New Diet Coke Flavor Taste Test I STUFF WE TRY THAT YOU CAN’T BUY

New Diet Coke Flavor Taste Test I STUFF WE TRY THAT YOU CAN’T BUY

– Are Diet Coke’s new flavors a good idea? – Let’s talk about that. (playful theme music) – Good Mythical Morning. – Mmm, getting limbered up, ’cause we got a good show for you today. We’re gonna be highlighting
some of the weirdest gadgets from the Consumer Electronics Show, and we’ll be playing the
brand new, just released Street Fighter, hadoken. – Oh gosh.
– But first, – Please no.
– Coke just announced that they’re releasing four
new flavors of Diet Coke, and we can’t let that happen without doing Stuff We Try That You Can’t
Buy: Diet Coke Edition. – Okay, so this story about
the new Diet Coke flavors was trending last week, and
we were about to look it up, but then the Mythical Crew was like, no, don’t look like it up! They threatened our lives. – Okay, okay, we won’t look it up. – Because they wanted to play a game with these new flavors. – Yeah, and although they
are not yet available, we had Mythical Chef
Tess, who is in the wings, create these new Diet Coke flavors, so that we can try them and
then see if we can guess what the flavors that
Diet Coke has decided. And also ascertain whether
it’s a good idea or not. – And might I say, I’m sick
and cannot taste flavors. – I can hear, you can hear in his nose that it’s not a viable
passage of breathing. – It’s not fully functioning. Something’s getting blocked in there. – Are you a mouth breather
today, because don’t, – No, it’s still going in,
but something’s happening that’s changing the shape
of the vocal situation. All I know is you have
a distinct advantage, so you might win for once. – Amen to that. So we’re gonna test
the four official ones, and then Tess has created some other ones that, hey, well maybe
we’ll discover something they should also do. Whoever guesses the least amount right has to drink a punishment Diet Coke that is going to be piping hot. – I think that might be good right now. – Hot Coke. Oh you wanna lose? – Yeah.
– Don’t tell ’em that, ’cause then it’s not gonna
feel good when I win. – I’m gonna try my hardest. – [Together] Round one. – Okay we got our flavor helmet taster on. Well it’s not a helmet taster, it’s a helmet flavor taster. – Yeah, I haven’t tasted the helmet yet. This is a new one, by the
way, it has a built-in height difference, you
see this little thing. – It’s brilliant.
– Link’s always complaining about the unevenness, now
you got this little thing. – Yeah, alright, so Alex, pour in the first
official Diet Coke flavor. – Now?
– Yeah, load it up. Alright, now I’m not hitting
my value yet, are you Rhett? – I am going to now. – I got hit with a Diet Coke blast. – I am gonna be so bad at his. It just tastes like carbonation. – You’re not getting anything, huh/ – I mean I can tell that there’s flavor. You know what I mean, I
know that it’s flavored. I have no idea what it is. – Well I will say there’s
kind of a bite to it, kind of like what Dr. Pepper has, and like a medicine-y aftertaste. – Yeah, I can relate to that. – [Stevie] Do you want a hint? – Yeah. – [Stevie] There’s something
in here that technically is good for Rhett, because
he has a cold right now. – Okay, I got it, I got it. – Okay, you ready?
– You got it? – Yep.
– Three, two, one. – Orange.
– Ginger. – Orange. – [Stevie] Okay, half point
Rhett, it’s ginger lime. – Dang Rhett. – No taste boy in the house. – No taste boy. Ginger lime. – Yeah, I could taste the ginger. – Yeah, the ginger I could taste, and– – Speaking to me.
– I didn’t like it. – [Together] Round two. – [Link] Alright Alex, down the hatch. – You’re so good at this, Alex. – I’m not hitting my valve yet. Ooh, I got a little dribble. Now, ginger lime on the
last one makes me realize that these flavors are not
gonna be around forever. – You don’t think so, ginger’s
in everything now, though. – I just think that
it’s an exciting thing, it’s a good marketing ploy Diet Coke, but unless you up your
game with the next three, you don’t have anything
that’s got staying power. That’s my prediction.
– Oh wow, strong words. – [Link] But let me taste this one. – I got it. – It’s a real gusher. – I think I can taste better now. – Are you serious, you got it immediateLy? – I mean I got a flavor. – I’m thinking fruit,
it’s definitely fruity. – Is it one of those combo
things, like the last one? – [Stevie] It is not a combo. – I’ve never heard of a
soft drink this flavor, but I’ve always wondered
why it doesn’t exist. So I’ve got a guess,
I’m not too confident. – Alright. – [Stevie] Okay, three, two, one. – Blueberry?
– Black cherry. – [Stevie] It’s mango. – Mango? – I’m broken. – [Together] Round three. – So these flavors are not completely out of left field so far. This is things that are
familiar to the millennials. – It’s kind of like they’re
getting on the La Croix game a little bit.
– Mmhmm, this next one’s gonna be Pomplamoose. Go ahead, Alex. – [Link] You know what to do. – [Rhett] Look, he’s doing a no-look pour. – [Link] What are you looking at Alex? – [Rhett] That’s next
level, that’s next level. – Are you looking at something, or are you just trying to be epic? – That was pretty cool, he did a no look, but then he was interested
in what he wasn’t looking at. – Just because you’re wearing my t-shirt doesn’t mean you can all
the sudden be Mr. Epic. I’ve been looking for that
t-shirt for over a year, he walks in today with
a t-shirt, I’m like. I like your t-shirt. Where’d you get it? He was like, I found it in the loft. I was like, I’ve been
looking for it for a year. – Well you shouldn’t leave
your t-shirts just in the loft. – I’m so glad he found it. I’ll wear it tomorrow. – Now we have a winner. This is the first one that’s good. This is some nice stuff. Citrusy, pleasant, it’s
like Sun-freaking-kist. – It tastes like Fanta. It really tastes like Fanta. – But it can’t be orange,
’cause that’s too obvious, and I’ve already guessed it,
and I don’t want to be a fool. – What? I think that’s a good guess, that’s probably what I’m gonna guess, because it’s what I was
thinking, it tastes like Fanta. – No it’s more than that. – Is it a combo? – [Stevie] It’s not a combo,
I want to give you a hint without giving it to you, it’s, oh, this is really gonna mess you up, but it’s not a basic
fruit, it’s a little twist on a basic fruit. – It’s an advanced fruit? – Oh shoot, what are those
little oranges called? – Oh, it’s not a, okay, I got it. – [Stevie] Alright ready, three, two, one. – Tangerine.
– Kumquat. – [Stevie] It’s blood orange. – Blood orange, I was, – Yeah, advanced, that’s advanced orange. – I was exactly right, it was orange, but I didn’t want to say orange. – Yeah, we should have just said orange. – Hey, that is a good
Diet Coke move Diet Coke. – [Together] Round four. – Do it, Alex. Concentrated on that one. – Nuh uh, mmm, hmmm. – Tastes a lot like the last one. – It’s starting to taste
like Dr. Pepper to me, which I don’t like. Actually, huh, there’s a little grape-ishness in it, but again, that’s too obvious. Is this a combo? – [Stevie] It’s not a
combo, this is my least, It’s the most boring of all of them. – The most boring. – Okay, I got my guess. – I got nothing, it tastes
exactly like the last one. – [Stevie] Wanna try? Three, two one. – Watermelon.
– Lemon? – [Stevie] It’s cherry,
but it’s feisty cherry, like they all have like,
– Oh feisty cherry, of course. – You know what, always
mouthing off that cherry. – [Together] Round five. – Okay, now we’re moving
into uncharted territory. Tess has made some other Diet Coke flavors that they have not sanctioned. But maybe they’re watching.
– We sanctioned ’em, well, somebody did.
– And we’ll discover something.
– It’s anybody’s game. ‘Cause it’s half-point to zero. Very competitive. – Do it, Alex. A little savory, well
actually, still dessert-y. – I got one, I got it. – Okay.
– No hints, no hints, you just got it?
– We don’t need any hints. – I’m going for it.
– I got it, too. – [Stevie] Okay, three, two, one. – Butterscotch.
– Vanilla butterscotch.
– Whoa, come on, you just took mine.
– Cake batter. I’m actually, my guess is cake batter. – [Stevie] It’s, oh,
well this is difficult, it’s buttery pancakes, so I
feel like you both said words that are in that. – Ha ha, butter cake, buttery pancakes. – Nobody gets a point. – Hey, let’s just give ourselves a point. You got zero. – Somebody gotta get points. – You want a half point,
take a half point. I get a half point, you take a half point. – No, I’ll take a full point. – Nope, well I’m taking
whatever you’re getting, so whatever you take, I’ll take it. – One point. – One point for me, and one point for you. – [Together] Round six. – Pour us. He seemed uncomfortable with that one. – Meaty. – That is ridiculous. It almost has a Vegemite sort of, – Smoky.
– Approach to it. – I’m not tasting, I’m not
tasting salt, I’m tasting smoke. – Like a beef broth. – Yeah, it is like, it’s beefy or smoky. Like is it cigarette flavored? – Yes. Take that one
– Coke getting into – for free Diet Coke.
– the nicotine business. – I don’t know, I’m still tasting some
of the buttery pancakes. – [Stevie] Okay, I’ll give you a hint. This would be most likely to be consumed on a college campus. – A college campus that’s beefy and smoky, it’s vape flavored. – Beef vape. – Beef vape, final answer. – College campus? Okay, got it. – [Stevie] Okay, three, two, one. – Ramen.
– Hot pocket. – [Stevie] It’s ramen. – Dang it. Are you taking notes Coca-Cola? – It has a brothy-ness. – That is not good, that
should be your note. – [Together] Round seven. Okay, so I pulled away a little bit Link. – Let’s keep it interesting, though. – Okay, last round worth two points. Anybody’s game. Okay, pour us. He’s hesitant about this one. He’s happy about it, though. – That’s a surprise. – Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, I know what this is. – I don’t want to know what this is. But I think I do. – Oh, no, no, I know
what it is, but I can’t– – I’m ready to guess. – Hold on, hey,
– Let’s guess now. – Slow down.
– Let’s guess now. – Got it. – [Stevie] Okay, three, two, one. – Pickle.
– Pickle juice. – [Stevie] You’re both correct. (guys cheer) – Where’s Link’s hot Coke? – Congratulations. Are you sure you don’t
want to read the hot Coke? – Read the hot Coke? I’ll read it. – I don’t know why I said read. – You’re gonna die later. – ‘Cause you got a sore throat, I want you to try it. – Serious? – Yeah, you said–
– I don’t have a sore throat, I got a stuffy nose. – It’ll help with that. – You want me to snort it? – It’ll help with that, you know, just take my punishment. – It’s kind of nice. – Is it kind of nice? – Y’all should do that too, Coke. – I highly recommend
– Serve it hot. – Getting the blood orange Diet Coke based on our preliminary findings. So check ’em all out, let
us know what you think, and keep watching to see us play the brand new, just
released Street Fighter. Momma always said there’s no free lunch, but there are good sales. And we got a clearance
sale happening right now until this Sunday, with
40% off select items at

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