my simple minimalist bullet journal setup + plan with me!

my simple minimalist bullet journal setup + plan with me!

hello my friends its nina and for this video we’re talking about bullet journals this video has been highly requested for a very very very long time so i in no way am a bullet journal expert nor do I intend to be but I am a person that uses a bullet journal and so I thought maybe this video will be useful to someone so that is what I’m going to be doing today I’m going to finally show you my minimalist very simple bullet journal setup I’m warning you guys right now my bullet journal setup is extremely simple to the point where you guys might be like nina, that is too simple and you’re right but this system works for me it has worked for well actually I used this specific system for like a few months now but it’s been very useful, it’s helped me be consistent and it does the job you can be more complex with your themes or it can be very simple whatever it is in my life a bullet journal has been very useful and so I use it every single day basically if you are like me and you only have two brain cells then this is the bullet journal system for you but without further ado, let’s get into the video so first, I’m going to talk about the materials that I use obviously because we got to start somewhere so the most important thing is your bullet journal this is a dotted hardcover notebook it is this brand I’ve used this one bullet journal for about one and a half to two years I’ve used this much and I have this much to go because this is a dotted notebook the pages have literal dots I feel like compared to grids and lines this just allows for more creative freedom and it’s just lighter on the eye basically because you’re going to be drawing a lot on this this bullet journal also comes with an index in the front and in the back it has this nice little folder so you can tuck in stickers and whatever you want so this is the one that I use and then onto the stationery that I use I like to have markers markers are definitely a great part of bullet journaling it allows for colors and themes and all that honestly you could just use Crayola super tips or whatever is available to you these are just markers that I happened to have and they are dual tip so there is a nice chisel tip on top and then a fine tip on the other side so I like these Crayola super tips there are literally like what 100 something colors? those are great find whatever suits you I have other mild liners that I got I got a nice set of them the more variety of the better i have a nice pastel and then more pastels and then other pastels and then bright colors and then alongside markers I also use gel pens these are 0.38 tips pens from Muji. I like to have different colored pens for different uses I just have the standard black blue and red And then also I like to have a ruler This is a six inch ruler and this just helps me get those straight lines you can do freehand, but I don’t trust myself So these are all the materials that I need for my bullet journal system Everyone has a different system But if you don’t know where to start this is where I start so now that I’ve talked about my materials I’m going to quickly break down my system. So I do my bullet journal every month and I basically get it all done in one day It takes me about one to two hours to do first I have my month which takes up two pages and then right after that I have my habit tracker I’m gonna mention real quick that some of my bullet journal was inspired by my friend amanda, amandarachlee on youtube at first I didn’t have a habit tracker or a brain dump or any of that but she inspired me to add those because they’re kind of useful actually so shout out to amanda for the bullet journal inspo she is literally a bullet journal queen but after my months I have one page for a habit tracker I track about nine to twelve habits is that a lot? for me no and then on the page right next to the habit tracker, I have a brain dump, which is basically a blank page I just jot down ideas here maybe like a grocery list things I want to buy songs that I found books i want to read all of that it just goes in here and then after my brain dump I go in with my weekly setup I actually do all of my weekly setups in one sitting just because it’s so simple that I don’t have to wait every single week to do it I used to do that but out of efficiency I just do it all at once You can definitely take it one by one and just do it every single week and then after I do the weekly set ups I reserve two pages for my reflections for the month So this basically serves as my diary for the month I only need two pages because I’m not writing something every single day But if there’s just one day where I just want to write down my feelings I will sometimes i’m a thoughtful person and I like to write my feelings down so now that I briefly explained my bullet journal setup it is finally time to actually do it So the angle is going to change I’ll see you closer to my bullet journal all right you guys now it’s finally time to get into actual bullet journaling here are my supplies we’re gonna get into this for august I usually think of like red or green but I already did green and I kind of wanted to try this nice coraly red color so I’m gonna go with this and then these colors are going to be kind of like the accents I do like to have multiple colors and then I also do need my gray mildliner I like using grey because I like using grey so my header usually takes up two lines because I want that font to be big So I’m going to just do two lines there and then I’m gonna write out august 2019 is that how you spell august I like to write the marker first then I’m just gonna finish it off it’s a little crooked over there, but that doesn’t matter and then I’m gonna drag it out. so it’s just one long header. let’s not mess up there we go and then with my black pen, I’m just gonna write August I kind of like to add these hearts to make it look like tiny washi tape you can also use a symbol for August but I like hearts now I’m just going to write out august And there we go, I’m just going to make it a little fancier kind of looks like a nice little watercolor effect that’s why I like these markers now we’re going to move on to the tedious part, but it’s relaxing for me, which is the lines So I’m hoping my explanation for lines isn’t too complicated basically the days take up one line each day’s box is 1 2 3 4 5 6 so 6 rows by 6 columns And then I add 1 2 3 4 5 weeks because there are typically five weeks in a month I’m just gonna check real quick. How many days are in August yes, it’s August 6. yes i’m doing this late is that a problem? no so fortunately there are five weeks in the month sometimes a month will have six by accident but for this month we have five so that’s what we’re going to do I’m just gonna have my phone kind of here So right after my header, we’re going to skip a row and then go on basically one two three the third line you’ll see right here I’m just gonna mark it with a dot and then I’m going to the last dot over here we’re not going to cross over that’s going to look messy we’re not adding anything here we’re going to kind of just separate it the row for the days is only one row and then after that one two three four five six Five six, yes, and then you’ll have four rows on the bottom and then one two, three four five six perfect and it ends right here so this is going to make Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday I start my weeks with Sunday some people start with Monday And then that is Thursday Friday Saturday. so we have our month laid out So here we go. No pressure also, if you do know how to free hand go for that but I do not trust myself and I want my lines to be nice and straight we’re going to go for it yes there we go I really should not have had coffee my hands are shaking nice we’re going to do the same thing over here be careful not to go all the way because this is only three days so it’s going to end right here we’re going to have this blank space for our goals and future And then one final line kind of makes me nervous that nothing’s gone wrong yet yes messed up a little bit but it doesn’t matter and now we have our calendar it’s seven by five now back to our markers we’re going to fill two boxes with a color just like that right in the center and now I’m going to add a line here and then a line here and this is going to be our goals and future section and then on the bottom here with gray I’m just going to add another little section here I just like to put in my youtube and then for the days I’m going to go in with my markers again and then make little marks for the days and on this first corner box I’m going to use gray then there’s a little space for the date this is going to be where the number is so I like using gray because these days are not part of August so I’m not going to use a coral-red and now we’re going on with red to do the rest of the numbers There we go It is literally the most simple thing but here it is now that it has dried a decent amount We are going to write the days so from July we have the 28th and then the 29th and now we start with the first now I have this little blank space here and that is where I add a little key or a legend one is for friends and family one is for YouTube one is for event/important so for this month, I’m not going to use these colors I’m going to use what was available here so I’m going to use these three colors I think they are cute and can you like stay in there, please? yes so this is my little key for the month and you could add more colors for different things you need, but personally I only need these three to track but as you can see if it’s a birthday i underline it with that color I am going to kcon on this day and then this day and this day I’m coming back and I think for this I’m just going to kind of do it like this yes what else did I have going on in August? I can’t really think of it up on top of my head but this is what my month looks like It’s very simple but it gets the job done next we are moving on to the habit tracker now this part is extremely tedious now because I did my July setup so late I didn’t fill anything out but I did at least want to do it so I have an idea for August for my habit tracker I track YouTube, Instagram, exercise haha vitamins, iron, walking my dogs, watering joonie, skincare and studying Korean track whatever habits you want but this is what I’m going to do I like to make these boxes for the month as well personally this is what I like for my eye so we have four dots and four dots here skipping a row four and then we’re going to write habit tracker hopefully this fits nicely nice and symmetrical so that is our header going to just make this a little fancy again done I am going to breeze through the step but basically we’re making seven by five boxes again And then we’re making these simple rows for the headers of our trackers so hopefully you guys will figure out the spacing but basically I’m skipping one column and then going in with seven columns here and then I’m skipping two columns seven, two seven, skipping two rows you’ll figure it out but I am going to fast forward through this part and there is our little habit tracker it’s so cute you guys if you guys know how to free hand please do that there we have our habits so we are canceling out these days And then just to emphasize that these days are not being used we’re going to cross them out now I will show you how I actually use these habit trackers today is the sixth so we are on this day so I uploaded a video on this day I’m gonna add a dot there I think that’s good for now so this was our brain dump it’s literally a blank page but we are going to add this header and this is literally the easiest page just leave this blank you will fill it up throughout the month hopefully now we are doing our weekly layouts and this is a horizontal weekly spread we’re going to steadily freehand this yes so that basically means we’re going to skip eight and then here is the next day I hope So one two, three, four five six seven eight nine nine, yes, okay. We’re going to continue god can I make straight lines, please? oh my god i moved the camera And that is one week it is very simple very practical so we’re going to write the day first I like to make each letter take up a column. So Sunday so sunday comma space and then this is July 28 so it would have made sense to make these gray, but that is okay and this is basically what I do for the next few weeks so we finished the five weeks of august jeez there are so many weeks we are going to finish with our reflections and this again is very easy we are just going to make our simple header again ahh i keep moving the camera i’m not- this is why I’m not a bullet journal channel august reflections! now these are just two blank pages and you can just write whatever to your heart’s content kind of make this like a personal little diary so that it’s not all about just tasks and then after each month if I just want to add pages of random stuff there’s plenty of space to do it before the next month for instance after july I wanted to make a page on my Enneagram and so that’s what I did because I had space and then I moved on to August I guess as an example I will plan out my day today so first off we have a task and my first task I guess was I guess I’ll put walking my dogs although this isn’t really a task I do this every single day so I don’t have to remind myself and because I finished it, with red I’m going to check it off I like having a checkmark system there we go so that task is done ooh I do have to change my license plate I will write that down film bullet journal video let’s say for instance i wanted to film another video on the same day but I didn’t get around to doing it because I got tired for some reason let’s see because I didn’t do it today I’m just going to cross it out maybe I should have crossed it out with red but you got the point and then of course I can plan in the future so on this day I want to upload a video so upload bullet journal video hopefully I can get it up on Wednesday If it’s up on Wednesday, this is right and then if you just want to write random notes I just like putting a bullet point there package came and then a smiley face because I’ve been waiting for this package and then you could add something for the future I like to use an exclamation point sometimes I like to do hearts as well another smiley face I just like to add whatever I want but I did film a bullet journal video someone check this off and then if I have a reflection then I will write it down for instance I’m going to reflect on today sometimes I like to write down the time just because if I’m reading this in the future, I don’t know I want to see what I was thinking at that time and that’s my reflection for that day and then I can add on to it whenever so now here is my entire bullet journal setup here is my month I have my habit tracker my brain dump I have my weekly layouts which are extremely simple and then after all that I have my August reflections and then if I have pages that I want to make there are plenty of pages for that and then eventually I will start my next month, which is September and then after a long one to two hours you are finally done with your bullet journal for the month I warned you guys this is very simple very minimal but it has helped me for the last few months And so this is the system that I stick by also I am highly caffeinated right now my hands and body and brain were like shaking during this entire video but we got through it It really is a relaxing process to do every month just taking the time to get your life together plan out what you have in the future see what you’ve done and it’s great for my brain cells but I hope that this was useful for you especially if you’re starting out with a bullet journal I used to be afraid of bullet journals back in high school I would try to keep one but I would over complicate it and not be consistent but when I was in college, I used a bullet journal almost every single day I kind of lived by a bullet journal and I still do especially after college you still have to figure your life out and all that whether you like a minimal style or whether you like a complex beautiful one full of doodles and all that I hope that you enjoy bullet journaling and I hope that it actually helps you find a system that works for you and don’t be overwhelmed or underwhelmed by a bullet journal it’s there to just help your life thanks for watching and bullet journaling with me and I will see you in my next video!! goodbye my friends 🙂

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