NEW BULLET JOURNAL // Leuchtturm 1917

NEW BULLET JOURNAL // Leuchtturm 1917

Once again, I decided to change my bullet journal and start using it both as my planner and my long term goals tracker and to-do list keeper. I’ve always loved the bullet journal’s flexibility, and the ability to customize your own pages and layouts. But being a sucker for pretty planners as I am, I always wanted to conciliate both systems. And that didn’t work out as I planned. Because of that, I decided this summer to start playing on my bullet journal, and for that, I bought a Leuchtturm 1917 in the official Bullet Journal version. I decided to switch to a Leuchtturm after a few years experiencing a bit of frustration with Moleskine notebooks. First of all, I never found a notebook with the perfect size for bullet journaling. I tried out the Moleskine XL, and found it too wide for my tastes, and the regular size way too narrow. That was the main reason that convinced me to switch brands. The Leuchtterm also has a few other characteristics that I think are worth the change. Namely the extra pages, increased paperweight, 2-3 bookmarks, and the built in Index and page numbers; so it can save a lot of time setting up your journal. Today, I wanted to make a quick review of the Leuchtturm in the official Bullet Journal version, so you can decide if it’s worth the purchase. The first thing you’ll notice is the Key in the first page of the journal. This is the place where you can insert all the symbols that attribute certain tasks to your journal entries. In the classic system, a dot is for tasks, an “x” means a completed task, a circle means an event, and so on. You can customize these as you wish, while keeping them neatly organized in that dedicated page. The journal features a whole segment in the first few pages with some tips to getting started with your bullet journal. If you are new to the bullet journaling concept, I think it’s a great idea to get this notebook, since all the principles and tricks are written down, and it’s easier to get used to the system down the road. It’s also great to have a built in index where you can write the topic for different pages and layouts and access them easily. As soon as you flip the page over, you get to the Future Log section of the journal, and this is where you plan the future weeks and months ahead. I have a yearly overview as the first page in my Future Log, where I can track special events and exams, and have a notion of all the current year’s structures. The extra paper thickness is valuable for anyone who uses calligraphy and Micron pens like I do, since the bleeding and ghosting on the paper is almost minimal, making the journaling experience much better. I also love the three colored bookmarks. Following a traditional bullet journal scheme, you can use them to separate your monthly, weekly, and daily overviews effortlessly. In the back of the notebook, you get a very detailed account of how Ryder Carroll envisioned bullet journaling, and what each technical term means. As I said before, this is not a valuable feature for people who have been into bullet journaling for a long time, but for anyone who is not acquainted with the rules, it’s a great extra to keep in the back of your notebook so you can teach yourself more about this time management system as you plan. The Leuchtturm notebook has a pocket in the back, where you can keep small papers and stickers, or functional items like schedules and receipts. It also comes with three label stickers, which you can use to archive your journal. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tour and comparison video, and I’ll see you next week! Bye!

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  1. I absolutely love all of your videos! Could you do a Law Student survival video? I'd love to see your favorite products (journals, pens, folders, etc) and tips to make law school a bit easier. Thank you!!!

  2. hey Mariana…
    love your videos ….
    Can you make a video on what's in my pencil case???
    LOVE YOU💗💗💗💗💗💗💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝

  3. you are the most amazing person I have ever seen Mariana. you have made me so creative and also improved my study habits. I love your channel so much that where ever I get the notification that there is a new video i immediately start watching it no matter where i am! I have watched ur video standing in a que and also in supermarkets! you are my biggest inspiration! thank you so muchh Mariana! love you 💞💞💞

  4. When I see my notification saying that you uploaded a new video about fourteen minutes ago, I resisted the urge to sleep and here I am!

  5. Mariana, I really like your videos. You always share valuable and constructive information. Very useful for students. Actually I've improved some of my study methods thanks to the tips you share. This video is very useful to me because my first BuJo was an ordinary dotted notebook and it was ok but the quality of the paper wasn't what I expected and so the number of pages (I only could cover 4 months even if my notes of the day were a few), so, now I decided to invest in the Leuchtturm BuJo because it's quite expensive (in my opinion) but have really convincing quality as I can see in this review. Thank you, lot of success on your channel!

  6. eu acho muito bonito seu planner e o bullet Journal, mas eu acho muito mais prático agendas no celular. não consigo me adaptar ao planejamento no papel.

  7. Hi Mariana ! I love your videos. Since summer is coming up for a lot of people, can you make some videos on how to get ready for the new school year ? You are so amazing btw.

  8. Mariana! 🙂
    Muito obrigada por mais um excelente vídeo! No fim fui espreitar o link para comprar mas … o preço!! 😨 Tens alguma sugestão mais em conta, para quem queira começar um bullet journal mas não possa gastar tanto? Beijinhos! 😊😘

  9. Tenho o leuchturm 1917 normal quadriculado (queria pontos mas pronto) e vê se tudo nas paginas 🙁
    imenso ghosting
    e as reviews que vi dizem que n se ve quase nada, quer de pontos quer quadrados
    n entendo 🙁

    Compraste o teu mesmo pelo link da descriçao? aparecem 45€…

  10. Olá Mariana! Estava a pensar comprar o bullet journal oficial também, mas tenho algumas dúvidas. Compraste no site oficial? Ficou preso na alfândega? Obrigada! Adoro os teus vídeos!

  11. Hey Mariana! I usually don't leave comments on your videos, even though I've basically watched and rewatched them all. Just wanted to say good job on the videos! Keep up the great work! 🙂

  12. Can you please do a student planner (for college) video? And a flip through of your previous journal?
    I'd love to know how to get into the bullet journaling system and being actually productive and organized.
    I know that you structure your monthly spreads together and not wait for months to come.
    What other pages have you included other than monthly spreads?

    Thank you so soooo much, your videos are so motivational and life changing 💓

  13. I absolutely love your accent. your videos help so much. I absolutely enjoy watching and learning from your organisation.

  14. Is there a nice gullet journal with nice thick paper that isn't yellow. Or does this journals paper just have a yellow appearance through the video ?

  15. Actually the bullet journal version is almost as same as the normal version.And you have more color choices with the normal ones:)love your videos so much xoxo

  16. Before your videos were amazing, and now you make things so simple that everyone knows … 🙁 I miss your creativity

  17. Hi Mariana! Great video!!! I'd love it if you would give me some feedback on the video I made on a flip out key for my bullet journal. It's the first video I've made on bullet journaling. It's to go with my site. PS, I think I'm in love with your photography at the beginning!! ~Lisa

  18. oi sou nova aqui no sua canal já assisti alguns vídeos, mas em alguns vídeos fala em português pfr (inscrita)

  19. you are much older than me but it love Your videos i am 12 years oldu and my name is İlayda this is just my dads telephone when i start to watch Your videos my grades went higher and higher

  20. i have a suggestion that of course you dont need to do if it will be too difficult. i have hearing issues and it is difficult to hear your voice in your videos. do you think you can add subtitles or give your viewers an option to add subtitles for other hard of hearing people? i do love your videos btw.

  21. Olá, Mariana! Olha, tu conheces os Hobonichi planners? O que é que tu achas deles? Eu sou mais uma pessoa de agendas e planners do que de bujos, achas que seria bom investir num hobonichi?
    Já agora, adoro os teus vídeos. São mesmo inspiradores! 🙂

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