My makeup business story! | كيف بدأت مسيرتي المهنية!

My makeup business story! | كيف بدأت مسيرتي المهنية!

hey everyone so today I want to do a more personal video to kind of let you guys know a little bit about my journey and how I got started I get a lot of questions and I really wanted to help anyone who’s starting to try to start out a blog or starting on some personality or even starting a beauty brand I really want to kind of give you guys insight into how I did it so we’ll start a little bit more personal a lot of people that don’t know this about me but I’m actually a southern girl I grew up in Tennessee in the United States so that’s kind of like the longest place I’ve ever lived that is like true to the DNA of Who I am me and my family we spent 12 and 1/2 years there so you know we have a lot of those mannerisms from the south we can be sometimes over the top with our sarees or they choose our pleases but that’s just kind of who we are I kind of moved all over the states after that I moved to mass for him and my husband and then I moved to Michigan where I studied and and then I ended up moving to Dubai in between there and kind of coming back and forth but officially moving back in 2008 and Dubai’s now what I call home I ended up studying finance and it really wasn’t the right career for me I really honestly did not like it all but by the time I kind of realized I didn’t like it was too far I had gone too far I would have spent way longer in university than I would have wanted to I loved business and I ended up somehow getting convinced by Mona that finance was the answer because I love math and I love statistics I loved all those nerdy like mathematical things ended up doing finance hated it and then ended up very quickly saying okay you know what screw this I’m not gonna actually work in finance I’ll work for a little while and then I’ll end up doing my MBA and do something with business and somehow having a business background was actually perfect I ended up actually working in financial recruitment and really just found it very miserable for me it just was not the right fit I just realized that I was such a passionate person and I was doing something that I didn’t even love passionately I kind of just realized that there was no way I was going to do anything unless I loved it I struggled so much if I was like what do I want to do with my life or sitting down having dinner with my family and my sister Mona was like go study makeup and my parents like yeah you should go do that I was in class so I literally got up went upstairs booked my ticket to LA found a school job Lascaux studied makeup my biggest supporter was definitely women in my life my mom my sisters they were very supportive but it became challenging sometimes too because I became a mom and at the time that was probably one of the hardest things it was very unexpected I wasn’t ready and it was a struggle because I had like this goal in my mind and what I wanted to do and then Paula said and I was not able to do those things and had a baby in my boob and I was trying to you know blog in one arm and falling asleep all like doing the same time it was one of the hardest times of my life my biggest inspiration has always been Oprah I love her and I just like that she fights through all difficulties like there was just no way anything is gonna stop her and that’s really kind of endearing and nice to hear when you’re you know you’re facing difficulties I think it’s always nice to hear people have had challenges and they just you know let them stop them so I’ve always loved Oprah she’s inspiring they first make it memory my first product that I ever really loved is it’s gonna sound so weird but being such a hairy person of course I love tweezers my favorite product was actually a tweezers from Revlon tweezers they were really awesome they were super sharp later on I kind of you know graduated I’m gone to more luxurious products I start using tweezerman but definitely started like those super basic drugstore Revlon 399 tweezers at the time for my unibrow – let’s be honest I goatee although I didn’t know that makeup could really actually be a career for me I was obsessed with it by the time I was 14 I started doing my sisters brows she was 11 years older than me I was doing all her friends aroused so em they were in college and I was like in junior high you know I just got really into makeup I just kind of was fascinated with the idea that I could literally transform into somebody else with one small technique and I love that and I think I’m growing up I always felt like I was like an ugly duckling surrounded by beautiful swans and I just kind of was like you know what like I think it’s cool I think it’s like kind of fun how you can just like change you know certain aspects the way you look tweak it a little bit have a little fun with it and then also feel more beautiful which is like where’s the most important part you know always loved makeup even when I was working in other careers I just like go leave work and like go do my friends make it for free I would do all the fashion shows and my high school I do the makeup there do the fashion shows in my university like I would just do anything drop anything to do anybody’s make it for free so a little bit after I started doing makeup when I came back from makeup school I kind of wasn’t sure how to get people find me then my sister was like you should start a blog you like not no makeup but you know so much about beauty you know so much about the chemistry and our hair and all those things so I was like you know what let me do that so I started blogging and it was kind of like my way to like put out information too so I actually have the craziest schedule so I would wait here for like 5:00 in the morning I would go to make it for like six I would come home at like four or five I would do all my blog post for the entire day and I was just schedule them out and then I would like go to an event so I could be like a personality and then I would like come home and go to bed and do the same thing every single day and it was a time it was like two months I didn’t have like any days off and I loved it you know it was a lot of work and it was a lot of round-the-clock exhaustion I felt like I was also doing kind of like living my dream doing what I wanted to do though yeah it was a really great thing that I actually did that because I feel like so many people actually found me and found out who I was by doing that and then later on I got to Facebook and YouTube and all that fun social media that kind of like you know took off one of the great things about having a blog too was exposure to a lot of brands and also a lot of amazing people there were some amazing amazing princesses that reached out to me and they were awesome and they asked me to do their makeup and I remember at the time I was like super being pregnant but I made an exception of course and for her and I did her makeup and then I end up doing all of her sisters makeup for her their weddings and they’re the only people I ever made exceptions for cuz they were so awesome and so sweet but it was like kind of intimidating exciting you knows my first time going into like a major palace and I’m just driving through and it was like literally butterflies everywhere and I was like how does this happen it was just so beautiful and it was honestly like a royal experience I was so classy and then later on I ended up getting into doing celebrities one of my favorite celebrities of all time done so many awesome ones but Eva Longoria I think because she represents so much of what I believe women should be she is just such an amazing incredible intelligent woman she’s just like a boss in every sense of the term I definitely had a lot of struggles as I started to wasn’t all peachy and perfect all the time one of the hardest things for me was definitely financially it was tough I did not make a lot of money I was not one of those bloggers who monetized properly still to this day I’m not someone who does a lot of paid post I felt like for me it just didn’t fit sometimes do some sponsor things that their brands that I love and I love the products we do them but that’s always been the case from the beginning till now so I never made a lot and that was really difficult for me in the beginning it was so hard the first three years I struggled finally at the end of the three years I was got when I was able to afford an assistant and I was making about $59 a month which is not a lot of money and I was basically taking all the money I was making him paying her out that was one reason why I got back into makeup artistry so I could make money and you know eventually start my brand my sister was also an investor um you know she was like $6,000 and I had worked makeup to to star the brand one of the other circles I had starting out was definitely cyberbullying I had two incidents where I was pretty badly cyber bullied and it made it very difficult for me to work you know they both of the times were around three to four months of just the hardcore bullying I’ll do a separate video if you guys want to see on how I dealt with that but ultimately it did actually make me very strong so in retrospect I’m happy enough that those situations happened to me because now I don’t care what people say people say awful things and I’m like oh honey I’ve heard a lot worse so yes I mean it was probably a blessing in disguise when I started hoodie be calm it was kind of funny actually I first named it the beauty for 101 and nobody got it was like hey beauty 9-1-1 and I was like I know it’s forward one and in forward one in the space is like hello like information nobody got that so I had to change the name we ended up calling it a hoodie pedia I wanted people to know it was me behind it so I named a head of beauty that was like the purpose behind me actually calling it head of beauty it’s funny because now I see like you know people are always asking me like why did you use her name and I was I want people to know it’s me I want people to know who Hutta is so that was the reason why I actually called it honey bTW calm and my family was super supportive it was funny like they were the only people commenting in the beginning they were like the biggest cheerleaders my husband used to always tell me like stories about like blogs like taking off and one day becoming something and I feel like that was something that I always kind of like aspired for because of those reasons but it was also tough with them they were supportive and also sometimes like you’re always blogging you always have to go home to blog and why are you is doing this like vacations are no more fun but I took it really seriously it was really important to me so eventually I mean now they get it but it was definitely annoying through the process for them I definitely came from humble beginnings my dad was really concerned about me starting as a blogger he definitely didn’t think that this could like skyrocket into something that could take off and support me and eventually my family and I always told him it would but he’s just being a dad and he was just trying to be like protective over me and wanted to keep things in perspective but for me it was like you know no dad this is gonna happen one day people are gonna see it he was great which made me a little bit have to like be a little more organized a little bit tougher I think fighting him through the process made it a little bit more organized a little bit more structured because I had to make it like really seriously like something big and real but it was definitely challenging you know and that happens sometimes sometimes all your family members and your friends will support you I definitely had some friends who also when I started we’re just kind of like what’s going on what are you doing and you know eventually they got it but it took years the difficult thing with blogging is you just don’t really know when it’s gonna take off and I was blogging for about 12 months before I actually saw really anything happen I actually remember it was almost 12 months there’s like 11 1/2 months and I saw a girl from Japan she left a comment on my blog and I was just like oh my gosh it’s happening people from around the world are commenting it’s it’s happening it was only one girl it was like the catalyst it’s happening like this is like what you need to like keep pushing through and then I you know slowly start seeing people from like Oman and like Africa and America and South America so that was kind of reassuring and it kind of let me know that what I was doing was resonating with some people I definitely took time and I think for every blogger out there it takes a lot of time and a lot of patience so when we i’li decide to do lashes it was kind of something I really didn’t want to do I was like no I just loved creating things and so I used to creat lashes and ice to shave them and like do all I cut them and do all these weird things and then like I would wear them and people were like what are you doing and I would just like want to give him to everyone and was like oh my gosh you could totally create a business out of this like if we should do something with it and I was like no like that sounds like not like it’s not who I am like that’s not what I want to do she’s like no let’s do it and so she ended up like kind of forcing into it found manufacturers for it and she showed me their sample I was like that’s actually what I want to create you know I didn’t really have any money at the time so I started doing makeup to pay for it and then I still needed some money so Ilya ended up investing she was my first investor and I was like look I need some money I needed buy some lashes I need to buy shitload of lashes and if I can’t actually pay you back for them like if we don’t actually make money off of them I’ll just wear them and then give you the money back because every me was like no fail there was like no way you were gonna like not succeed cuz I was gonna wear them if anything and then we ended up getting organized and finding a way to actually package them and it’s kind of funny because people don’t know that I was involved in every not every single aspect I own every single aspect of creating head of beauty so you know when it came down to the package of the box I was like I want my I want people to see it I want people to recognize that I literally went to my room one day put makeup on and I was like let me take a picture I took a picture I went to a place where they were like designers and I was like sat down with them for the day and I was like I want to create a package out of this we messed around font so you mess around with design we messed around with the colors and then we ended up creating the last box took me quite a long time to actually get like the right aesthetic but we did yeah the rest is kind of history from there so when we did launch the lashes I knew that I wanted to be in Sephora that was like to me the goal I wanted to be in Sephora in Dubai Mall that was like very specific to me and so we contacted a couple distributors in the region and most of them are just kind of like no no no somebody else is gonna crawl lashes they’re big and makeup artist or no your this is not really interesting product it was a little bit of a struggle because I was like oh my god people just don’t see like my dream and they don’t keep a kiss th reality finally wind up coming across a distributor who was helpful in the beginning they were very helpful and we somehow made this launch happen but I was really tough like I was very tough about the whole process like I was like this is gonna be done the way I want to be done otherwise it’s not gonna happen and we almost pulled out two weeks before the launch over like small details but I was like no I have to exactly what’s in my head or this is not happening so we figure all the details and we were able to actually launch in Sephora Dubai Mall and overnight not really overnight I feel like it was like a long time in the process but kind of overnight it became one of the most purchased products in Sephora Middle East and since then we’ve broken those records but it was really really exciting at the time I kept telling everybody that we were gonna sell a lot of lashes with people who didn’t I don’t think there really took into consideration meant about it so I remember the morning I got phone call hey the lashes are on still there’s already a lot of people coming like people are excited I’ve rushed to Dubai Mall and I basically stayed in Dubai Mall the whole entire day I was super emotional I think even now to this day with any launch that we have whenever I see everyone’s reaction I cry I’m not a crier and like literally the floodgates just flow and I get really emotional about it because it’s so great to see when you create a product people react in a way that you only hope they do you know what this whole time I get emotional even putting things on snapchat whenever we do anything I guess so nervous about it because we really do put our heart and soul on every product so it’s not an easy process you know you go through so much emotion like you get so excited about it when you created then afterwards you’re like oh my god what if nobody likes it what if all this excitement is just you know something that I just completely like made and out of my brain and you get really really is through this whole process and I felt it the first day I still feel like every single time we do a product but it’s always rewarding when everyone loves it you know there’s so many different stories that I can really tell you as I got started but ultimately it was really about just kind of like prevailing um one of the things Moniz said to me when she first started working with me she was like you know I’ve learned a lot from you one of the things I learned is that although you’re a very impatient person when it comes to work you know you’re very patient and you’re very steadfast and you constantly push through no matter what the circumstances are and I think it’s really when it comes to doing anything you just kind of have to like have that goal that ultimately it will be achieved as long as you just persevere and you you put all the right things in play it so it’s really really important as a brand you should always maintain your professionalism you know hold true to your word you know be passionate definitely but just try to maintain your composure whenever you can really want to give you guys kind of a glimpse into how I’ve done everything not that I have the Oracle or I have the mission but I’ve definitely pushed through some of the hardest situations in my life and in sometimes even hard situations as a woman who’s you know trying to be taken seriously as a businesswoman also as a woman who’s you know going into a venture that is not socially acceptable so I’ve definitely been there in some situations to kind of help give you guys my guidance and my information and you guys can find a helpful you guys are welcome to take it let me know whatever questions you guys have down below ask me as many questions do you want and I’ll try to I’ll do my best to answer them and and we’ll see you guys in our next videos

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