Newspaper Headline From 1912 Warns About Fossil Fuel Burning And Climate Change

Newspaper Headline From 1912 Warns About Fossil Fuel Burning And Climate Change

With 24 hour cable news networks, and Twitter
out there pushing news stories on us daily, news stories here in the United States and
really across the globe really have a very short lifespan. Except, of course, for some of the more important
ones. In that case, they can live on for a day or
two, but then everybody moves on. And that’s why this week when a news story
from the year 1912 resurfaced, it became such a big deal. And what happened was that in March of 1912,
Popular Mechanics warned us here in the United States that the increased burning of coal
for energy consumption was increasing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, and that
build-up of CO2 would create a warming effect for this planet. Now, that article said they weren’t too worried
about it right now, but that this seriously could impact future generations. This was 1912, 106 years ago. Scientists telling us, “Hey, burning of fossil
fuels releases more CO2 into the atmosphere, which warms the planet.” And, yeah, at the time, they didn’t think
it was that big of a deal for them. Maybe something far off generations would
have to deal with. Well, guess what, folks? We are those far off generations. But we’ve known that, right? I mean, we’ve actually had evidence starting
back in the 1850s that scientists had actually linked increased carbon emissions to a warming
effect. So since the 1850s, but this one here in 1912
… First published real report of it that we have that was available to the masses. Popular Mechanics also wrote stories about
this 1912, 1930, 1940, 1957, 1964, and 1988, and so on, and so forth since then. But that 1912 to 1964 period was before the
public even really knew about this, before scientists were looking at this with any kind
of intensity. We had been given multiple warnings. They told us the cause, they told us the effect,
they told us what was happening, and we still did nothing as a country. And today, for the most part, we still do
nothing as a country. In fact, as dumb as it sounds, almost 170
years after scientists first linked increased CO2 to a warming planet, we’re still as a
country debating whether or not that’s even accurate. Something that the scientific community has
known for over 170 years, and yet we still have to have debates about whether or not
that’s true. Is it real, is it not? Most of the scientific research on it says
100% it is, and that we’re making it worse. Less than three percent doesn’t say that,
and you can pretty much track all the funding for that less than three percent back to the
fossil fuel industry. So, yeah, I think it’s time that we do something
about this problem considering that we’ve been being warned about it since at least
now verifiably 1912. Those talking points coming from the industry-funded
politicians, and think tanks, and media pundits are absolutely bogus. Climate change is real. The burning of fossil fuels makes it worse. Human activity is making it worse. There are alternatives available; we’re just
refusing to invest in them as a country at a time when other countries in the world might
still be burning fossil fuels, but they’re trying to figure out a way to kick that habit
as soon as possible because they accept it. They understand it. They believe that science is, in fact, real,
but here in the United States, not only are we pulling out federal investments from renewable
energy projects, but we’re also still debating the accuracy of science. That is how far behind we are the rest of
the world on the issue of climate change, even after being warned about it more than
100 years ago.

100 thoughts on “Newspaper Headline From 1912 Warns About Fossil Fuel Burning And Climate Change

  1. You want coal? We own the mines.
    You want oil and gas? We own the wells.
    You want nuclear power? We own the uranium.
    You want wind and solar powers? We own the… ?!?!?! Solar and wind powers wouldn't be feasible!

  2. McCarthyism is still alive and well. How sick. feed the rich at the expense of your own life and think you are intelligent and those fallowing science are the dumb ones. Asbestos has been killing for a century also and Trump has remarketed it and abandoned  safeguards

  3. If we didn't had a dumb annoying orange running our country we would have done something about it. This is what worries me a lot and what are we going to do once it's to late? They should know no matter what color, poor, rich you are climate change will affect everyone.

  4. Drilling and fracking and underground oil wells and underground nuclear testing create instability under the ground and the shifting sand we are creating with these practices is a far greater danger than global warming. Look at the increase in earthquakes and volcanoes and this is just the beginning.

  5. And I thought when i was telling people that scientist's were talking about c02 emissions in the 60's was a while back, but 1912! But like now they denied it back then. The vast majority of independent climate scientist's say it's so, so I'll take their word for it, not the corporate sponsored lying politicians.

  6. Population bottlenecks are one of the worst near extinction events. It's the end game for fossil fuels powering today's technology.

  7. Wow 1912…that's something you don't hear about everyday Farron, never knew that people were aware of climate change that far back. Thanks for bringing this to people's attention.

  8. When I was in junior high long ago I ran the projector. Mr science had a film about it that was produced around 1957. Don't remember exact date. I've shown it to deniers. They say its a hoax even though I tell them I watched it in 1970. Ostriches bury their head in the sand too.

  9. Its because we still have fossils running things even scotus, time for women to take over because they will bring common sense o he table-not greed.

  10. I heard that after the Kyoto protocol 1997 warning about the dangers of climate change oil companies started building their oil platforms considerably higher…

    They KNOW that climate change is real, but who cares? I want to have the billions (I do never spend because I am so busy making more billions destroying other peoples' lives) now in my lifetimes, who gives a sh*t whether my grandchildren have to live in a climatized fortress standing in a desert world?

  11. Somebody got the adam and eve story WAY wrong, (besides it being a misogynistic fairytale) like most religious ideas. Women have the natural instinct's to nurture, protect, and at all costs, give life. This goes for our planet and it's inhabitants. Without instinct, there is only greed and power through force. In no way is it my intent to denigrate the males among us, but if women had kept equal power through history, we would be writing a very different story of humankind.

  12. Science denier's should also debate if death is real or not. Just because they dont see it infront of them then its not real to them. JFK, MLK and Bruce Lee are still alive according to their logic if Climate change isn't a real threat

  13. They warned us 100 years old and the idiots did not believe.
    We will still be warning them 500 years into the future (if there is a future) and they still won't believe.

  14. The author of that article was clearly a communist, socialist, Marxist, tree hugging libtard hippie who just wants to raise muh taxes!

  15. Wow, I have seen old films from the 50's of scientists warning about the use of fossil fuels, but this Popular Mechanics article from 1912 has to take the cake. Humanity was warned at least a century ago and still nothing is being done to stop our impending doom.
    Capitalism is a hell of a drug.

  16. A movie that came out in 1953 called "The Unchained Goddess" was about climate change. It's just common sense that human beings have contributed to climates change. " Silent Running" would be an interesting remake if done right.

  17. London understood after 1952 when 12,000 people died or became seriously ill from "The Fog," which was principally caused by coal fires burning everywhere from heating homes to running factories. They implemented a Clean Air Act back then.

  18. This that bullshit I'm talking about. These schmucks think about the short term, but never the long term. And the sucky part is, these climate denying geezer won't be around to see the devastating effects; leaving the younger generations to the damage.

  19. Makes nothing but obvious sense. Has a lot to do with people dieing from cancer and barely living 50 years then.

  20. Really USA, it's just you that has this issue. Each other country has a handful of science deniers.
    The people in developing countries value education above everything else because they know that it unlocks the future for their children and their economy.

  21. I remember reading about this too last year or so.

    Also too read an article about another old story that showed research that it was sugar and not fat in food that caused obesity.

  22. Man constantly repeats the same mistakes of the pass, racism, uncontrollable greed, climate change, constant wars, you name it. American thinks more about money and power then it thinks about it's human survive, economically, environmentally, health, on and on and the sad thing about it is average people make the country, not the ones in power.

  23. Something tells me that in 2118 we're going to be reflecting back on this video like the news article in 1912. God help us!

  24. The reason why is because they are the same shity people who would pay doctors to endorse the safety of cigarette smoking in commercials. And since, climate change isn’t provable beyond 99.9% they sow doubt

  25. It’s not surprising… there are scientific papers from the 1850s (and earlier) that confirm the heat capacity and greenhouse effects Carbon Dioxide (CO2)… that people in 2018 still deny these basic facts (but happily use modern technology without thinking Apple employs wizards and witches) is incredibly depressing,

  26. Already knew that. Potholer54 has a beautiful series on climate change full of quotations from scientific papers dating as back as the 18 hundreds. And the British humour of the presentation is a definite bonus.

  27. Putin knows this is True. In fact he's excited about it. He's enjoying the Arctic melting so he can get the massive oil up there, and with warmer weather finally Russia will be a nice place to live.

    Guess why his agenda for Trump is so bad for the planet…

    Oh, and like that warning from 1912… we are currently being warned about how dangerous Trump is.

  28. Not that long ago in 1952 what was referred to the killer fog killed 12k people in London England it was because of the burning of coal. Pretty much when the word smog started to describe this fog.

  29. The thumbnail grabbed my attention – I live in the Warkworth district ,north of Auckland, New Zealand.
    (Now part of the Auckland supercity)

  30. But Chemtrailtards are given audience with their outrageously ignorant conspiracy scenarios.
    The ruination of science education and literacy are going to be the downfall of this country. Which might not be such a bad thing. Starting over without the theocratic religitards ( and that means ALL variations of mythology and cultism.) and putting emphasis on a sound educational system would take care of itself, like planting good quality seeds for a quality crop. Willful stupidity and ignorance, faith based lunacy, and pseudoscience should be banned in schools. Tip for Trumpski turdytes: No, coal powered rockets will NOT get his Trumpski Troops into space!

  31. You can go back further. There are similar articles from the 1880s that warn that coal burning would have an effect on the world's climate in "several hundred years". The estimates were off because they had no idea just how much of an explosion industry would have and our reliance on fossil fuels. Cars didn't even exist quite yet. The internal combustion engine was still relatively new and not widely used for anything.

  32. Well it was a sort of red flag when Henry Ford told us : battery powered cars is the way forward, that was on the table….. of course before everyone turned into a oil whore !!!! But oh yeah people knew !!!! OF COURSE THEY KNEW….. how else was Ford able to GO ON RECORD and talking about battery powered cars and remember : the first cars were NOT powered by a combustion engine they were ELECTRIC, you want to see one ? Go visit Jay Leno he still has one of that era and it is sort of well known ohhhhhhh oooops we never learn a damm thing anymore and that is why you are like : what the fuck…. who ? Henry Ford ? That fuckface euh yeah THAT fuckface ! So electric engines are old…. veryyyyy fucking old !!!!! So there ya go ….. the missed oppurtunity of all missed oppurtunities eyyyyy when people wave with money they turn into whores…. same old same old !!!!!!! Nothing new here !

  33. Yes, waterways are being polluted. Yes, aquifers are being fracked & wrecked forever. Yes, air pollution kills tens of thousands every year. Yes, Climate Change will probably lead to a mass extinction of animals and tens of millions of human deaths. But take comfort in the words of former Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson: "We will adapt."

  34. Carbon deposits took millions of years to acrue. That's a lot sunshine folks. We're letting it loose in just over a hundred years, oops. But don't worry the stable genius says that's bollocks, so carry on.

  35. Now here is a beautiful point to make to anyone telling you "global Warming" is a Chinese conspiracy:
    1912 –  First scientist publication linking human made pollution to "global warming".
    1949 – Establishment of "The People Republic Of China"
    Those Chinese are so good they created their conspiracy 37year before their current government is establish.

    (From Wikipedia: People's Republic of China (1949–present)Mao Zedong proclaiming the establishment of the PRC in 1949
    Major combat in the Chinese Civil War ended in 1949 with the Communist Party in control of most of mainland China, and the Kuomintang retreating offshore, reducing the ROC's territory to only Taiwan, Hainan, and their surrounding islands.
    On 21 September 1949, Communist Party Chairman Mao Zedong proclaimed the establishment of the People's Republic of China.)

  36. Scientists have known about the Greenhouse Effect since the mid 1800's (see the work of chemist John Tyndall). It isn't that physicists, chemists, geologists and climatologists disagree about the data and the effect that burning fossil fuels is increasing the amount of CO2 in the air, and thus heating up our planet. It is the public who chose to remain in ignorance/denial for over a century.

  37. I know this! You’re going to ignore this particular problem until it swims up, and bites you in the ass!!!!! Richard Dreyfus, Jaws

  38. It makes me sick how some people can be so selfish and greedy especially if you have kids your prity much spitting in there face and signing there death warrants and if you don't believe it's happening then your just plain brain dead fossil company owners are straight up evil cause they know what there doing but don't care because they think oh well will be dead by then and these fucking assholes probably have kids , when the fuck are we gonna stop letting them do this why do we allow them to speak for us and the world so they can make more blood money the time is now people enough is enough because mother earth is about to get real mad soon and get rid of us and start over

  39. It's time for mass protests people let these complisan politicians realize what time it is and if they want to keep ignoring us vote them the f*** out

  40. The article was from 1912 but our understanding of the "greenhouse effect" is older than that! It was first proposed by Svante Arrhenius in 1896!

  41. I live in the south and when I tell people about climate change they tell me that it doesn't matter cause Jesus will destroy the world when he comes back

  42. im sorry but im not going to listen to some politician about climate change…unless they were a world renown scientist i dont care.

  43. . The CO2 levels reached a point last year where it has not been for 3 million years. And most of it has happen for the last 150 years. Scientists say that we already have surpass the 2-degree rice in the average temp. and we probably must accept maybe up to 4 degrees. The average temp difference between the ice age and now is 5 degrees. so…..Maybe it's time for those lazy and pitiful scared people who can't handle reality to be forced to accept that we haven't got time to wait for them to collect the courage they need, to face facts.

  44. But the finest minds of the GOP, led by Trump, have assured us that climate change is a hoax and a Chinese one at that.

  45. pardon me, but there are scientists who are employed by the fossil fuel companies, and they are aware of the facts just as well. as plebaian as this may sound, i think that the public should understand that while science is composed of objective facts, scientists as people are not monolithic. some are obliged by a personal moral code to respect all human life, while others have other considerations. the rest of humanity should learn more about the ethics of science, or it will end up as a bunch of guinea pigs.

  46. (To the tune of "Let It Snow")
    The weather may seem delightful.
    But the climate change is rather frightful.
    There's so much more that you need to know.
    But for now,
    When it snows,
    Let it snow.

    It barely shows signs of starting.
    But deniers are still retarding.
    If we conserved our energy,
    Then the snow
    Would come and go

    It may snow every once in a while,
    Before we hit critical mass.
    But that's no excuse for denial.
    Those morons are a pain in the…

    The planet is slowly dying.
    But the industry's still denying.
    One day we may sink so low,
    That we can't
    Even say,
    "Let it snow."

  47. In a 1917 paper, Alexander Graham Bell wrote that the unrestricted burning of fossil fuels “would have a sort of greenhouse effect…the net result is the greenhouse becomes a sort of hot-house.”

    The study of Atmospheric Chemistry & Physics is over 200years old.

    Scientists have been talking about greenhouse gases for almost two centuries

    The problem of Human-Induced Climate Change, as a result of Green-house gases, has been understood for about 100years.

    So, this isn't "Bleeding-edge" science where they are still debating or confused about the properties of this topic.

    There was never any real argument in this area of study, because the physical properties & observations were so simple & obvious.

    NASA – Evidence

    It was shocking to hear politicians, not scientists who research this field, say we didn't have enough information in this area of study to make informed decisions around it….these claim came out-of-the-blue around the turn of this Century and it seemed like ridiculous claims that no-one would take seriously.

    It was in my, aging, 8th-grade science textbook in the early 80's and even the oil companies were releasing educational videos on it.

    More recently, the entire scientific community has been sending out grave and urgent warnings.

    The Union of Concerned Scientist have now released two "warnings" to humanity.

    15,000 scientists give catastrophic warning about the fate of the world in new ‘letter to humanity’

    I'm not aware of a single scientific organization in the world that debates the fact that Humans are causing serious & irreversible effects to the Earth's climate, environment & therefore every species on the planet, as a result of our dumping Green-house gases into the atmosphere.

    The only thing that is a matter of fierce debate is how much damage we have exactly done, how fast the effects will be seen & what may happen if we continue our behavior.

    As James Hansen claimed in 1989, when he requested to speak to Congress, there is no doubt humans' release of CO2 is the cause global climate change.

    Then in 2015, after he released his (along with 16 other International scientist) peer-reviewed study, "Ice melt, sea level rise and superstorms"
    They claimed "We are in a global emergency."

    The situation we find our selves in, now, Has been understood & generally predicted for a little over 100years… is odd to see people, just in the last 20, say it is not understood.

  48. Simple, "climate change" is one of the obstacles and obstructions in the way for their agenda to make money. They don't care about anything else, they just care about their own business model.

    But aside from corporate corruption and greed, some of us share a fault in climate change as well. People have an ignorant attitude: they thing that if they do it, it's only them, other people will contribute, maybe i'll just take a few more plastic bags and drive that gas guzzler a few more times, because other people can make up for it. This sets up a chain reaction, because it's not just you doing it.

  49. Surprised? Half of our populations still believe they're gonna grow wings and go live in the clouds when they die.

  50. Don't Greenwash Europe, especially Germany. The Euro is basd on German car makers and Eastern European suppliers and gullible consumers buying increasingly polluting ICE cars. And they have not developed an EV worth a damn. And their Central Banks are financing many gargantuan fossil fuel projects around the world. The Swiss house the Petroleum Trading Office and they are doing their best to keep Dinosaur Juice King. But I can excuse you since they put out some articles saying how great we are doing. They are evil, they are putting profits over all of our lives.

  51. The Swedish scientist Svante Arrhenius calculated the effects of global warming by CO2 in 1896. I thought this was well-known by now, but apparently not.

  52. Coal is the single worst, most dirty, most enduringly toxic energy form, possible. There is no such thing as clean coal. There is filthy coal. There’s slightly less but still massively toxic and dirty coal. Those are the two kinds. Neither is remotely clean.

    I just want to add that in 1959, in junior high science class, we were shown a film. It covered other things too, but it covered the health risks and damaging effect of smoking tobacco cigarettes.

    It so happened I was acquainted with two different adults who had very bad oral cancer. They were long standing, heavy tobacco users.

    I believed the film but it seemed for decades no one would believe me. Those were the days that “doctors” starred in TV commercials saying cigarette smoking was safe and healthy.

    Decades later there were warnings on cigarettes. Then so many people were dying of cancer, and the tobacco companies were paying out big amounts because they knew all along that their product was harmful.

    Fossil fuels are killing us, too, and we are being lied to again.

  53. Only person dumb here if you who thinks we are going to destroy the planet when this planet has gone through ice ages, lava ages, meteors and way more yet you think humans are going to destroy it? We will for before the planet dies so STFU and live your life you cow farting dumb fucks

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