MY PEN COLLECTION (w/ Swatches) | Bullet Journal, Calligraphy & Drawing Supplies

MY PEN COLLECTION (w/ Swatches) | Bullet Journal, Calligraphy & Drawing Supplies

(upbeat music) ♪ I’ll be good to you ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ I’ll be good to ♪ – Hey everyone, it’s Amanda,
welcome back to my channel. Now if there’s one thing, that everyone should know about me, it’s that I am addicted to stationary. I admit I have a bit of a problem, and this addiction has led me to build up quite an extensive collection of pens and markers, and brush
pens and all of that stuff. So I thought, that for today’s video we could go through my whole collection, I’ll talk a little bit about each of them, I’ll do mini swatches and
mini reviews on each of them and hopefully, you’ll find this helpful because I know that you
guys always ask questions about the supplies that I use and have. It took quite a bit of time
because I do have so many but I think it was worth it in the end. We’ve a lot to get through, so let’s just get right into it. Starting off with my markers, I have, of course, the classic
Sharpie permanent markers. I’m sure a bunch of you
guys have used these before, I have the whole rainbow, it kind of has a classic marker tip, that you can make thicker
lines and thinner lines. These aren’t the best
for bullet journaling or doodling in a sketchbook
because they do bleed through but I have a ton of colors
so I wanted to show you guys. I also have the metallic
ones, which surprisingly, don’t bleed through as
much as the classic ones. I love using these, they
show up on darker paper and they just look really great. I also have the neon collection, honestly, I don’t use these too much because of the bleed factor, but they’re just kind
of, a nice marker to have for all-purpose uses. Next up we the Crayola Supertips markers. I have the 50 pack, so I
have a ton of colors in these and these are some of my favorite markers, you guys have probably heard me talk about and recommend these before, just because they’re such a great value for the inexpensive price. They have a tip that
you can make thin line or a thick line and because of this, you can even do calligraphy with them. If you get the 50 pack like I have, you will have every single
color you will ever need, there’s pastel colors, bright colors. The only minor issue that
I have with these markers, is that they do pool up
when you lift off the pen, so it does not give you
an even wash of color when you’re coloring something in. As you layer the marker it will get darker and eventually it will bleed through, but a simple one wash layer does not bleed through the
Leuchtturm pages which is great. I get a lot of questions from beginners asking what I recommend, and these are definitely my
number one recommendation, so I will leave the link to these, as well as the other pens
that I mention in this video in the description box below. Next up we have my Copic Sketch markers, now these are double-ended, they have a chisel tip
as well as a brush tip and these are actually meant
more for illustration and art so you definitely need thicker
paper for these markers. They’re meant for layering and shading and blending and all of that fun stuff. So I generally use them with marker paper not for bullet journaling, but again I did wanna show
you guys the color selection that I have, as well as
the way that they work. I find that these give you
such an even wash of color even when you layer, which is awesome because the color that you put down, is the color that it ends up being. These do require a bit of practice, even I haven’t mastered them yet, but eventually you will
get the hang of them, again, they’re just more
so for art purposes. Next up we have my Zebra Mildliners, they’re so beautiful, I just love the look of the actual packaging. They’re meant to be mild highlighters like the name suggests, so
they’re not as fluorescent and in your face. These are also dual ended, they have the classic
highlighter chisel tip, as well as a thinner fine
tip on the other end. Now, just in case you guys were wondering, they come in packs of five,
so I’ve split up the swatches according to those packs. The first one is a bit more
fluorescent than I would like but I love the other two
and I use them all the time. The issue I have with these, is that they are harder to find, so if you can’t find these, I
think that Crayola Supertips would be a great alternative. To start off the brush pen category, we have the Tombow Dual Brush pens which are the ones that many people love and use all the time. Personally, they are some of my favorites, these are also dual ended. One end is of course, the brush tip, which can be used for calligraphy, all of that sort of stuff, and then the other end, is just
a standard thin tip marker. They come in a wide variety of colors, I have a bunch of them, some of them I bought individually
from an art supply store and then some of them
actually came in a pack. So you will see later on,
the second column of colors is actually from the pastel pack, and then the third column of colors is from the galaxy pack. So if you are just starting out, getting these packs would be a great way to start off your collection, because you don’t need
to get them individually. Anyways, I love these markers, I find the brush tip
has the perfect amount of firmness and flexibility
for calligraphy. They are on the thicker side, so that’s something to keep in mind, but the ink doesn’t bleed through, there’s no ghosting,
they’re also water soluble so you can do a lot of cool watercolor and blended effects with them, they’re just an all-round great marker to have in your collection. The only other brush pens
that I have currently are the Sakura Koi coloring brush pens these are also watercolor-able (laughs) I don’t know if that’s a word, but they’re water soluble,
they aren’t dual-ended they just have the brush tip and I actually find that
the brush tip on this is a bit larger and more firm, so they are a bit easier to control, in
my opinion for beginners, but since the tip is thicker,
it does produce wider strokes which means larger letters. I actually do find that
the ink on these pens are a bit more even and vibrant, I’m not sure if that’s just
the colors that I have, I have the 12 pack, but generally, I feel like these are underrated and not that many people talk
about them which is a shame because they are pretty great. The other brush pens that I have are just some thinner
ones, they’re smaller, the Tombow Fudenosuke brush pens. As you can see these produce thinner and smaller letters because
the strokes are a lot smaller. I do have the hard tip and the soft tip, in case you don’t know the difference, the hard tip is more of a plastic nib, and the soft tip is more of a brush. They’re both great, but personally, I find that I reach for the hard tip one more than the soft tip, just because the nib on the
hard tip is a bit more rigid so it’s a lot easier to control for me. I don’t know if you can tell on camera, but the hard tip, you’re
actually able to get a really thin line,
whereas with the soft tip you need a more steady
hand in order to do so. I also do have the double-ended
Fudenosuke brush pen, it’s also a soft tip, but I
just wanted the gray color. Next up, we have the fineliners, the first ones are the
Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pens. I have the pack of four, which has the size small, the fine,
medium and the brush. If you guys want a more in-depth
review about the fineliners that I’m about to talk
about, I do have a stationary show-down video where I compare a bunch of different fineliners, so
if you haven’t seen that video definitely check that one out. But in general, I really do like the Faber-Castell PITT Artist pens, the only thing is they wear down a bit easier than some of the other ones. Next up, we have my
Staedler Pigment Liners, again, I just have a pack of four, which has the 0.1, 0.3, 0.5 and 0.8 in it, but again, I’m not gonna talk
too much more about these, just because I do have
a more in-detail review over on the other video. But these next ones are
some of my favorites, you guys know I use these all of the time, they’re the Sakura Pigma Microns, I have the plastic nibs as well
as the standard fineliners. The standard fineliners
are of course, felt tipped, they come in a variety
of different thicknesses, whereas the plastic nib,
as the name suggests has a plastic nib and they
only come in one thickness, but they’re meant to be a bit more durable and they do come in other colors. I always get asked, which
ones I use the most, and those would be the 0.3, the 0.5 as well as the black plastic nib. The ink on these are awesome,
they do not bleed with water so if you wanna put watercolor over them, these will stay put. And so far, I just haven’t really had an issue with the fineliners. Now the only issue is,
the Pigma Micron brush pen I don’t really like, the tip is too floppy and flexible so it’s
really hard to control. But I will only focus on the fineliners, because that’s mainly
what I use these for. Now let’s talk about my Copic Multiliners. These have been my long-time loves. I used to use these when
I was in middle school, and they’ve lasted quite a long time, so that is pretty impressive. They are some of the highest
quality fineliners you can get, I love that the SP
version, these silver ones are refillable, so you
just have to replace the inner cartridge once you
run out of ink, which is great. They actually do come in different colors, I have the sepia toned ones, as well as some of the gray color ones, which is kind of a nice variation to have. Usually I will use these,
for when I’m drawing or inking an artwork, not
so much for journaling, or for writing, but I love these, they’re high quality, the only thing is, that they are a little pricey. The last complete set of
fineliners that I have, are the Stabilo Point 88 fineliners, these are in a 0.4 thickness and they come in a rainbow of colors as you can see, these came all in a set. These ones are awesome,
they’re very, very affordable as I mentioned in my fineliner video, and they are pretty high quality. I have heard from people
in the comments though, that eventually over time they do fade, so that’s something to keep in mind. But overall, for the affordable price, these are great value
and you’ll definitely get a lot of use out of these
because they are quite versatile. The next category of pens
are just miscellaneous pens, these are more ballpoint or just one-offs. So I have the Pentel Sign Pen, this is a thicker felt tip pen. Actually the only reason why I got this is because I thought I was
getting the Pental Fude Touch pen which is the brush version. I also wanted to show you
some of my favorite ballpoint or more standard pens, this
is the Uniball Signote DX in the 0.38 thickness. I actually use this one all the time for writing tasks in my bullet journal. The Muji gel pen in 0.38 is probably the most comparable but I tend to prefer the Uniball Signo one, just because it is a bit smoother, but I do have the Muji in the 0.5 as well. Finally I have my erasable pen, this is the Pilot Frixion erasable pen. Don’t use this that much, but it’s nice to have in my collection. Lastly, I have some fun pens. These are the Gelly Roll from Sakura. So I have the Gelly Roll Moonlight 0.6, and in case you don’t know
what Gelly Roll pens are, they’re kind of like, the classic gel pens that you used as a child so they show up even on darker paper, they have very bright fluorescent colors, and I can’t help but smile
whenever I use these, because they’re just so much fun. I was actually surprised to find out that they do bleed and ghost quite a bit on the Leuchtturm pages, I thought that since they
were a gel pen formula it would just kind of, sit on the page but that’s not the case. I do also have the standard
Gelly Rolls in the 1.0 thickness these are just a wider line
than the Moonlight 0.6 ones. And then the fun ones that I have, are the Glitter collection
as well as the Gold Shadow. So the Glitter collection has
chunkier sparkles within it, whereas the Gold Shadows kind of has a metallic gold shift
to all of the colors. It’s hard to see on camera but in person, you can definitely see a difference. If you haven’t felt the joy of playing around with
Gelly Roll gel pens, then you haven’t lived, because these are just my childhood in a
pen, they’re so much fun. All right everyone, so that is my whole collection of pens and markers, with all of the swatches
and reviews along with it. I hope you guys found this helpful, I do have a lot, I know I have a problem, but the first step is
admitting you have a problem. So please just comment
below and make me feel like I’m not the only one
with a stationary addiction. I did also wanna mention,
that the storage containers that I use to hold all of my pens are from the dollar store,
I get a ton of questions on my Instagram, how I store
all of my stationary stuff but I just use these cylindrical
vases from the dollar store just to hold them all and
they fit perfectly in there. I do know that isn’t necessarily
the best way to store pens because they will dry out
quicker if they’re facing the tip-side up, but I am looking into finding a better way to
organize all of them. But right now, this’ll do just fine. You guys know the deal, I have a Instagram where I post more art and bullet journal inspiration, so you can follow me there
at Amandarachdoodles, I also do live streams over
there every single Sunday, so hope to see you guys
there when we hang out more. Anyways, thanks so much for watching I hope you guys have an awesome day and keep doodling, bye guys. ♪ I’ll be good to you ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪

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