My Gf Posted All My Secrets On Her Blog

My Gf Posted All My Secrets On Her Blog

Hey everybody! My name’s John. And I have a girlfriend – Trisha. Sometimes she drives me crazy with her explosive
temper and uncontrolled jealousy. But she is, you know, very special to me. Recently I did one thing that made her stop
talking to me. Here’s what happened. Trisha and I have so much in common. And since we go to the same school, we have
common friends and spend almost all of our free time together. We argue pretty often and I’ve sort of already
gotten used to it and everybody around us doesn’t even pay attention to our little fights
anymore. I’ll give you an example. Once, she got upset by the fact that I still
hadn’t approved her friend request on Facebook. She said, like, we’ve been together for
a few months, and she thought I might have been hiding something from her. I tried to explain that I don’t use Facebook
that much and when I do, I just look around for some news while not even paying attention
to friend requests. But since it was that important to her, I
went in and accepted her request. The next day she got so dramatic because of
every single girl on my Facebook friend list. At first I tried to calm her down explaining
that this girl was my distant relative, and that one was my mom’s friend’s daughter,
but you know, at some point I also lost my patience and we were just like yelling at
each other. I ended up deleting my account hoping to avoid
any drama in the future. For the next couple of weeks Trisha and I
were great. We hadn’t had a single argument. Then, one day she came up to me totally excited
and, as they say, with fire in her eyes. She started talking a mile a minute about
bloggers on Instagram, showing me their profiles, and saying something about monetization or
whatever. When she was done talking I finally understood
that she was going to try to become a blogger herself. I knew nothing about blogging, honestly speaking,
but according to Trisha it could become an interesting hobby, so “why not,” I thought. At least she’ll be busy with something. Nothing bothered me at first. It was even funny, for example, to make a
nice joke and then see how many people liked it. But, you know, the farther into the forest… From time to time it was really irritating
and annoying when almost every one of our common moves, be it walking or talking, was
turned into a video shoot, and then uploaded. Trisha’s major dream at that time was to
go viral, but she hadn’t managed to get enough subscribers yet. Soon after her first few tries as a blogger,
her temper returned. The cornerstone in this story was our anniversary
night. It was our first year together and I really
badly wanted to surprise my girlfriend, so I bought her that famous Pandora bracelet,
a nice bouquet of flowers, and booked a table at our favorite café. I was really inspired, waiting for her to
come and see what I’d done, but when she showed up, she was holding her cellphone so
that I understood she was broadcasting the moment for her subscribers. I didn’t ruin the evening, but I was far
from being happy with being live on Instagram. I gave her my present, trying to keep up. Then she opened the present, showed it to
her Insta-public and then, instead of giving me a thank-you-kiss she continued talking
to her front-facing camera. That was it. I’ve never felt that humiliated, neglected,
and furious at her before. Now it was my turn to get hysterical. I shouted at her, saying some offensive stuff
like she was far from being a good blogger since she was bad at everything and didn’t
even have any interesting topics to talk about. You know, words were just flying out of my
mouth by themselves, and I wasn’t even thinking about their true meaning. At the end of my passionate and offensive
speech I grabbed her phone out of her hands and threw it on the floor. She cried and ran away, not even taking the
present I gave her. Everybody else in the restaurant began whispering. Of course, at that point, I seemed to be a
monster to them. But it wasn’t their lives that were constantly
being shown to the public. I kept re-thinking about that episode over
and over for the rest of that day and even the day after. Even though I wasn’t a hundred percent the
one to be blamed, I knew I was certainly the one that needed to take the first step and
apologize. At least I owed Trish a new phone, you know. It took my whole savings to buy her a new
one and all my will to go to her house and make up with her. I still felt I was right by being mad at her
behavior that night, but I had to say it was my entire fault. She was happy that I’d come over and that
I bought her a new phone, so we were great again. Later that day I found myself thinking that
I might have been an old-school nerd for not getting interested in all that social network
stuff. So I decided to open my Facebook account again,
but that time Trisha was the first and the only one I was going to be friends with. And when I found her FB page, I was surprised
and not in a positive way. She had posted something about us and our
relationship every single day. Can you imagine? Either we were good, or bad, or going to the
movies, or arguing – everything was there. She literally shared every single detail of
us and even posted a few really personal photos, like the one where I was not feeling well
and had fallen asleep with my mouth open. I really didn’t like that. I knew that if I asked her to remove those
things about me from her page we would fight again. So I thought, how about I do the same thing
to her to make her see how I feel. I had one photo where she looked pretty creepy
when she had a green beauty mask on her face and hair curlers in her hair. I knew she didn’t want anybody to see it. Nevertheless, I uploaded it and made sure
she saw it. Of course, she made a scene. I couldn’t manage to explain why I actually
did this with her photo, because she just wouldn’t let me, she yelled at me saying
plenty of offensive stuff. As you might have guessed, we still are not
talking to each other even though I already deleted the photo. She won’t answer my calls either, or my
texts. I’ve also noticed, by the way, that she
has completely stripped her page of anything about me that I didn’t like that much. Now I just hope this is not a sign that we’ve
broken up, ’cause I don’t want to. I don’t have a clue how to surprise her
and make her forgive me. Do you? Please share your thoughts in the comments
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100 thoughts on “My Gf Posted All My Secrets On Her Blog

  1. Omg I watched a vid that there was a woman named Trisha and she was a youtuber or a blogger i don’t remember 😮

  2. Uh I think y’all broke up because there is nothing left of you on her social media and she won’t talk to you.

  3. First she sounds toxic but go to her house have roses (or whatever flowers she likes) and chocolate and pour your heart out to her and tell her how you feel about everything and maybe give her some advice on her future bfs Bc you can’t date her anymore Bc she’s toxic

  4. Drop her faster than a bad habit! She's a hippocrate for exploding on for that one pic over the dozens she posted?! You can do better for yourself

  5. you need to break up with her, she is not a good girlfriend, she doesn't care about you at all, she only cares about her own feelings, if you stay with her, you will end up miserable, trust me on this, i have seen this happen to others before.

  6. My ex was the same way at wanting to be famous and vlog every thing. Let them go, they're not worth it, so many things I kept private for years was made public, because of them.

  7. She didn't even take the things you give her. They were really nice.I would take them if I were his girlfriend

  8. If you're reading the comment section before watching this video, let me save you 6 mins of your life wasted:
    He's John, she's Trisha. Trisha's an emotional, irrational, immature brat who wants to become a social media star so she posts literally everything they do together online. He yells at her about it. It ends with John not being sure if they're together or not because John's an idiot who thinks he should continue this toxic relationship.

  9. I use i hear a voice in my mirror pls make a horror story about me name jack friend name zephys ghost name 666 story name the mirror at the room

  10. You should broke up bc your relationship is very toxic and in my opinion you are so annoying to others that are watching you and even for yourselves

  11. It’s better for you to break up with her because this relationship you have is Toxic and is not Good,she is to obsessed of being famous on Instagram.

  12. Deym dude, my girlfriend was also so clingy and get jealous with everything and does not not trust me but turns out she's the one that can't be trusted

  13. I dont feel like she posted your Secrets but you should break up with her tho. Get a girl like me im nice lol i hate arguing.

  14. Social media can make your life difficult or easy male sure you are alright with it but know that couple ignoring each other not communicating with one another and too busy texting friends or chatting with others constantly are not happy at all with each other's company anymore

  15. I hate to break it to ya but you really should move on. People like that will not be good in a relationship because they still have their own problems they need to deal with. When you have traumatic/emotional/mental/any-personal-self-conscious problems then it's best to solve them and THEN get into a relationship. Also some people just aren't the right match. And you're talking about staying with her FOREVER once you marry her you can never un-do it. Sure you can divorce but it will never be the same. So don't settle unless it's the PERFECT MATCH!! Make sure to get to know the person and not just like them because they're "nice" "pretty" "cool" you need to know that you can trust, depend, have fun, and how loyal they are. VERY IMPORTANT RELATIONSHIP TIPS BTW!!

    Good luck dude.

  16. You two do not belong together and you both probably need to speak with a counselor or something to deal with anger issues.

  17. I was guessing this guy was name was John and I was amazed I was right 😂😆😂😆😂😆😂😂😂😂😆😂😆😂

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  19. Why in hell would any guy have anything to do with this harridan? No woman is that special you poor sap. Oh I see why because he’s spineless child. Seems they deserve one another.

  20. Remember snipperwolfs video about a girl named Trisha that was obsessed with YouTube and she would film their fights

  21. Take this opportunity and break up with her. She is toxic and is only going to keep up drama. If your relationship involves so much arguing that your friends tune it out that's a problem. She stopped being "your " girlfriend when she started blogging.

  22. Not that you didn't have reasons to be angry, but the way you handled it was very poor. I'd file this under bad relationship you should never rekindle.

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