with an old newspapers you can make a waste
paper basket or a bin. take a doubled up newspaper. fold the triangle on the left. now lift this
triangle and squash it, you will get a doubled roof. and then upturn this. do the same step
on the right side. fold the triangle, lift and squash it. now you take the left and the
right ends bring them almost to the center and then you take the rectangle at the bottom
and double fold it, first once and then the second time to lock. upturn the paper and
repeat the same step again. fold the tent from the left and the right end together and
you can see the small rectangle at the bottom. you double fold this. now the bin is almost
ready, it is locked. open this up and gently make the square base. what a nice bin. single
sheet of newspaper can’t hold very heavy loads so rough paper, old paper, straws and other
light stuff you can put in this bin.

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