My Journal Collection Flip Through

My Journal Collection Flip Through

So I’m an avid journaler. I absolutely love putting pen to paper and
letting my thoughts flow. This is the way that I get to know myself. It’s the way I heal myself. And it’s just a way to document my life. Today I’m sharing most of my journal collection, just because I think it’d be fun to just look
back and see where it all started. This first one is from junior high. This is when I really started to pick up journaling
consistently. I started with poetry of heartbreak. Honestly, all of my junior high years were
writing about my relationships, love, heartbreak,
lots of emo moments. I was really into rock and emo music, and I would write down song
lyrics that spoke to me. And yeah, a lot of emotions. But at the end of this notebook, I did keep
a page of my favorite inspirational quotes. So maybe that’s where it started, I don’t
know. Alright, this notebook is from the later years
of high school. And again: relationships, heartbreak, relationships,
heartbreak. Oh, and I think this is hilarious. I kept a breakup letter I wrote in high school. This is actually the draft breakup letter. What I did was: I wrote it out, I gave it
to my friend Tawny, and she was like, “Okay, I’m going to highlight the parts that
are too mean.” And she highlighted like 90%, and so I had
to rewrite the breakup letter. So this is just the draft. The real one is in the hands of another guy. Alright, so this notebook is from college,
my college years. I kept a poem that my friend gave to me, something that
she thought was sweet. At the end of this notebook, I noticed that I started to write chords and
lyrics to songs. I guess I started to try to write music in college. It never really came out to anything, though. I basically just had a lot of ideas, but never
really finished anything. Alright, this is a notebook that my friend
Allen gave to me before I studied abroad in Italy. I kept it as my travel notebook. A place to journal my thoughts as I was travelling and studying abroad. Italy was a place where I really got to start
soul-searching and take more time to myself. I think this is where I started to journal
more and read more. It’s so funny to look back at my to do list
back then, and what I was going through. At this point I was trying to find inspiration,
I guess, inspiration and guidance on what to do with my life from here on out. Not to lie though, those first couple weeks
in Italy were really hard because I went without finding an apartment. So that’s my receipt at the hotel I stayed
at for the first week. I didn’t plan on staying there that long. I thought I’d find an apartment by then, but I just couldn’t find one. It was tough to be in a new country where I don’t speak the language. But I’m okay. I’ve lived. I’m okay now. I remember doodling the couples I saw there,
saying how romantic this place is. This is one of my favorite entries of all
time. I basically went to the theater in Milan to watch Lang Lang play. Lang Lang is a pianist and he is amazing. I was journaling in the theater, sitting by
myself in the box office and being super inspired, and I just kept flowing and flowing and flowing. And it was really, really a beautiful moment. I kept the ticket stub, and on top I wrote
down the melody he was playing at that moment so I would not forget it. And I kept that brochure: Lang Lang at Teatro
alla Scala. (Teatro?) And I was still trying to write music in Italy,
just trying to find inspiration and create something. The rest of my entries are of my travels. I travelled to over ten cities in those six
months, and it was really life-changing. As you can see, I kept my receipts from shopping. And I just like to keep this notebook separate,
just because it’s a very unique chapter in my life that I cherish. This notebook, I got from France. And since this, I’ve started to buy notebooks whenever I travel because to me, it’s like
a souvenir that I can cherish for many, many years. These entries are about my post-grad life,
being lost, figuring out what to do, just documenting all the random things I was
doing at that time. Literally, I was doing so many different things. A lot of failed opportunities. And all the while, I was trying to work on
music. So here I wrote down my inspirations in music, and planning out how to create my
album, which I did in 2013. This is when I was actively getting into self-help
and reading a lot of books, exploring and experimenting with a lot of
different things in life. And I would always be reevaluating what is meaningful to me, what
makes me happy. So this is one of those entries. This entry I wrote when I was in New York. This was after I finished my album and I was playing two shows in New York and
it was snowing, and I was just there with friends. It was super fun, a really good memory. A few months after that I was kind of lost
again. I wasn’t sure if I should continue with music or listen to my heart
which was kind of tugging me in another direction, maybe entrepreneurial? I wasn’t so sure at the time. Here is an entry where I was talking about, “I have a show
today, I have a performance. Yet I’ve watched YouTube for two hours.” Something about YouTube was intriguing me,
and I asked myself, “Why do I-why am I so attracted to the lifestyle
of YouTubers?” And I guess this is where I got honest with myself with what lifestyle
I really want with my life, and I thought that I kind of gave this dream away where I gave
up on my music YouTube channel. But the dream was still there, so I had to
explore it. I wasn’t quite sure if it was even feasible
and it was scary to be lost again. But a few entries later, I noticed that I
wrote this one where I was like, “I have to allow myself to try. I have to allow myself to be vulnerable, and just give it what I got, you know?” A few months later, that’s where I came up
with the name: Lavendaire. Yeah, that’s where it began. I started planning my new channel and this
new direction that I was going in. and that’s where that
notebook ended. This notebook, I’m just going to flash through
because I’ve shown it a couple times in previous videos already. It’s my Current Me Future Me journal where
I document where I am, where I want to be. I also have monthly highlights and kind of a little bit of planning in this
journal. This is my current bedside journal. I got this in New York at the Frick Museum, and it holds a special meaning because that
museum experience was really special to me. I felt like that was a lucky day for me where
there was a long line, it was raining, I was by myself. And the security guards, either they liked
me or they felt sorry for me that I was by myself in the rain, that they
just let me in to cut the line. I feel like there were a lot of serendipitous
moments during that trip. So this notebook really brings me back to
those special moments. These are entries I would write at night whenever
I felt the urge to express myself or write something. These are just the years of going through
Lavendaire, planning my life. Here is my Vivid Vision that I’ve shared with
you guys before in a webinar. But yeah, this is where it all happens, all
the life planning and the life-assessing. Yeah, trust in the universe. I have my moments of inspiration and moments
of doubt, just like any normal person, you know? This is my current morning pages notebook. This is where I do stream of consciousness
writing where I just flow in the mornings. I don’t always write every day anymore, but I just write whenever I can. And these are all of my previous morning pages
journals. I love using composition notebooks. I just made it tradition to do so. But yeah, I feel like I’m pretty impressed
and proud when I look at all of these notebooks and
I can say that I filled up each and every one of those pages. It’s kinda crazy, right? I usually never go through my old morning pages notebooks just because
they’re so messy and it’s just so stream of consciousness that they don’t really
make sense sometimes. But I like to keep them because why not? This is me, this is the evolution of me documented on pages, day by day. I think there’s a beauty in that that I really
appreciate, so I will never throw these away. This notebook I got from Japan, and it’s a
notebook for me to take notes on things that I’m learning. Whenever I take an online class or something, this will be my notebook. It’s fairly new. I have a lot of unused pages. And lastly, my Artist of Life Workbook. Most of you have probably seen this workbook
before. Basically, it’s a way to plan your year. And I have a lot of blank pages in this notebook. I’ve used that do to a success and joy and
gratitude journal. So whenever something good happens in my life,
I will document it here. And that’s it! Those are my journals from my journal-taking
life. Kind of excessive, and that’s not even all of it. But that’s okay. This is me. Thank you for watching. See you next time. Bye!

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