favorite eraser that normally
helps, is my faber castell kneaded eraser. It is made of a putty rubber and is perfect
for lightening up pencil strokes and to completely erase without leaving any dust. Once you erase an area, knead it until it
becomes light grey and you’re good to erase again. If I want a more aggressive eraser, I’ll
use my tuff stuff pencil eraser. It’s a soft white eraser that helps with
details and smaller areas. They are designed to be softer so that they
don’t rip the paper but it still works really well in getting rid of unwanted lines. If you run out, you can always just get refills
for them. I couldn’t find this exact brand online, and when I did, they ended up being $24 a piece so I found a comparable one that looks almost identical and has great reviews. This is definitely a must when drawing details. After I have my pencil sketch done, I can
either go in with my watercolors or go in with my Pigma Microns. For this piece, I am going in with my microns
first and then painting later. The amazing thing is that the ink will not
run when I paint on top, so my lines will stay exactly how I want it. I have 6 main sizes that I work with, and
lucky for you, they come in a set! It ranges in size from 005, 01, 02, 03, 05,
and 08. The smaller the number the smaller the tip. So you can draw very detailed lines or draw
bolder lines, it all depends on you. My most used sizes are 02 and 03, because
it’s not too thin and not too bold, so right in between. I haven’t tried any other fineliner brands
because I love these so much and they work so well. Now that the lines are done, I can move on
to my watercolors, I am in love with Reeves. I used expensive watercolor brands before
and the price was not worth it for me. I have a 24 pack here and they are in little
cute tubes with the colors on the outside. You only need to squeeze a tiny bit on a palette,
which I bought at my local craft store for a few dollars and I can probably paint forever. A little lasts a long way for these paints. I highly recommend watercolor paint in a tube
because you can use the paint almost like an acrylic with very little water to produce
more solid colors. You can also layer white on top of colors,
even though it’s still a little see through, it works well enough. And you can mix white with the colors to change
the tint, which is really cool! This set blends really well, layers well,
and is budget friendly. The only thing to watch out for, is that if
you leave them sitting too long, make sure to first squeeze out the tube on a paper towel
to get rid of the separation. Or you can just mix the paint with the separation. The brushes I am using are made by royal and
langnickle. They are good quality brushes at reasonable
prices and range in size from super small and detailed to brushes for washes or larger
areas, so basically all of your painting needs are covered with these. My only tip here is to take care of them,
wash them after they are used, dry them, and then make sure the tips are protected. I got this case from my craft store as well,
it’s alittle big, but it protects the bristles from being damaged and that’s the whole point. So, that’s it, that is all I use! I’ve always wanted to try out copic markers
and experiment with washi tape and gel pens, but I know that I won’t use them often enough. I do have a few prismacolor markers that have
lasted me years, but I don’t use them very often either. If you want bolder and more saturated colors,
than markers may be your thing. But I am so happy with my simple tools and
my watercolor set that I want to continue practicing with them. Keep in mind guys that you do not need to
have everything everyone has to build great bullet journal layouts or make amazing artwork,
be resourceful and creative. Use what you have as a challenge to yourself
and make the most of it. So if you can’t have the markers, the microns,
the watercolors, or even a good quality sketchbook, you can still make great work with a simple
2b pencil and some printer paper or notebook page. I remember when I was still learning how to
draw, and even now when other creators inspire me so much, I thought that they are great
because of the tools they own. So there was always that want to buy more
and more supplies. But then I realized that they are great because
of how they use the tools. And that takes courage and a lot of practice
more so than talent. So since I love quotes so much, I am going
to leave you with a funny but inspirational one from Andy Warhol, he says: “Don’t
think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or
bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.” I hope this inspires you to just make art
and not worry too much. Be sure to follow me on instagram any updates
on my shop I have something super exciting coming up in a few weeks that I am going to
share with you. Thank you so much for watching and have a
wonderful day everyone. Bye!

48 thoughts on “My Favorite Journal and Art supplies + Demo & Tips!

  1. I am first!! <333
    love you so much, and your videos they help me out more than you can imagine!! and you really inspire me, all the time.. thank you!! xx 😘🤗🤗

  2. Loved The end quote from Andy Warhol! Thank you for sharing. I absolutely love your work and your videos! 💛 such a great inspiration!

  3. I use reeves too and I prefer them over the professional ones. And when I buy them I use a coupon so I get the set of 24 for 5 dollars.

  4. YES, please do a craft & sewing supply tip video(s).I dabble in those creative outlets too. Great suggestion for using the quilting ruler for the BUJO. I will give it a try ;o)

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    I'm kind of like you – I've got a bunch of supplies that I got such a long time ago I probably wouldn't even be able to tell where and I always feel that I shouldn't get anything in excess until I learn how to use what I have to the best of my ability. I recently purchased some microns for my bullet journal though – not really sure how I lived without them to be honest. :L
    Keep up your amazing work, you are so talented! And have a wonderful day.

  6. this is so beautiful and inspirational. Your voice is soft and calm that goes well with the pleasing background music. Hence, your vid. is so crafty and sketchy that i love😍 i also admire that you readily explain things and give alternatives such as the lead, eraser and the microns. I very much appreciate it and the message of your video. Thank you😊

  7. Absolutely beautifully done and well said. I stumbled upon you page just today and I so needed to hear it…been feeling off lately and hearing your talk as you drew hit the spot. Thank you. Inspired to get back to my craft and basics 🙂 Cheers for the new 2018

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  14. pro tip about watercolours, if you want opaque colours go for gouache instead of tubed watercolours because this will work much better than unwatered watercolours regardless of quality. Great paintings can come from cheap watercolours even childrens watercolours. If you do not want cheaper paper to curl when water colouring tape it flat on the table or a board and dont take the tape off until it is fully dry.

  15. I enjoyed your video – you did a nice job explaining and showing everything, thank you! One note, professional watercolors are lightfast and will not color shift or fade over time (check the ASTM ratings, I is best, II is acceptable, don’t use higher numbers for final artwork). Also the pigment load is generally higher with professional watercolors so you use less. Someone mentioned gouache – I would recommend the same if you are mixing in white rather than using transparency and the white of the paper (this is where watercolor and gouache differ; gouache is opaque). M. Graham makes beautiful gouache.

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