Neat, Practical Planning Without the Fuss · 7 Simple Planner//Journal Tips and Elements

Neat, Practical Planning Without the Fuss · 7 Simple Planner//Journal Tips and Elements

I adore the look of a beautifully decorated
planner or bullet journal. When you have the time and patience for it,
the practice of creating intricate, colourful spreads can be a calming and grounding and
creative release. But the long and short of planning is sometimes
just to get the information down and record your thoughts and tasks as a matter of organisation. And the fear of making a mess can actually
end up holding you back from just putting pen to paper. So I’ve got a few tips for keeping a practical,
useable planner with minimal effort and a pretty, cohesive look. These tips should work across any planner
or journalling system you might have, and- just to demonstrate that, I’ll be using
examples in both my bullet journal which is the system I currently use and in this 2017
Ban.Do planner as well. One of the most difficult aspects when it
comes to neatness is handwriting. As pretty as calligraphy and brush-lettering
can be, they’re not the most practical for when you’re in a rush to note down an appointment
or an idea you don’t want to forget. Now obviously, if you’re happy with your
writing then this doesn’t apply, but I’d suggest working on a writing style that comes
easily and naturally and looks nice and tidy. And I’m not talking about learning a new
style of handwriting from scratch, just adjusting what you do already, so it’s not even something
you have to think about. Here are some things to try to take your writing
to the next level. The first and easiest adjustment you can make
is just by trying a few different pens. I find that a medium thickness nib and generous
ink flow gives me the most control. Biros take too much pressure and aren’t
as dark as I’d like, finer lines make my writing look scratchy. It’s really all up to personal preference. Now for lettering, what about trying to write
a bit smaller, that always makes my writing look neater. Or you could go bigger. Try writing in all caps. Or italics. Or both. Another less thought about adjustment would
be the angle at which you’re holding the pen or the angling of the page in front of you. Experiment and practice, making little tweaks
each time, and see which combination gives you your neatest writing yet. A huge factor in having a page look well put
together and easily readable, is a sense of order that is most apparent in straight lines
and borders. Basically, getting things right on a plain
page is difficult, and wonkiness almost always equals mess and confusion. So I’d recommend using dot-grid paper where
you can. It’s a great option for drawing lots of
different shapes, straight lines in different directions, and it has an unobtrusive design
that doesn’t distract the eye too much. In a lot of notebooks, the dot grid is almost
invisible. If you don’t have the option of dot-grid
paper, an easy fix is to print out a template to have behind a plain page, to show through
and give yourself some faint guidelines. I’ll include a few free printable options
in the blog post that goes with this video, linked in the description below. I use two or three different writing styles
to help differentiate certain parts of my writing, be it headers or key points I want
to stand out. I know that it’s hard enough nailing one
style of writing, but the changes between them don’t have to be drastic. It could even been a difference in lettering
size, boldness or spacing. To break up your pages, or show and highlight
certain aspects, separate from others, you’ll need a few go-to elements to make particular
things stand out. For example, headers or lists or a key point
you need to remember. Keep it really simple with some easy-to-remember
shapes. For me, I find it best to stick to a variation
of simple boxes and lines and the occasional dots. You might also want to use a few icons to
signify certain common or repeated things, to save yourself from having to write it out
in full. And have variations on common bullet points
and check boxes. Here’s an easy quick tip that help with
the stress of messing up AND takes into account the changeability of plans. Forget having to erase irrelevant entries,
simply write anything uncertain on post-it notes and stick them in. Get some nicely coloured ones from etsy to
give your pages a bit of flare. Speaking of colours, I always have one or
two accent colours to go to. They’re an easy way to make something stand
out without much effort and a great way to break up a busy page. All you need is a highlighter or felt pen
or a coloured fine-liner. If you’re not so into colours keep it grayscale
or go pastel. And if you are into more bold colours, stick
to ones that compliment each other and use as few as possible. Remember, the less components you NEED with
you to be able to plan, the better, so you don’t want to be relying on a hundred different
pens. Finally, if you want to, there’s nothing
wrong with embellishing a page with a few basic doodles. And contrary to popular belief, you don’t
need to be able to draw to have a decent little decoration. The best approach for me is to pick a theme
and think of a few things that could go with it. For example plants could involve flowers,
flower post, leaves, even water drops. Or how about a space theme with the sun moon
and stars. If you’re not into drawing but still want
a bit of decoration, try using stickers. These ones came with the Ban.Do planner and
all go really nicely together, to avoid a clashing or overly busy look. Okay and just as a quick bonus, one tool I
ca’t live without when it comes to neat and stress-free planning is a simple, white
gel pen. I know that whatever mistakes I make, I can
easily cover and write over again when the white ink has dried. And you’d never know. All tools. used are listed below if you’re curious
about my specific materials. If perfection paralysis is holding you back
for setting out your important info, just remember to keep it simple. The most important thing is to get it down.

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