New Affiliate Marketing Website Case Study – Month 6… My Source For Writers Revealed!

New Affiliate Marketing Website Case Study – Month 6… My Source For Writers Revealed!

Hey! Miles here, This video is month number six of my
affiliate marketing website case study where I’m starting from
scratch in a brand new niche, building a website from zero and
documenting every 30 days here on YouTube. What’s the progress? So in this
video you’re going to learn, um, what major accomplishments
we’ve had this month. We’re going to look at my analytics data
so you’ll understand the traffic and the impressions and all of that. We’re going to learn about my actual
sales data, right? The actual profits, how many products we’re
selling, it’s cetera. And first I’m excited to finally announce
where I’m getting my copy from because it’s taken literally six months to
solidify my process for finding the right writers. Okay. Uh, I’ve
tried done-for-you services, I’ve tried services from the
place I bought the website, I’ve tried independent writers and it
really took me going to the pro blogger job board to really find
the best quality writers. And not only do I have one at this point,
I have three writers who are awesome. And what do I mean by awesome? One of them has actually written their
dissertation on the topic of my niche, so I’m finding absolute excellent top, top quality people who can
write, write and write. I mean that’s what a dissertation is
and I’m paying 3 cents per word is the price we found had a lot of
people say, no, that’s too cheap, but I did find a few
people at that price point, so I’m excited for what I
have found. Now looking back, had I known when I
started, what I know now, month one would have been choose
the niche and buy the website, purchase a KGR keyword pack, and then go through this exact process
of hiring directly from the plural blogger job board. Now to kind of
share the full process in detail, I have a blog post on my website. You’ll
find that in the description below. The short version of it is number one, I paid to have my job pinned to the top. I think it costs about $140 for me
to list this job on their job board. And then I had a big
long application process. They went through Google form and they
filled out an application on the Google form and the people who I thought based
on their applications who were qualified to possibly write, they all got a test job and this
was upwards of a dozen people. I think it was 10 or 11
people who got test jobs. Then I read through their content and
the people who had really good kind of like core writing style, I don’t
expect them to be perfectly optimized. I didn’t expect greatness, but I’m
looking for who just has a good style. It’s readable, it’s catchy,
short, punchy sentences. It really draws me in and then I sent
those people a second job and at this point I’m looking at how quick are they
to return is the second one as good as the first one. I ran everything through Copyscape to
make sure it was 100% unique and I’ve got three people on my team at this point. Now I have for the last few months I’ve
been working on really figuring out how to get the machine around reviewing,
choosing the right products. And I’ve actually hired a reviewer and
had I gone through the process in month number one of just hiring a straight
pro from the job board, I may be able, I may have been able to skip the process
of hiring on the actual reviewer. Um, so now I have a researcher,
excuse me, not reviewer. So I have a researcher and
I have the three writers. So I’m really trying to kind of kick up
my content for the next six months at this point in time. But if
you’re just getting going, I really recommend managing like the
quality of content writers I found on this website are better than anyone else.
So finally, at this point in time, um, boy, I’ve got my writing team dialed, which when the entire goal of an affiliate
con like affiliate based website is keyword focused, high quality
optimized content published on a blog. So Google indexes it and drives traffic.
The writing team is that integral part. So, although I’m six months in, I feel like I’m like just getting
started at this point in time. And also there’s that, that old
phrase from uh, Steve jobs, right? You can only connect the
dots looking behind you. It doesn’t make sense
to connect them forward. So I’ve built multiple
successful websites. I build multiple brands
to $1 million and beyond. I brought all of this skill to the table
with me and it’s still been a big time process of trial and error. And I think it’s important for you if
you’re building an affiliate website to honor that, that it is filled with
trials. If it’s your first one, it’s going to have lots of trials. Even
if this is your third or fourth website, there’s still going to be challenges.
I guarantee you if I do this again, I’ll be a lot faster out
of the Gates this time. But the process is still the process
and I don’t care how much experience you bring to the table, whether it’s zero
or you’ve been doing this for 10 years, I’m really trial and error is
still the greatest teacher there. So with that said, um, month one I think I would
have bought the website. There was a two to three
week build on the website. I would have bought the
KGR report for them. There’s a two week turnaround
time on that report, which is about a hundred
keywords that have very, very, very low difficulty and I would have
tested these writers immediately. So by the end of month one I literally
would have had about the same processes built that I have built now in month
six but I do have about 50 posts posted. So it has not been all for naught.
It’s been a lot of good around there. So I posted 13 blog
posts in this last month. This is a new record for our
team in one month’s time. Previous record was 12 or 13 I’m going
to increase in work to increase this up to 16 posts per month is my new
target to finish up the year. That’ll put me upwards of 150
keyword research optimized, really focused great blog posts, review
posts on my site at the end of year, number one. So moving on
to the Google analytics, what’s going on with all of this
activity and all of these, uh, pieces of content being published? What’s actually happening
the month over month? Organic traffic, excuse
me, the month over month, overall traffic is up 69%.
Um, the month over month, Google organic traffic is
up 107% month over month. So my traffic from Google organic
is doubling month over month, which is beautiful. And if
you’re thinking like, okay, mile, so you’ve got a one year plan to
make a three grand a month in a year, you’re at the six months, six month
Mark, you should be halfway there. You don’t understand how compounding
works in the world of compounding when something’s doubling, right. That
penny that doubles every day. I have a video that goes
through an exercise that
shows us the link will pop up above my head, highly recommend watching it if you’re
building online because it’ll give you the right mindset and
the right perspective. But if my traffic continues
to double month over month, the month before the last month is
when it will be halfway there, right? Like so if your income’s doubling month
over month over month and your goal is three grand a month on month 12 that
means the month before that you’re at 1500 the month before that you’re at seven
50 the month before that you’re only at 350 and that’s how calm
pounding works. It’s not linear. It actually gets exponential. So I’m comfortable with the traffic
numbers that I’ve got right now. Inside of search console, my impressions are up 58% and my click
through rate is up 55% my average ranking, the, the average position on
Google is also coming down, down, down, month over month, which all of this
simply means Google is picking up my site. Google is indexing my site, Google is
showing my site in search engine results. People are clicking and
the machine is working. That’s the machine to get
people onto my content. What about the machine of converting
these individuals and actually earning income? So that brings us to the
Amazon data. So in the last 28 days, I had 332 clicks to Amazon
through the website. This is up 60% month over month. Uh, we had five ordered items and
unfortunately I had three returns and unfortunately the returns were the
big expensive items. And the uh, the ordered items, the ones that they
kept were not the big expensive items, which is just a part of the game.
Previously in the previous month period, I had four orders with zero
returns. Um, so in total, the revenue I’ve generated for um, Amazon through my clicks is
about $350, give or take. Um, my commissions before the refunds
were like $24. After the refunds, my commissions are sitting at
$3 and 20 cents. At this rate, I should be able to buy a cup
of coffee next month. But again, I’m comfortable with the process.
I realize this is the process. I realized that I’m building an asset
here and it might take me one year, two years, three years to get this asset
truly performing at peak performance. And at that point it’s gonna be a whole
lot more cashflow than it is expenses for me. Now let’s talk about the expenses,
the money that I’m putting into this. Because my goal as an extremely busy
marketer and extremely busy entrepreneur, I’ve got four separate that my wife and
I run outside of this brand and that’s my day job. So my goal has been from the start
to use money and not my time. So as I go through these
numbers of my expenses, remember that if you don’t have
money to invest, well use your time. That’s how my wife and I
built our first business. We invested in hosting and
a domain and that was it. And we’ve grown that
to $1 million business. But now I’m just trying to reinvest and
see if I can kind of hands off, right? This is not passive. There’s nothing
passive. This is very active. So as I’m going through the costs, like I don’t know what is your hourly
rate worth? Are you a $15 an hour person? Are you $20 an hour person?
Are you $50 an hour person? You can translate how many hours
from other people I bought, cause that’s all I’m doing
with my investment here. I’m buying time from other
people to invest in building
this asset for me and my family. So the cost was $878
on the research guy. Again, I said you could probably outsource this
or eliminate this position completely and obviously you can do this
yourself. So if you’re $20 an hour, that means I spent about 40 hours
of time in the world of research. What’s really cool is I have this huge
queue of review products ready to go for my new team of three writers. So this is really going to increase my
pace and help me accelerate in the coming few months with content.
I spent $1,860 on writers. That doesn’t count listing the job. So what this is is not only the
initial job for like 10 or 11 people, but the second job for
the ones after that. And now I’ve got my three core
people working on their next jobs. So some of that income is actually going
to get published in the coming months. Right. It wasn’t like it was turned around
immediately, but $1,860 from writers. Um, again, if you’re, you know,
if you’re 20 bucks an hour, 1,860, that’s a 90 hours. I’m a little off.
93 hours is I think what that is. Um, editors, I bought content back in the
day from a done for you content service. It was terrible. My editors are finally
finishing up with that $483 on that. So 20 hours if you’re
20 bucks an hour, um, $140 to actually list my job
on the pro blogger job board. And that’s not just a listing. I wanted it pinned to the
top for I think seven days. I just wanted to get the most
attention possible for it in that, um, found some great writers
for the cost of 140 bucks. Now I have a direct
relationship with them. So it’s not like Upwork where Upwork’s
taking 20% of the actual pay that the, the outsource we’re getting right now. It’s 100% of the money I give to the
writers, goes directly to the writers. And again, 3 cents a word
is what I’m paying them. A $295 in the backlinks world. So building my team of back linkers
I’m, I’ve got my, my link prospector, we’ve got our templates all
written, we’ve got our Mailshake, we got all our bits and pieces to
where we’re doing outreach. Uh, getting some backlinks
that way. So 295 bucks. So if you are doing this yourself
and you’re worth 20 bucks an hour, that’s 15 hours in the last
month went backlink work. Um, and then finally 700 bucks
to my project manager. Um, that’s kind of his salary
based on managing this
project we were talking today, he thinks he is spending more than
the amount of time on that. Um, the building of processes takes
a lot of time, right? And we’re, we’re front-loading all of the effort
because everything I’ve been focused on here is really building processes. I look at this kind of game of
digital marketing content marketing, getting traffic from
Google as like a factory. And in one side of the factory we have
the ideas and then it goes station by station, right? So it goes from
the idea to the keyword research, to the actual product research,
to the writing, to the editing, to the publishing. And then that’s the car coming out the
other side of Henry Ford’s factory, if you will. So we’ve been so focused on building that
factory that now we’ve really got the last bits and pieces in the last few
places, including the backlinking team, working on the content at the very end. Now we’re going to be able to really
scale and it’s going to cost a lot less to get more results in the next six
months as it did to create this system. And again, if you’re
doing the work yourself, that means you’re going to
get more results from the
time you invest in the next six months than you did in
the first six months. Okay, so altogether I didn’t total it up. I
don’t even know what that number is. 1500 1800 plus four 14 I’m thinking
$4,500 give or take on this. And I’m totally cool that because again, I’m reinvesting my business profits from
my personal brands into building this for a few reasons. Number one,
I want to show you the process. I want to be completely transparent.
I don’t have a course on this. I’m not here to sell you a course. I’m here to show you how much time
and energy it ultimately takes, whether that’s your time or you’re
buying someone else’s time. I don’t care. It takes a ton of time and energy
to build a successful site. I’ve probably spent 15 grand
on this website at this
point in time and I’ve made a total of $3 and 20 cents, but I’m not tripping on this because
I realized that I’m just on a path and everything’s going to continue to
compound. My traffic will compound, my sales will compound, all my clicks
to Amazon will continue to compound, which means my income is going
to go up, up, up, up, up, and my costs will either
stay the same or go lower. Also stated the amount
of time required to grow, this is going to stay the same or it will
actually decrease here in the future. While my clicks to Amazon go up while my
profits from Amazon and to continue to go up. Um, I think I’m on pace. I feel like I’m a little behind the
ball a little bit, but to be honest, it’s a three to five year game. I just want to see how quick
I could go in one year. If you have questions for me about
building an affiliate website, get at me in the comments
below, I’m happy to help. Again, I’ve got four other websites that are
hyper profitable that I’m working on day in and day out and this is
my side gig to my site gigs, side gig at this point in
time. Um, but go create assets. That’s what we’re doing here. Every blog
post is potentially an asset for you. The website in and of itself is
absolutely an asset for me and family. And I’m reinvesting these
assets into buying more assets, which is why you don’t see a fancy Italian
liability behind me that has $4,000, uh, oil changes because I buy
assets and not liabilities. And if you don’t know the difference, that’s a key differentiation
you should really jump into. I thank you very much for
your time. I appreciate you. I will catch you on the next video. I’ve got some great content coming out
after this one, so be sure to subscribe, hit the bell, hit the like, thumbs up,
do what you do. I appreciate you. Again, any questions get at me in the comments. I’ll put links in the description and
I’m out. Thanks again for your time. Be well catch you on
the next video. Cheers.

25 thoughts on “New Affiliate Marketing Website Case Study – Month 6… My Source For Writers Revealed!

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