MY TUMBLR TAG 2! (with Dan)

MY TUMBLR TAG 2! (with Dan)

[Phil]: Hey guys! [Phil]: So before this video officially starts, I wanted to tell you some exciting news! [Phil]: That me and Dan now have a gaming channel! [Phil]: Whoo! // [Dan]: Is this where you want me to come in? [Phil]: Yes! Come in! Come in! [Dan]: Wii desk chair! Hi guys! [Dan]: Yeah! We have a gaming channel that *laughing* we invented-ly called.. [Dan]: ..DanandPhilGAMES! [Dan]: And it’s really great and you should check it out and please subscribe to it! [Phil]: If you haven’t subscribed yet, here’s some stuff you’re missing out on. [Phil]: I don’t know how to use Sonya Blade! [Dan]: Fudge! Fudge! Fudge! I’m just standing here, not doing anything! [Dan]: Suck my uppercut! [Dan]: So clearly, it’s what’s missing from your life to make it perfect. [Phil]: Yes. There’s a subscribe button here so you can click that now to go subscribe to the channel. [Dan]: And a link down in the description. [Phil]: And it’ll open in a new window, so you won’t be taken away from us.. [Phil]:’ll just happen and I’ll I do this as you click. // [Dan]: So thank you so much.. [Dan]: ..for everyone that is subscribing and we hope you enjoy the Tumblr video! [Phil]: Take it away, Dan and Phil in the other video! // [Dan]: *does the Dan* [Phil]: Today, we are going to be delving into the world of Tumblr. [Dan]: dun dun duun [Phil]: I gave you guys some warning on Twitter.. [Phil]: ..and asked you to tag things with “Hey Phil, look at this!” [Dan]: Arguably, you’ve allowed them to prepare as well. // [Phil]: Yeah. [Dan]: That could have made things worse. [Phil]: The first thing were greeted with is.. [Both]: *laughing* [Phil]: That is horrible! // [Both]: *laughing* [Dan]: Oh! It’s like Quasimodo! [Dan]: Is that me.. and a pumpkin morphed together? *laughing* [Phil]: That is my Halloween nightmare. // [Dan]: Wow. [Dan]: Awh! That’s good. I like that. // [Phil]: That’s cool! [Phil]: Oh, Dan. So deep. You’re breaking apart. [Dan]: BLORPH [Phil]: “Dannibal Lecter!” // [Both]: *laughing* [Phil]: Would you eat human flesh? // [Dan]: *strange noises* [Dan]: Obviously.. not? [Phil]: Oh! // [Dan]: Up! Okay– Yup, that– yep! [Phil]: I like that– are we kissing at the radio station? [Dan]: I think– Yeah! *laughing* // [Phil]: That’s very unprofessional! [Phil]: You shouldn’t– *chuckles* // [Dan]: As if we’d be doing a live radio show.. [Dan]: “Let’s make out!” // [Phil]: *chuckling* [Dan]: SHLREPH SHLERP SHLURP [Phil]: Aah! // [Dan]: Ha! Okay.. [Dan]: We’ve had some folds.. // [Phil]: These are terrifying. [Dan]: *laughing* Hopefully, you love that. // [Phil]: I’m sure that was attractive. [Both]: *laughing* // [Phil]: It’s me sunbathing in our new mug! // [Dan]: Okay! [Phil]: I love this! Have you seen this? [Phil]: Okay, everyone blow on your screen now! Including you, Dan! [Phil]: Go! [Both]: *laughing hysterically* // [Phil]: It’s my favorite thing! I love that so much! [Dan]: *still laughing* Wait, wait, wait, wait. [wheezing laughter] [Dan]: I would make out with that cow. [Phil]: TMI. // [Dan]: So would you. [Phil]: Yeah, I would. [Phil]: Aah! Aah! // [Dan]: *laughing* [Phil]: No! No! // [Dan]: *laughing* Okayy.. [Dan]: Wait.. but the hair– I can see where they’re going for with that.. // [Phil]: Yeah! [Phil]: Should I censor those.. boobs? [Dan]: I don’t– I think they’re.. not human nipples. [Dan]: I don’t think you need to censor them. // [Phil]: Is that a real thing? [Dan]: Obviously not. // [Phil]: Okay. [Dan]: IS THAT A REAL– Phil Lester, everybody. // [Phil]: *laughing* [Dan]: Yes, it’s– it’s the man rat. [Phil]: It looks so real, though! // [Dan]: They’re from Columbia. [Both]: Awwh.. [Dan]: I hate that photo. I hate that– // [Phil]: Do you like that pose? [Dan]: We were taking it as a joke! [Phil]: Lemonbrab-a Lisa? [Dan]: HMMM [Dan]: What’s that video? (Anaconda starts playing as Dan and Phil are increasingly disturbed) (This is your fault.) [Dan]: WHY // [Phil]: NO [Dan]: *laughing in pain* WHY // [Phil]: MY EYES [Phil]: I’m never panning the camera down further than this ever again. // [Dan]: No! [Dan]: It’s gonna be nipples and up for the rest of time. // [Phil]: *giggling* [Phil]: That was with David Tennent at VidCon. That actually happened. [Dan]: Fond memories. // [Phil]: Yep! [Dan]: Totally real. // [Phil]: Squeezed his butt. [Phil]: *laughing* // [Dan]:* chuckling* Oh– this thing. [Phil]: I’ve never seen this before! // [Dan]: Right. [Dan]: *laughing* Look what she’s doing– she is my hero! [Dan]: This is the kind of thing that makes me go: [Dan]: “Yeah. I’m happy with what I’m contributing to humanity.” [Phil]: Cute! // [Dan]: Awh! [Both]: *laughing* [Dan]: Yeah, that’s exactly what you were doing there. // [Phil]: Oh gurl, don’t– [Phil]: Oh, I’m not even going to try. // [Dan]: Go on– [Both]: *laughing* [Phil]: I almost tried! // [Dan]: Go on, Phil! Go on. [Phil]: Don’t even go there, gurl! [Both]: *cringe attacks* [Phil]: That’s not making the video. [Dan]: We can’t be friends anymore. [Both]: *laughing* [Dan]: Speaking of phanaconda.. [Phil]: What people don’t know is that I have the power to twerk, I just don’t use it. [Dan]: This isn’t going anywhere, is it? [Dan]: *sighs* THANK GOD [Dan]: Drawing of us and Tyler? That’s good! // [Phil]: Awh! That’s good! [Phil]: *laughing* // [Dan]: Pfft– wow, that’s attractive! [Phil]: When I die, I want that to be the Google Doodle. [Phil]: Hopefully not soon. [Dan]: We should sing a duet! [Phil]: *singing* Let it goo.. [Dan]: That’s not the duet. [Phil]: What’s the duet? // [Dan]: *singing* Do you wanna build a snowmaaann? [Phil]: NO [Dan]: Well, that was over quickly. [Phil]: Why– why am I always dead? // [Dan]: *laughing* [Phil]: I swear whenever I’m reading fanfiction.. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) // [Dan]: *laughing* [Phil]: ..I’m dead. [Dan]: And then the ghost of Phil, after he died from his terminal illness.. // [Phil]: *chuckling* [Dan]: ..said his lost goodbye to Dan and then fazed out of reality.. [Phil]: Ian and Anthony have a black child. // [Dan]: *laughing* [Both]: *laughing* // [Dan]: I DIDN’T NOTICE THAT [Dan]: AHOHOOHO [Dan]: Ian isn’t the real father.. [Dan]: ANTHONY SLEPT WITH THE BLACK MAILMAN [Phil]: Oh. // [Dan]: ANTHONY HOW COULD YOU [Phil]: That’s a– oh.. that’s so disturbing! // [Dan]: *laughing* [Dan]: I love how present your butt is.. // [Phil]: It’s such a pronounced butt! [Dan]: And even though it’s just you facing backwards on a unicorn.. [Dan]: ..which, by all standards, should be quite innocent.. // [Phil]: Yeah. [Dan]: There’s something about that butt. [Dan]: It’s just so out there. // [Phil]: All eyes go to the butt. [Dan]: Oh my god, Becky. [Phil]: That’s cool. It’s just everything from the inside of my mind. [Phil]: *laughing* Wow! That’s so weird! It looks so real! // [Dan]: *face of pure horror* [Phil]: Maybe in three years? [Dan]: Three zero years? [Phil]: OH MY GOD! That’s like something from Silent Hills! // [Dan]: JESUS CHRIST [Phil]: NO [Dan]: *screaming* // [Phil]: Oh, this is the worst stuff I’ve seen! [Dan]: AAA [Phil]: That’s weird, that’s weird. // [Dan]: *laughing* [Dan]: STOP. STOP. BURN IT. [Dan]: BURN IT NOW // [Phil]: *giggling* [Phil]: That makes me realize you’ve got really feminine eyes. [Phil]: Look how girly I look with your eyes! [Phil]: And then you just look like a demon! // [Dan]: Look how literally psychotic and soulless.. [Dan]: ..I look with your eyes! // [Phil]: *giggling* [Dan]: Wait, wait, wait. [Dan]: Is that a cute one of me riding an alpaca with the triforce? // [Phil]: Yeah. [Dan]: But then go up? [Dan]: Why are you naked on your lion– PHIL // [Phil]: I don’t know why I’m naked? [Dan]: Such an exhibitionist! // [Phil]: Hey! It helps, though. [Phil]: Today’s Draw Phil Naked is.. [Both]: *laughing* // [Phil]: It’s you with your purple hair. [Dan]: Me discovering the joys of hair chalk for the first time. [Phil]: It looks pretty good! [Dan]: I wonder how it would look on you. [Dan]: *gasps* LET’S CHALK PHIL’S HAAAIR [Phil]: No! No! // [Dan]: Yes! [Dan]: So what would Phil look like with a purple fringe? [Dan]: da da da daaaa [Phil]: It looks like a radioactive seagull pooped on my head. [Dan]: You look like a unsuccessful scene kid from 2005. [Phil]: Awh! Look at this! // [Dan]: AWH STOP GIVING ME FEELS [Dan]: It’s me as Christopher Robin?! // [Phil]: Awh! [Dan]: With the T-shirt and the jeans?! [Dan]: And then Pooh’s pressing subscri– agg all phlph [Dan]: AAA I CAN’T // [Phil]: *giggling* [Phil]: Tha–That’s just a photo of us. Why is that funny? [Dan]: Wha– why did someone just upload a photo of us walking around? [Phil]: I don’t know. // [Dan]: I don’t know! [Phil]:That’s– that’s inspirational. [Dan]: REGRET REGRET KEEP SCROLLING [Phil]: Felix! Doing a sexy dance! [Dan]: I didn’t come here to be aroused. [Dan]: “Dan and Phil: The Fault in Our Stars Trailer?” // [Phil]: Oh, let’s watch it! [Phil]: I’m Augustus! [Dan]: I’m Hazel? Ugh.. [Phil]: I love how they chose me in a pizza t-shirt. [Dan]: *snorts* STOP STOP STOP [Phil]: Do you get this? It’s a llama wearing a Dan hat! // [Dan]: *chuckling* [Dan]: That is really horrifyingly disturbing. // [Phil]: *giggling* [Dan]: But maybe, in an alternate universe, there is an alpaca YouTuber named Dan.. [Dan]: ..wearing a human hat! [Phil]: *gasps* And there’s two cameras talking into a severed head! With a fringe! [Phil]: That went to a dark place. [Dan]: And on that note, let’s stop. [Dan]: Let’s stop. Let’s get our heads OUT– // [Phil]: *chuckling* Okay. [Dan]: Back into the realityyy.. *sighs* // [Phil]: I feel strange and tingly. [Phil]: We just want to say how much we appreciate the amazing artwork that you guys have made for us. [Dan]: Yeah, so much creativity goes into all of those horrifying things.. [Dan]: ..that will haunt me as I try to sleep tonight. [Phil]: So thanks for watching! Give this a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and I will see you next week! [Both]: Goodbyee..! [Phil]: Aah!

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  1. almost 5 years later and phil still has the trust in us to send him unfiltered content on tumblr. ‘risky click’ where you at

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    Whenever I read fanfiction

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  5. I feel like they’re gonna make references but now I remember it’s 2019 and this video was made maybe five years ago and now dan has curly hair and Phil has a quiff and showed himself with a beard

  6. 4:59 I know someone who looks like Dan inside that picture, only that he has longer, curlier hair. But the eyes are the same, and so is the face shape and nose >-> He scares my friend sometimes

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    Dan: sees half naked PewDiePie I didn't come here to be aroused.

    Interesting. He kind of confessed 5 years ago.

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