NEW Cayde-6 journals! Destiny 2 lore | Myelin Games

NEW Cayde-6 journals! Destiny 2 lore | Myelin Games

—what can I say, I was just in too deep,
Ace. I had to do something. For your sake, above all. I had lost any hope of cashing in, and to
be honest, that big payday wasn’t coming, not with the jobs I was finding, so when I
got word of what was going on out there— Welcome back Guardians, today I wanted to
talk about some new Cayde-6 journal entries that have been data mined. Thank you to Guardian21 for his reddit post
and also I believe Unisys12 for starting the conversation with Bungie to have the letter
fragments added to the API. Having more journal entries allows you to
see some patterns with Cayde’s writing that previously were not as obvious. For example, some journal entries were likely
writing when Cayde was still human, and still had his full memory, some entries were likely
written when he became an Exo and had some of his memories, although Clovis Bray kept
wiping them, and some entries, are likely once he is a Guardian, and his memory had
been completely wiped. Now, I think this should all be taken with
a grain of salt, as being in the API doesn’t necessarily mean that it is canon, or official,
however I wanted to specifically talk about some of the new journal entries that give
further information about Cayde’s memory and his family. I wanted to focus on this because it complements
and adds increase depth to the information that we already know about Cayde. If you are interested in reading the other
entries, I will leave a link to the reddit post below. As usual, the artwork was provided by Gammatrap,
all patreon donations go towards paying for the artwork, I don’t take any donations
myself. So if you enjoy the artwork please see the
patreon link below. This is myelin games and I hope you enjoy
this latest Destiny 2 lore episode. [INTRO]
Let’s start with Cayde’s decision to become an Exo. For those who are new or cannot remember,
the collectors edition with The Taken King provided a book with hand notes from Cayde. The notes revealed that Cayde choose to become
an Exo in order to clear his financial debt. Have a listen. Afterwards, fuming. Clovis Bray sends me a bill for the hull damage. My fault the target put a blast wall between
us. My fault things went wrong and we had to let
our rifles do the talking. I tear the packet open. Tattered pieces of the envelope drift to the
floor. Surprise. It’s not just a bill. There’s a job offer tucked in. Seems old Bray’s been looking for someone
like me. Willing to forgive my debt, and not just for
the orbital station. All of it. Suddenly, I ain’t so mad anymore. So, this looks pretty bad for Clovis Bray,
they essentially coerced Cayde into becoming an Exo, by promising to clear his debt. His desperation is reinforced in an already
released journal entry where Cayde says he had no choice but to become a robot and that
it was the only way he could see his family again. I assume in this letter fragment Cayde is
speaking as a human, before he was an exo and before he was a guardian. It reads,
—so there you have it, Ace, that’s why I did what I did. I had no choice, really. It was that or the great beyond. Just know your dad did what he had to do if
I ever wanted to see you and your mother again. You probably won’t recognize me, since I’ll
be, well, a robot and all, but I’ll find you, I promise—
One of the new datamined entries reinforces Cayde’s desperation and I believe once again
was written when he was Human. It reads,
—what can I say, I was just in too deep, Ace. I had to do something. For your sake, above all. I had lost any hope of cashing in, and to
be honest, that big payday wasn’t coming, not with the jobs I was finding, so when I
got word of what was going on out there— We don’t really know what jobs Cayde was
taking as a human, however we do know that he completed bounty hunting jobs as an Exo,
and the job he was completing for Clovis Bray seemed similar to bounty hunting, it definitely
had the element of risk and gun fights. There is obviously hints that Cayde also likes
to gamble, and the reference to “cashin in” may also be a clue to Cayde’s financial
difficulties in his human years. What is interesting, is that in these early
journal entries, Cayde gives the impression that he will be reunited with his family once
he becomes an Exo, he just needs to do this one thing for Clovis Bray, become an Exo and
then he can return, but it quickly becomes apparent that that is far from the truth. It seems like Clovis Bray contracts Cayde
to other organizations for dangerous assignments, it seems like he was never free to leave after
becoming an Exo. Have a listen to one of the new data mined
letter fragments from Cayde. —Things are even weirder now, Ace. This is my fourth assignment, and I am kind
of losing touch with what came before this whole Exo thing and what’s a leftover fragment
from another tour. I knew this would have had its kinks; I guess
this is one of them. You know me, I didn’t bother reading the fine
print, or anything. At least I know, you’re real, right?—
Cayde says that he never read the fine print, so it seems that even though Clovis Bray wiped
his debt, he was not necessarily allowed to just leave, and like the journal entry says,
he has been put onto a number of assignments. I believe that Clovis Bray used Exos for not
only dangerous assignments, but top secret assignments or assignments that may contain
new discoveries or sensitive information. Remember that Clovis Bray the company was
a conglomerate during the Golden Age, very far reaching, very powerful and a leader in
technology. The advantage of using Exos for these mission,
is that Clovis Bray can easily wipe their memory, they can use Exos to guide, protect,
top secret projects and when finished just wipe their memory. No this sounds very speculative, and it is,
however have a list to this new datamined letter fragment, which I assume is referring
to Cayde’s security detail for Maya Sundarersh from the Ishtar Collective who was researching
the Vex on Venus, have a listen, —This Ishtar gig is pretty wild, even for
a lughead like me. Get it, Ace. Lughead. Come on. I’m trying. I’ll get some better jokes, I promise. I knew I was here to secure some top-secret
thing in the jungle, but I saw it today. They dug up the remains of a technological
civilization that actually predates humanity. Don’t tell anyone I told you, or you know,
could be wipesville again.— Another new datamined journal entry reinforces
that Clovis bray just wipes the memory of Exos, and their reason, the Exo mind has been
compromised. Have a listen. —This has been fun, I guess. But it will all be gone tomorrow. I have been what they call “compromised,”
which is funny because I feel fine. Could use a few upgrades, but what Exo couldn’t. But “compromised” means they are going inside
my brain to wipe it from my memory. Met an interesting fellow Exo who leaves letters
like this in caches, so whatever she gets saddled with next, she might come across one
and take a trip down “lost memory lane.” Ace, know that when I find you, I will never
let them find me— The new datamined letter fragments further
supports all the previous lore that we know about Clovis bray and their unethical experimentation. What is really interesting is to contrast
what Cayde says in his journals about his memory wipes and what Clovis Bray says publicly
about Exos and wiping their memory. Remember that Clovis bray has this whole front
to the corporation, this very friendly front, the public face of the corporation that explains
their decisions. If you access the Clovis Bray Concierge AI
here is their public explanation for wiping Exo’s memories. The Human mind in a mechanical body. We are at the cusp of major breakthroughs
in making this a reality. Would you like to know more? Early experiments in Exo science managed to
encode the Human consciousness into a form that could be processed digitally. At the time, we believe that was the big hurdle
to overcome in the creation of the Exo. Little did we know that the real challenge
would be the phenomenon known as Dissociative Exomind Rejection. Nascent Proto-Exos developed serious symptoms
of cognitive disorder that eventually led to death. It turned out the human mind would not reconcile
its presence in a new “body”. It took multiple iterations in design, but
the Clovis Bray Corporation eventually developed several solutions. The first is to “reboot” the mind once it
has been transferred, allowing it to awaken inside its new shell as though it were being
reborn. This has side effects of memory loss and fragmentation,
but it’s highly effective in the prevention of DER. The reboot process can be repeated multiple
times to further the odds of survival. It is not currently known how many times a
Human consciousness can be rebooted, but scientists estimate it to be around twenty. The second preventative measure to DER is
to program certain “humanisms” within Exos. As machines, they have not the physical needs
to eat or reproduce like real humans. But artificially injecting that drive has
been clinically proven to reduce the odds of DER. Further experimentation is required to perfect
the Exo project, but you can be assured that Clovis Bray is at the forefront in the field
of Exo science. Clovis Bray assures the public that memory
wipes are necessary to prevent Dissociative Exomind Rejection. There could be truth to this, and their likely
is, but it is not the entire truth. Cayde’s journal has a much more sinister
implication, a man coerced into becoming a robot, desperate to see his family again,
but rather he was locked into dangerous assignments, and multiple memory wipes, his subsequent
death as an Exo and consequently revival as a Guardian wiped the remaining of his memory,
and deflated any chance of seeing his family again. That concludes this latest destiny 2 lore
episode, if you would like to support the channel, leave the word wipesville, to symbolizes
clovis bray wiping the memories of Exos who discovered too much.As usual, it has been
a pleasure. Peace.

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    How dark would it be if right after his death, Cayde's son shows up as a guardian?
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