New UK Beekeeper Blog #1 – Transferring My First Ever Bees Into The Hive

New UK Beekeeper Blog #1 – Transferring My First Ever Bees Into The Hive

And it’s only 9 o’clock in the morning
Wow…. be back soon Hey YouTube! welcome to my first ever
video about my first ever hive of bees So it’s been roughly 24 hours maybe
just under 24 hours since I collected my nuc (nucleus) colony of bees from
Cheltenham they’ve been sitting there now for well for 24 hours like I say
going about there business they were pretty feisty when I put them
there yesterday and opened up the little entrance and initially didn’t bother
with my bee suit but soon retreated and then put it on and yeah they weren’t
happy they were dive bombing me and not not happy at all so so I thought I’d make a video of the process of transferring the nuc into
its permanent home which was duly painted yesterday
and very speedily as I wasn’t expecting the bees to be ready so soon so yeah,
thought of the good idea just to make a video of the process, I’ve seen quite
a few myself on YouTube so thought I’d give it a go and see how it goes
hopefully there’ll be more videos to come
through the through the year as I progress with my bees and hopefully
they they can survive and maybe get some honey by the end of the year but my main
concern is to just get them through the winter so yeah and let’s get this ball
rolling Stand helps! Hello queen! Stand helps Hello queen So I know the queen is on
this one here, I’ve just seen her go down there so I’m going to start at this
end and just be as gentle as possible There’s some brace comb right on the end which is just coming away because it’s
corrugated plastic so lots of honey and a little bit of
pollen, quite a lot of capped honey a lot of them are gouging on it as they’ve been smoked and it is quite strong. Lots of capped brood – both sides – lots of it Lots of larvae as well. One thing to note these gloves are not
good at all, it makes it very difficult to handle the frames. Definitely going to
get some of the thin nitrile gloves. Come on bees… Come on. Thank you Wow this is heavy! Lots of brood, lots of capped brood, larvae Lots of capped brood on here as well. Wow
this is a lot of brood, this is a lot of brood in here. Some brace comb on the top as well. It’s like they’ve been in here for a while. I
thought that would have been introduced into here very recently but and by the
looks of the comb on the top looks like they’ve been here for a while. Again lots of capped brood, lots of honey. Thisis going to be very busy hive in a few weeks, even a couple of weeks. Honey at
the top surrounding the brood, some capped – sorry lots of capped larvae and – Sorry, lots of capped pupae and larvae in the cells, a few larvae in the
cells. I haven’t seen any eggs yet though. Actually there’s some Queen Cups on the
bottom. Some rudimentary Queen cups down in the bottom right hand
corner. Nothing in there though I don’t think so I’ll just have a check. Okay this is where I’ve just seen the
Queen when I first opened the hive she’d crawled on to the back of the
frame. And there she is. Right there yellow queen Lots of larvae – some honey. Hello queenie! I think what I’m going to do is just check the other frames for queens cells as they
are there, or were there… …on one of the frames so I’m going to
give them a another little check just to make sure. Yeah, that’s good. Come on bees! Yeah no more Queen cups in there. These
gloves are useless! There you go bees.
There yo go. Yesterday’s mistake first mistake – well not
yesterday mistake but I bought SN1 frames with no spacers so I’ve had to order
some separate spaces from eBay and for now I’m having to guess! Sorry little bee. Okay so there we are. There was quite a lot
of brace comb on the top, I’ll just show you. There’s quite a lot brace comb there. I think what I’m going to do is scrape that off and leave it at the
entrance there for them to start harvest. I’m going to leave that there. Hopefully any honey in there then they
can… …salvage Come on bee. Ahh.. get the spacing right again. Or as right as possible. Yeah, that’s honey. It’s your honey. Okay, there we are. okay now we just need the feed. Temporary jars, I’m waiting for a rapid
feeder to arrive but as I wasn’t expecting a bees to arrive so early I had
to improvise so two jars, little holes in the top, hopefully that’ll work. Okay
Super on just to cover the feeders. Last but not least I’ll just show you the cleaning of the
nuc box. So did bash them all out but there’s obviously quite a lot of honey left in there. So they’ve just swarmed back in there and getting all the
bits and pieces a little bit housekeeping. I’ll come back in a bit and just have a look to see how they’re getting on with that, see if they’ve all moved back into the hive. Ooh! one there with their pollen baskets – full pollen baskets there. That’s
good! Hopefully they can they all find
their way back in. Let’s just move that out of the way. So there we are. Nuc transfer
complete. Not too difficult but these gloves are useless – you can’t feel anything. I can see you why now that the thin latex or nitrile gloves are much more preferable for handling the frames. These are just horrendous. Okay thanks for watching and I’ll be
back in a week with an update to see how they’re getting on and hopefully they’ll
have drawn some frame, sorry drawn some of the comb out on the foundation and so
we’ll see how they get on, thanks for watching, see you next week. Quick update number one just come to put
in the entrance size reducer or the reducer spacer, or whatever it’s called
for the entrance of the hive. Being only a small colony I think that their entrance
they’ve got at the minute is probably a little bit too large and could lead to some robbing
from other hives, other bees in the area so I’m going to put this in just stop
that from happening. I did notice this morning when I came out that there were
some bees on the floor that were fighting with other bees
and I can only assume that that was other bees from
somewhere else in the area that were coming in trying to get into the nuc box
so I definitely think this needs to go in to reduce the size, so I’m going to put it
on the largest setting so it looks like about 10 centimeters yeah 10 centimeters, 5 inches or something like that so hopefully that will reduce the size down
enough so they don’t get any little robbers coming trying to get the honey from the… “BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ” Yeah hopefully no robbing when I
put this in. That bee isn’t happy! so the entrance reducer now in, hopefully
that will stop any bees now from other colonies coming and trying to steal the
precious honey from my brand new hive and that yeah, so what we’ve got is the
nuc box here with all the old frame that sorry, all the old comb that I cut from
the top of the frames out of the nuc box. Obviously still jam-packed full of
honey so they’re still all collecting it at the moment. Definitely worthwhile
putting that out there I think to stop that going to waste. So happy at the moment, I’ll come back in a bit for update number two just to see how
it’s going, maybe in a few hours, maybe later on this evening give a little time
to get comfortable and hopefully they’ll stop being so an annoyed with me, so yeah. See you in a bit YouTube. Quick number two. So you’ll notice that I’m back in the bee suit again as they’ve been a little bit testy this afternoon, every time I’ve come down, I’ve generally been buzzed off by at least one or two bees
flying around my head buzzing into me, obviously not happy
about me being here. I’ve also been a little bit concerned about the number of
bees on the outside of the hive as well – not actually on the outside but flying around the entrance to the hive. I was concerned that this was indicating some
robbing action going on and there was also a number of bees on the floor
beneath the hive, which again I thought may have been
indicative that there were bees robbing the hive so I posted on Facebook on
Stewart’s Beekeeping Basics page and asked the question, and I’ve had the response that it looks like orientation flights so hopefully that’s what it is. The reducer
is still in at the same size. I’ve been advised that maybe that should come out after a
day or so due to the temperatures at minute, it’s putting warm, probably sort of
mid-twenties which is pretty extraordinary really for the UK, so yeah,
not a huge amount to say just sort of show you the entrance now
and also the nuc that had the comb on there that I scraped off basically. They
seem to have cleaned that quite nicely so I’ll give you a little tour of both the
entrance and the nuc box. So there’s the entrance. As you can see a
little bit of activity, nowhere near what it was an hour or so ago it was
literally buzzing. Ahh… there’s a drone. A drone there. Big fat drone. So that’s the entrance – I’ll be taking that reducer off, probably tomorrow or Tuesday I’ll just see how they get on and I’ll see if
there’s a lot of fanning outside which would indicate it’s too hot inside basically.
I’ve noticed that there’s a lot of bees coming back with full
baskets of pollen which is absolutely fantastic news. I think that means that
they’re feeding in there and at the Queen’s laying so that’s definitely great news
and they’ve obviously found a good source of pollen and hopefully nectar as
well. So that’s the entrance. This is the nuc box. So there’s still a couple of the
bees on there, but I think that’s pretty much cleaned out now, almost nothing else left in there. So I’ll remove that comb. Store it so I can maybe melt it
down at some point. So yeah, that’s it. I will come back
probably tomorrow just to have a look at the sugar syrup, see how it’s doing, see
if they need any more. I’m aware or I’m conscious that they are quite small jars
in the top there so yeah, I’ll come back tomorrow check that out and refill if
necessary and record the action. Just as an aside there is a drone. I’m not sure that’s
going to focus on the GoPro but that is definitely a fat little drone, you can tell
from the big bulgy eyes. So that’s it from me now. I’ll come back
tomorrow with a quick update with the syrup situation and thanks watching
again. See you soon.

16 thoughts on “New UK Beekeeper Blog #1 – Transferring My First Ever Bees Into The Hive

  1. Over from Stewart's Beekeeping (fb)….looking forward to watching your other videos, sub'd as well…………what make/model is your smoker?

  2. Well done mate! Don't worry about anything, it's your channel and you are doing a good job! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your videos! I'm going to start with recording and posting at the end of the season. Take care and keep on buzzing! Cheers Green Man

  3. They definitely get very agitated and start buzzing like crazy every time you bllow smoke at them.

    Maybe less smoke with this particular colony in the future…

  4. Its hard to hear what you are saying at the beginning of this video starting at 0:24. The volume is too low.
    Maybe the microphone was too far away.

    It gets better latter in the video.

  5. Hoya buddy, in comment to the bee’s getting louder when smoking. You should go a little easier with the smoker, when you pump to hard the smoke becomes hot, that’s why they were louder. Easy does it. Look forward to more vids. Well done 👍

  6. For someone who is thinking of starting out myself this was great. Looking forward to the next vids. 👍

  7. Best not to have the entrance facing the road, you want to have it round the other way so people walking along the road aren't in their flight path. Also helps you as the keeper as you'll be approaching from the back. 🙂

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