My Prayer Journal Look Through- Page by Page!!

My Prayer Journal Look Through- Page by Page!!

hello to my beautiful friends Nicki
Drake here from crazy simple truth ministries and I want to show you my
prayer journal so this is a book that a sweet sister in Christ gave me it is the
ESV single column journaling Bible by cross way and I love it if you can kind
of see the embossed leaves on it it is just the most beautiful Bible but what
it is for me is not a Bible that I read and study it’s a prayer journal and if
you’ve been watching me for a while you’ve seen me do several entries in my
prayer journal but today I wanted to do a complete flip through of my prayer
Bible and what I’ve done so far so I’ve got the beginning hear my prayer journal
20:19 Nikki Drake then we shall see what’s next the very next page that I
did is the Tree of Life so the scripture was Genesis to 8 for that one and these
stickers if you’re interested are in my etsy print shop I can’t remember what
the name of the kid is but I’ll try to figure that out for you if you’re
interested this scripture is Genesis 6 8 and it is about Noah found favor in the
eyes of the Lord these were some dollar tree stickers these are from my reigning
grace kit in my Etsy shop and just some little Dollar Tree stickers and some
washi tape I try to mark the top and then I always make a prayer so I do
cover the words in this book because it’s not a Bible that I read and study
this Bible is merely for prayer focusing on a verse and praying about that verse
to God and Dec being creative with that verse just to help me meditate on it so
it’s not studying the Word of God it’s not reading the Word of God it’s not
taking place of that it’s it’s complementing that and what it’s doing
is it’s getting me to write down prayers that I can then go back through and look
at so that’s the purpose of this book this one is Genesis 12
eight and it says and there he built an altar to the Lord and called upon the
name of the Lord and this is um some posting notes and then I used spam washi
tape and some stickers from my mmm it’s a Nazi print shop thing too I can’t
remember the name oh I love this one okay so this is really just pens colored
pens and black pens and this is Genesis 15-5 it looks like look toward heaven
and the number of stars if you are able to number them then he said to him so
shall your offspring be and he believed the Lord and he counted it to him as
righteousness so I’ve got these little mountains and little moon and the trees
and this little notebook thing here which is super cute with my prayer and
then did I mark this one I did not remember to mark that one so that’s okay
I didn’t mark them all okay this is one that I did in my creative face classes
on patreon so I taught how to do this and gave them the printable that they
could then trace over to do this in their Bible and this is talking about
the sacrifice of Isaac and I did a Bible study on patreon to talk about the
comparison between Jesus and Isaac and their sacrifice in John is John 14 17
and Genesis 22 6 and so this page was devoted to Genesis 22 6 Abraham took the
wood of the burnt offering and laid it on Isaac his son and the thing about it
is that the son carried the wood to the place of a sacrifice so Jesus carried
the cross and Isaac carried the wood to where he would be sacrificed and then
I’ve got this little this was a planner note that I used that obedience and
sacrifice little tag that I made this next one you may have seen me do this is
about these were character studies that I did on my youtube channel and one of
them I did on my patreon and there’s a character study Bible packet on my
patreon if you’re interested and this is the stickers that came with that for the
character study of Jack Josh Abed and Miriam so Josh Abed was the let me think Oh Josh Abed was Moses his
mom and Miriam is Moses his sister so it says if Moses this mother wasn’t
determined to save him he would not have been able to save the he views Hebrews
from Egyptian slavery you can see where I did some little arrows and some little
asterisks and dot dot and then this one talks about Miriam and you can see where
I always write my prayers on every one of them and so I don’t worry about
covering up the word because I’m focusing on these verses and my prayer
and then here’s my little tag that I used now here’s the one about the
midwives and Zipporah and these are also a character studies about Moses life and
here this is the little tag that I made out of a planner sticker the next one I
have is I have this marked because I needed that for something I was going
into we’re here recently if you guys know it was a court hearing about a
little person so this one I did and it’s got some washi tape it’s got some bleed
from from the other side it’s got some washi tape
this was marker pen so this was my tombow see if I can find one offhand
tombow pen I’m all of the supplies that I use my Bible journaling and Bible
study supplies are on my website and that is linked below for you so you can
go there and check them out but that’s what I use for the writing and then I
used a gel pen and then added some water so it made it look like watercolor so
there’s that and there’s my prayer this one was a disaster because I used an
erasable pen the sparkle of paste erasable pens which I love for Bible
study but but but but they erased when I used the dryer on this side the heat gun
erased it so that was not good but it was a lesson learned I can kind of see
it enough to go in and write it again I just haven’t done it yet okay so this
one’s about Miriam in the tambourine I did a Bible study or Bible art lesson on
my patreon and taught the ladies how to do this and then this is a sticker kit
from my Etsy print shop and then these are some really cute washi tapes that I
got and I used some white chalk paint to cover that up and then
right over that and then this is the verse that I was focusing on you can see
the little tab that I made next I’ve got I do I have here this one is you shall
not fear them for is the Lord your God who fights for you deuteronomy 322 and
this is a sticker from one of my sticker kits and this also is and you can see
where I wrote my prayer and highlighted they’re just kind of cute see I can take
these things off now these were helping me get through that hearing with the
little one that we brought home okay um so yeah I can take these off these are
all the ones that I use which are awesome to go back through and read the
prayers but I have them marked at the bottom so that I could go through them
well I did it for months honestly to go through those specific
ones that applied to the hopes of bringing this little one home which we
were able to do so this is some washi tape this is a sticker from I think my
intrusted magazine gel pen and then these are the verses that I focused on
so this is a pretty simple one I don’t really like it too much but there it is
I’m the thing that I do like about this prayer book is that I’m focusing on one
scripture but I’m writing a prayer about that Scripture so I really love that
it’s more focusing on me speaking to the Lord and then the Lord speaking back
through his word which is how we know if he’s speaking to us is his word you can
see there’s a lot of bleed through with that gel pen okay this is a sticker kit
on etsy it says um oh I love this I just used a post-it notes post-it notes are a
really cute idea for your Bible journaling um so this is going to be
Joshua what is this Joshua Joshua one seven eight and nine and that is what I
focused on here and so these stickers are so cute and then I wrote out verse
nine on that little poster you know and covered it with a little piece of washi
tape so just kind of fun some of these I really liked the way they turned out and
some of them I don’t so much but that’s okay that’s okay because it’s the
process of prayer time with God so that’s what matters so this is John
twenty three five and six and eight and it looks like I have part of 14 down
here and then I wrote my prayer in this little washi tape box so that’s kind of
cute this one I just did yesterday or the day before two days ago and so you
may have saw me do that I was showing you how to do cover some bleed through
because this really bled through gel pen really bleeds through I don’t have any
fancy pens that don’t bleed through I don’t get too hung up on it the focus
for me is the verse and the prayer anyway it’s not the distraction of the
arch or the bleed through the art just makes it more fun to flip back through
and look at I guess and so that’s why I do it and that’s why I do it in a Bible
so that I have the scriptures right there so there’s that one and then I
just use the little check mark for my flag this one was a watercolor one and
this is for First Samuel 1216 now therefore stand still and see this great
thing the Lord will do before your eyes and then some a little bit of the other
verses God put on my heart and this also had to do with what was going on in my
life which I’ll have to go back and look fit then I just used the little tiny
piece of washi and flipped it over so I could mark that page next is ooh I love
this one so you may have seen this one I got some stamps from a company did I
miss a page now and I made this I love this page it turned out so cool these
are supposed to kind of stick up and they they don’t after a while but I used
acrylic paint with a stamp on that and this paper I love the way it turned out
but this is second Samuel um and it is chapter 22 verses two three and four and
then I wrote my prayer on the post-it note and you can see how I put it at a
little angle which I think it’s fun I just really love the way this one turned
out I think it’s really cute really really cute okay this one is second
Kings 18 and I’ve got several going on here part of three part of five
seven part of six and so it’s talking about the king king hezekiah yeah king
hezekiah and it says I will do what is right in the eyes of the Lord and I used
some watercolor there and then I used a gel pen and added a tiny bit of water so
it kind of bled those out a little bit made them look like watercolor you can
see where it bled through really badly but if I go to do this page maybe I
could do one of the verses up here and go ahead and cover this with some paper
cover this with a sticker and then focus on that so I mean there’s ways to do it
like I said I don’t get hung up on it on it because it’s the it’s the prayers
that I like to look at anyway not that not the backside so this one is Esther
and this is talking about um she believes she could and so she did so
this is about believing I guess I didn’t I didn’t highlight the verse but it is
about Esther believing that she could and she had courage to go in and speak
to the king so that’s what that’s about I love this this is one of my sticker
kits I hand wrote these and then scanned them in and then I printed them on clear
sticker paper and I love the way they look in there they’re so cool so you can
get those in my Etsy shop if you’re interested this one was about Esther too
if I perish I perish this one’s kind of fun these were stickers from my shop too
and a little journaling box and then it says then I will go to the king though
it is against the law and if I perish I perish one of my favorite verses ever
here is one about Esther again and it’s Esther eight four through eight and so I
wrote my little prayer over here and then just did some different things with
planner stickers washy tape this is carpe diem planners give you a free
printable every month and so that’s that this is just a scrap of paper these are
some stickers and washi tape from one of my kids and then I love this yes this
this one I haven’t done yet I got this free online somewhere I was going to do
something with it but have not done it yet okay this one is The Book of Psalms
I love this because this is a planner sticker and it says important and it
wrote the date there and and this is one of my sticker kit
sticker kit this is a planner sticker this is a sticker kit this is a sticker
kit and then look at I wrote I am okay so this is focusing on the Psalms a
chapter three verse three four five and six and then I wrote my little prayer
you can see where I added some little accents that were cute with the
watercolor it was kind of fun okay this is my fearless sticker kit and
this one I love is just kind of nice and simple it’s just some washi tape and
then a prayer or a journaling box and the journaling box already had the
little feather on it so I just used a piece of washi to to tab that page maybe
someday I can go through and read you the prayers I really don’t mind doing
that so I could probably do that someday this is one of my favorite full spread
prayer pages that I did and I just absolutely love the way it turned out I
love the coloring I love the watercolor I love the strips of washi tape that
came with this kit I just think it’s so pretty and so I wrote that in September
and then this one matched it which i think is beautiful too and this was
psalms xxx 11 and 12 so it kind of highlighted that with watercolor and
then I highlighted over here I love it I love it I love it this one’s really cute
you may have seen me do this one in a video this is a psalm a 33 one two and
three and I wrote my prayer on a post-it note which is a really fun thing to do
and if you don’t want to cover your words you can write your prayers on a
post-it note and put them in the two inch border or if you don’t have a Bible
with a border just stick them up here and then you can flip it up to still
read your words you don’t have to cover the words the leaf was a stamp
this was watercolor this is a sticker kit that I have in my Etsy shop this is
some washi tape and I marked it with I actually made the tree overhang which is
kind of cute so that marks that this one I don’t really like very much but it is
what it is and so it was a coloring sheet that I didn’t make up I just
copied it underneath and wrote over it with some felt tip markers and it’s be
still before the Lord which is Psalm 37 7
and I wrote my little prayer there and I just used a little piece of washi love
love love this one so these are some stickers that I have
in my Etsy print shop that are watercolor and you print them on clear
sticker paper and then you can see right through them which I love this I hand
lettered this is my prayer over here and it’s Psalm 55 18 he redeems my soul and
safety from the battle that I wage and it’s all about trust it says when I’m
afraid I put my trust in you Psalm 56 three and then I just used a
planner sticker and write rest on the end this one I love I got a little wild
with the watercolor here and so I can’t really see the scriptures very well but
I do love overall it’s kind of busy but I like the color scheme
I like the washi tape that I printed off from my this is a Bible Elements sticker
kit and then I drew these little flowers here’s my prayer in here and I’ve got a
little prayer over here and then let’s see it like it says it as well because
my soul clings to you verse 63 8 it says and so that’s what this is which I love
so I kind of like the way this one turned out I see there’s I must use that
for the hearing so I can take that out and I didn’t mark that one did I well
yeah I did right here love this that comes with my sticker kit this little
tab so that’s kind of fun I’ve been trying to make tabs with the new sticker
kits okay there’s one that’s kind of fun this is like some vellum and I put the
sticker under the vellum and then so you can see the little joyful noise and
wrote the prayer on the post a note and I highlighted the verse by painting
around it and then use some stamps and just some cute little washes for that
one this one is living water I love this one love it love it love it love it love
it love the colors this is a new kit that I made this is some washi tape that
I have that matched it which I thought was beautiful
it says he turns a desert into pools of water and parched land into Springs of
water Psalm 107 35 and then I wrote my prayer up here
and then made this little tag that says living water next is this one which is
really fun so these were one of the free stickers at the carpe diem website for
planners and I printed them off and used them on this page and it’s just about
loving the word which was let me see what it is
psalm 119 163 through 68 is what it is and I’m it’s just all about learning his
word may it always be a student of the word of God love the typewriter do not
like the way the bubble letters turned out the I should have been way over here
but it is what it is I like the typewriter it turned out to it and I
only marked that with a little piece of washi that came from one of my elements
kits this one is pretty and this is Psalm 121 and it’s the whole verse 1
through 8 and so I just highlighted the whole thing there added some colors and
some washi tape that sort of matched what the theme was I wrote my prayer out
here and then I just wrote the word protect up there that’s next here I’m probably gonna do
this video into two videos because yeah I’m not even quite halfway through so
this is proverb 1710 and no 17:17 a friend loves at all times and so this is
friends just kind of a really simple one not really too cute but it worked this
is I love this one I love just simple I call it doodle art with a black gel pen
I would love to just do a whole entire Bible journaling Bible that way with
just a black pen and simple little drawings and not cover the words and
just see how it turns out I would love to do that so this is proverbs 2022 wait
for the Lord and He will deliver you and so I wrote my little prayer there this
was definitely one that I used for the hearing and I did not mark it I do not
have a tab on it so that’s okay here is one this one’s really cute so this is
one of my @c print shop kits so I make the Etsy prints wrap kits
me and I just offer them to you because they’re cute but I love them and I make
them for me so I made this for this verse Isaiah 30:21 I designed it and put
the colors in it and everything and I think in that kit you can do like five
or six or seven different verse verse art with it so it’s it’s a really good
deal but here are the verses which is Isaiah 30 and I’ve got 18 through 21 and
all of that and then I wrote my prayer on this cute little clip cute see the
little dashed lines around the cloud I think that’s cute and then I just made a
tag with a planner sticker and it says lead me the next one I’m probably gonna
stop here this was one I used for the hearing so this is free from fear this
is that’s from one of my sticker kits too I took this washi tape and tried to
kind of redo the flower look with some gel pens and use some gel pens to go
around the scripture which is Isaiah 35 three through three and four and then I
wrote my prayer here and this is what came in the kit and it is the little
scripture from Isaiah so it’s really cute and I love that I dated it with the
planner sticker which was fun let’s see do you think I’m about halfway through I
think I’m about halfway through so I think I’m gonna stop there let’s see
where my next one goes so we will start right here with this I’ll make sure to
mark this so we know for moat necessarily be my next video but it will
be an upcoming video of part two of my prayer journal so make sure you’re
watching for that hey if you want to get yourself one of these like I said the
link is below I think it’s the prettiest Bible I have it really is the prettiest
Bible that I have I absolutely love the doodlee look of the leaves and I in
there embossed and it’s just so pretty and I love the ESV version very easy to
read and I love that it has the journaling columns it’s just a really
perfect Bible for a prayer journal and I intend to give this to one of my
children or grandchildren as a keepsake and so that’s why I marked the tabs and
like I said I love to go back through and breathe
very very encouraging and so I hope that you’ll make one if you have a prayer
journal will you let me know in the comments or if you’d like to make one
will you let me know and hey give this video a thumbs up if you liked looking
through my prayer journal so I know to make more of these videos so I’ll see
you later you’re beautiful God loves you so much

5 thoughts on “My Prayer Journal Look Through- Page by Page!!

  1. Loved it Nicki 😀 and I would love to do this also, now to choose one of my Bible's… maybe my Thrive Bible seen as that is where I prayed over my surgery 😊💕

  2. With most erasable pens if you stick the Bible in the freezer for a day or so the writing will come back! (But a shade or so lighter!)

  3. Nikki you gave me an idea to use one of my devotionals to use as a prayer journal because of the verses in it. I’m going to try this. I’ll be looking at your sticker kits.

  4. Thank you for sharing! What a wonderful idea! I just bought another Bible for journaling because it was 90% off which I did not need but could not resist I am going to copy you it won’t look nearly as pretty but I think God would be OK with that😉
    Your videos have really helped me with my prayer life! A friend of mine had given me The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian a few years ago. I never even opened it until One of your videos about that book…. It has been life changing! Thank you!

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