Newspaper Mulch – This Week in the Garden

Newspaper Mulch – This Week in the Garden

– There’s lots
of different mulches you can use on tomato plants,
and what we’re going to do here, is we’re actually
going to use newspaper. Which is a really cheap
mulch and has some advantages. So the first thing
we’re going to do, I tend to use two
layers of newspaper, it makes it last
the whole season, since it does break
down through the year. To get it around
your plants, it’s nice, because you can just rip
it how you want it to be, and just tuck it around
the base of the plant. If it’s windy at all, the one
downside of putting this out, is you have to weigh it down. So we’re going to put
down some dirt clods here, just temporarily to hold
it so it doesn’t blow away, and you just
continue spreading it out. The way to really get it to stay
down is just to water the paper. And that will just get it wet,
get it to stick to the dirt. Now this plant is mulched. It was free, you can
go to your local grocery store and just pick up the
free paper and use that. One of the reasons for mulching
tomato plants is to keep the fungus from splashing off
the dirt back onto the plants. You want to take the dirt off,
and just let the wet water hold it down, and you
should be good to go. This should last
about one season. When you’re done, you just
till it back into the ground.

4 thoughts on “Newspaper Mulch – This Week in the Garden

  1. I had heard to then cover the newspaper with wheat straw mulch….I tried this and my vegetable garden turned into a wheat garden!☹ I had to scrape all the straw/wheat sprouts off!☹ Sticking with just newspaper!

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