#NEW DIY Christmas Wreath Using Newspaper | Newspaper Craft Idea to Make DIY Wall Decor

#NEW DIY Christmas Wreath Using Newspaper | Newspaper Craft Idea to Make DIY Wall Decor

How to Make DIY Christmas Wreath Using Newspapers This wreath looks pretty natural with birds, flowers and leaves on it. The wooden texture of this wreath is made by Plaster of Paris and newspapers mixture. Hence it can be called as a best out of waste Christmas Wreath as well! Before we start please subscribe to our channel and hit the “BELL” icon to receive regular updates. Things You Need… Pliers, Scissors, Adhesive, Newspaper, Cloth, Aluminum Wire, Plaster of Paris Felt Papers, Styrofoam balls, decorative Flowers and artificial Birds, glue gun, Brushes and Acrylic Colors We will start making the basic frame of our wreath For this, take an aluminium wire and cut a piece of wire out of it. Join the two ends of it using pliers. Cut more small pieces of the aluminum wire as shown Attach these aluminum pieces to the circular wire. The basic skeleton of the wreath is now ready Take a small plastic bowl and put some plaster of Paris in it. Take a newspaper and cut it into small pieces. Make a thick paste of Plaster of Paris by diluting with water. Now dip the paper pieces into the Plaster of Paris mixture Wrap the piece of paper around the aluminum wire wreath skeleton This way completely cover the aluminium skeleton With paper pieces Next take a white cloth and cut it into small pieces Dip the cloth pieces into the thick plaster of Paris solution Wrap these POP coated cloth pieces around the Wreath After this take some adhesive in a small bowl and pour in little water into it to make a thin glue solution Using brush, apply this liquid glue solution on to the wreath It’s time to paint our wreath using different acrylic colors. Paint the wreath as shown. Let the wreath dry completely. Take the green color felt papers to make the leaves Cut out small leaves by using scissors as shown here. Now stick these leaves on the wreath like this. Now take Styrofoam balls and paint them using red color as shown Take some artificial plastic flowers and stick them on the wreath using glue gun Also stick the red Styrofoam balls to look like small red fruits. Now tie a thread around the wreath to facilitate hanging. Paste some artificial birds on this wreath to make It look more beautiful Wow!! Your beautiful DIY Christmas wreath is now ready! Thanks for watching!

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