100 thoughts on “New Wife – SNL

  1. Larry was brilliant, i guess he couldn't believe the gay scene was seriously like that and it hit him how ridiculous and hilarious the whole thing is, no way he could keep it together at that point lol

  2. Kate ruined it for everyone when she really ask him r u ok. u r so mad. she made him break the character.
    not good at all

  3. I kinda love that Larry loses it but then gets it back together just in time to say the line "girl please like you don't know!". Hahahaha

  4. What the hell happened to SNL? Not very many laughs for this one except when the host screws up or goes out of character. Sad…

  5. Do they have to laugh on every single skit? Back in the day it was rare to laugh and when they did it was HILARIOUS. Now its just a normal thing. Every skit someone laughs

  6. Im bi and i don't understand any of that. But then again i despise the LGBT community, don't club, hookup or interested in knowing people who do so….

  7. Cecily nearly breaking because of Larry is amazing. And this audience needed more gay people because that song was hilarious.

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