34 thoughts on “News Paper Rocks

  1. Great tutorial. Thank you and congratulations on 100 videos!
    LOL, love your bird who wants to get some attention too.

  2. Филип использовал вашу технологию создания ёлок.Не получилось с покраской.Наверно верёвка не та.Попробую сантехнический лён.Видео интересные и познавательные.Слежу.Спасибо.

  3. Hello! Is corn flour the same as corn starch? I'm in the US and there is some controversy on the Internet about what it means in the other countries. Thank you

  4. Philip nice job can u please told me the amount of pva glue cornflower and water for making this solution or please told me how've can made this

  5. I want to thank you for making this great video. I had a project where I needed this and you gave me some confidences in creating it. You can watch what I created with your help thank you so much Philip!!! http://adamprojects.blogspot.ca/2015/10/how-to-make-rock-cave-or-mine.html

  6. Love your rocks, and your technique. Thanks for the info.
     I made some stone / bricks for a Halloween Castle which turned out quite well.

  7. Very interesting and usefull but cant YouTUbe the music which I thoroughly enjoyed. I tried Best Of Europzon but found nothing…. help please

  8. Wonderful, I am using this technique to make, "fake," rocks for a science report/project for my 10 year old son!! Very fun, he will love it!! XOXO, Karen in Motown

  9. You "rock!"  I am working on Bible School decorations and needed some rock faces/walls and you have been such a great asset!  I wish I had 10% of your creativity lol…I'm creative to a point and very crafty but you have really helped in an area that was totally greek to me (paper mache) It has opened up a ton of possibilities for me and future projects!  Thank you again!!!!

  10. Silly question and let me know your thoughts but what if I wanted to do this technique on my interior walls in my house…would you use this or use your other rock technique?

  11. Oh thank you thank you thank you so much for showing me this while finding this video our church is trying to make a scene with foam rocks in the foam is too expensive for our church this we can do thank you again

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