My Food Journal Flip-Through [Bullet journal video]

My Food Journal Flip-Through [Bullet journal video]

Hey, it’s Whitney and I thought I would
do an official flip through of my food journal. This is a Scribbles that
Matter Pro journal and I use it solely for food and since I’ve been doing the
80 day obsession I track that a little bit, but since I’ve covered that in my
other videos we’re just gonna do the whole food part. I do start out with an
index and I finally got that all caught up so I will describe to you exactly
what I do since I’m a super foodie and I have a bunch of cookbooks and this is
kind of just a cool way to keep up with all of it. Okay, I have done this in my
Facebook group but I’ve never officially just done a video for or YouTube so here
we go… I need to filled all that in I haven’t done that yet. I did start it months ago
because I needed a way to keep up with my cookbooks and it’s like I get a
cookbook and I start looking through it and I’m like oh my god I want to cook that, I want to cook that, I want to cook that, but then I just never get back to it so this is kind of
an idea had to actually group my recipes so say I want to track all my breakfast
that’s on page 15 are my breakfasts, so when I go through a new cookbook or one
of my cookbooks that I have, I’ll actually categorize them and put my
recipes that I want to actually cook at some point or you know something that
sounds good I’ll put it here under breakfast so
there is a little code key beside it so this says BF-191 you’d be like what in
the world does that mean I actually have another index in the very front of my
cookbooks so this is the name of the cookbook and these are the little
reference letters that I use and then the second number is the page number so
BF is going to be Bobby Flay’s Bar American cookbook so that way if I
wanted to cook these black pepper buttermilk biscuits I could just go back
to his cookbook and look on page 191 and the recipes there. So what categories did
I do? Of course you can do this whatever categories you would like but I
did breakfast, soup, sides, appetizers, general (that’s before I knew
I was going to categorize it I just kind of had a list
of recipes), desserts, dinners (and see this dinners is page 89 is the first page of
it and then I have another page of it at page 94) here’s my dinner recipe, and then
I do something that Kim at Tiny Ray of Sunshine taught us. It’s called “threading”
and that says next one is on page 94, so if there’s continued information I just
left the next page that it’s on, and this is my second page of dinner recipes. So I
kinda told my boyfriend like, “if you’re wanting to cook…” because he’s a super
foodie too. “if you’re wanting to cook anything, grab this book and go to the
dinners section, and find a recipe that you want to cook” and I told him how to
read the index, and he can easily open it up and find whatever recipe and then
we’ll check it off. So I did put a little rating on this one that I did cook, and
we’ve actually cooked two since then. We did this hot pepper shrimp and it was
great and we did the spicy coconut. We did those both the other night so those
were great too… so I put an A+. So it does say FW16, and that is from the Food and
Wine 2016 Annual Cookbook, which I just got for super cheap and those are amazing cookbooks, I
got it off some kind of thrift website ( for like under 5 bucks with shipping, so that’s
amazing. So the rest I have… I have dinners, sandwiches, salads, pickles… I don’t know
why I made it full category. but I do love pickles… pasta, snacks, and sauces.
We will go ahead and go through the book because it’s not just an index of
cookbooks. It has other cool information about food. Here’s my index so far. So this is
cups to tablespoons… so this is just kind of a fun chart a lot of these charts
like this one I find on Pinterest like if I see a cool infographic pin I will
convert it to my book. so this is from and it’s how to make
the perfect salad. This is a wine… you will see a theme here… I think I posted
this on Instagram but it’s from “The Gentlemanual” but it tells what
type of wine which kind of wines fall under that type what what you compare it
with, what goes well with it, and what does not go well with it. This is my
favorite spread here the colors under each vegetable is how you can cook it so
sautee, steam, roast, boil, microwave puree soups, salads, and noodles and then the
shapes underneath it are actually what season they are in season… so, winter
spring summer fall. This is from Whole Foods website and it’s called “Food
that Magically Regrows Itself” so it’s just the foods and the steps it
takes to regrow them. Here’s some of those pages with my recipes on them…
super simple… this is a substitution one of the first spreads I made and I haven’t really added much to it. These are different types of sauces. I
had recipes on here, but then ended up just adding a list of sauces, and
using that reference code, so if I ever want to make these, I can just look in
that cookbook. See, this is that general recipe page, which before I started
dividing them all up, I actually went through like the Saveur New Classic Cookbook and listed the ones I wanted to make. I do have some ratings out beside
them. This was a fun one. I did
reference these, so if there’s any charts in some of these cookbooks. This
was Saveur New Classics which is also an amazing one but it had a chart of
French versus Creole cooking, and it just kind of compares the two. These are some
ideas. Many of you know, I used to be a food blogger, so we do love cooking, and
my boyfriend was too, so we have some random ideas sometimes and we write
them down. This is a cute cocktail spread I did use my Party Pack stamps here.
There’s a lot of little drinks, the Bloody Mary & the French 75, some of my
favorites, and I did put full recipes here for that. This was a good idea at the
time, but I haven’t really elaborated on it but this is a smoothie recipe page. I
have the ingredients listed down here, and then the name of the smoothie is
gonna be listed here and it tells you how much of each to put in there. These
are a few spice mixes. These are barbecue rubs. This is a wine flavor pairing so
another wine spread… I have done the AdvoCare cleanse a few
times so this is just a list of some of the clean eating foods and then I put
some of the recipes that would go with that cleanse. It’s a 10-day thing so. not
too bad. These are some fun salad dressings and once again I started
adding the recipes at first and then I started just adding reference pages. This
is a “Cool Tools” spread so it’s not too elaborate. This was in the Thug Kitchen
cookbook and at standard time for cooking different types of beans. These
are some salsa recipes. Here’s some oil recipes (or there’s gonna be more there’s
just one here), but this is also having to do with oils and what type of oils and
what heats to cook oils with. So this is my desserts one, it’s a little bit
different just because the header goes through it, and this whole spreads gonna
be all desserts. I hardly ever cook desserts but this
gives me motivation to soon. This is which types of apples to use for what so
baking, fresh eating, pies, and sauces. It gives you just the types of apples. That
was another infographic, and so is this one. I thought it was funny, because I eat
popcorn all the time “How to Pair Wine and Popcorn”
This is marinating times for different proteins.
I read push by Chalene Johnson and she goes over the concept of having healthy
eating and having your green foods which are really good you can eat them like
pretty much all the time. Yellow foods, which are just okay and
then red foods which we try to avoid so it’s like a stoplight system. So I did
want to add a pretty header there but just haven’t gotten around to it. And
then we begin all the 80 Day Obsession stuff.. which I do have other
videos that have to do with this. This is another Beachbody program (speaking of
Chalene Johnson) this doesn’t have to do with it though, it is an infographic
about which kind of foods to store we’re so in the pantry and in the fridge.This
one’s also a food season spread, so this tells you exactly when
these foods are in season, so this is just a fun way to practice lettering and
I used the Tombow Fudenosuke pen here, I love that pen, and then some dual brush
pens up here. It’s just kind of fun way to just practice a little bit of
lettering. And everything here is all of my 80 Day
Obsession stuff, but I do have this fun one. I uses some super cheap stencils I
got from Amazon for these letters and I haven’t added the
headers yet this is kind of just random stuff that I do anytime I have extra
time, so this is about vitamins and what they’re good for, and then what foods
have that certain vitamin. so another just fun practice thing so that is
pretty much it besides with a few more pages of extra
recipes, but that is about all that I have so far in this food journal, but I’m
loving it by the way can’t wait to fill the whole thing up. So I hope you got
some inspiration from my awesome food journal, it’s a separate one so if you
are super foodie like I am, you can probably do it with online recipes too, but I
am such like a sucker for a good cookbook. So if you have any suggestions
let me know in the comment section about any of your favorite cookbooks because
I’m always on the lookout. If you liked the video just please give a
thumbs up and subscribe if you feel so inclined! I am in my Facebook group all
the time, so come say hello, I do a live session every two weeks and it’s
fun, we draw a different layout every single time, so I do encourage you to
join me there! Thank you so much for watching and I will see you guys later!

6 thoughts on “My Food Journal Flip-Through [Bullet journal video]

  1. This is a great way to do this. I think I can adapt it to counting the nutrients in the foods that I eat the most. Thank you for sharing this with us. 💕

  2. Thanks for sharing with us. I just may have to start one of these once I get all my cookbooks out of storage. I have always needed a way to keep track of all the recipes I want to try & this just might work.

  3. Hey, Whitney! You're beautiful :))) I'm glad to see you on the video. (i know you, we once worked on Upwork)

  4. OMG
    I just started a food bujo a couple of months ago to try and wrap my head around all the recommendations for my multiple conditions (ADD Lupus PTSD CRPS POTS etc!) but this is just epic!! You've done such a great job! I'm thinking of adopting your idea for the dressings page! Really well done truly !! Blessings from Australia!

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