My junk and art journal

My junk and art journal

hi I’m back and I want to show you my junk journal it’s made out of wallpaper and some hard paper and some brochures that I got and I have ribbons to hold them together all the pages and I used empty and old envelopes also and I have some tabs here they call Internet wait something book reading schedule and I will show you okay so in here I used let’s see some kind of mmm what’s the word later glimmer missed something and I’ve decorated the pages with flowers and paint and this is things I won’t like and here’s just a brochure again and I can open it up here there’s a movie tickets battleship mmm and here some envelope just a piece of paper and here’s another one here’s a a picture I put some thin paper on top painted some dots so let’s see you’re supposed to open it to you like this if I put the clips way I just took some pieces of paper that I like and put it in here and I use this as my diary but I start using it some reason and now I’m just I think I will start using it again because I really liked it like that mmm let’s say you open this one oh it’s it’s got stuck here oh now I see it’s like that hmm continues here and here’s my reading schedule some recipes that I wanted to do exhibitions some quotations and then my writing stops here I will continue from here on I just want to show you the pages here I try the crack crack what you call the crack crack I don’t know the word it’s tea molds um paints I think you can see here’s some internet modpodge I bought some mud punched very good there’s just some piece of paper in here Thanks I like this wait thinks that has to do with my weight and what’s this heart to do to do here’s a guy with just some black paint oopsy-daisy okay and this I did this book quite a long time ago and I don’t remember what’s inside there’s my kids whoopee whoopee hey beauty hey okay just some washi tape piece of paper isn’t supposed to be there you can open this one yeah and that’s it so that’s my junk journal and if you have any questions just ask me and please subscribe and do the thumb up bye bye

48 thoughts on “My junk and art journal

  1. VERY IMPRESSIVE!! WOW..A REAL JOURNAL THAT HAS JOURNALING IN IT…LOL! I luv it! I luv to make them, but I find it hard to write anything in them. I would be afraid someone would find it and read it! Too much liability and risk there! Too many secrets I suppose. Besides, I don't have enough time to write that much but I think it is awesome that you have. So cats look like yours and they are named, "TITTY" and "BITTY".
    Big hugs!

  2. How did you make this? And what kind of pens did u use to write on some of those pages? Because some of those pages don't look easy to write on.

  3. Brianna, I sewed the envelops and brochures together and then I glued it to the cover. After that the decoration of the papers began and it took a long time but it was fun. I use mostly waterproof pens because as you said, the surface isn't easy to write on.

  4. I like your junk journal. Mine are made with old envelopes and papers too (think that's cooler). also, noticed that you have cats too–a lot of women in mixed media have cats–cats make us more creative? 🙂

  5. Good grief, ive never seen so much writing, its way cool!!!! Im not a writer, more illustrating i guess, but LOVE your journal. Subbed you! Hugs Tibs xxx

  6. Happy New Year, Im a new Subbie,… Awesome Journal, do you do a tutorial on how you created it? I like to use what I have and recycle what I get in the mail. Awesome job, I love it
    Hugz Jude 🙂

  7. awesome journal flip through i my journal on my channel what i have stuck in there from place i have been to and things i like and places i ate and singers and stuff i like if you want to take a look i show all the things i get for my journal as well

  8. This is gorgeous! What a fabulous journal. I am inspired to make one from all my junk but how does it stay in? Is it sewn or glued or what? Thanks for posting such an inspirational video 🙂

  9. Nina, people here are asking you how you bound the journal and if you can make a tutorial (video) on how to make one. Thank you. Great journal!

  10. This is super pretty. Just like with mini albums you never realize how boots going to be when you add the pictures. Your journal is amazing with the writing it looks simply gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I love this! I write in my journal daily and have been looking for inspiration for combining art/junk journaling with writing. I am new to junk journals but have plenty of material. Thanks!

  12. I know it is an old post, but would be great to see how you put all these different size papers together and bind them in one scrap book. Great video, as always 🙂

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