Newspaper Nail Design On Short Nails

Newspaper Nail Design On Short Nails

We prepare Detti’s nails for the newspaper design. On the middle and ring fingers we apply the Moyra Fuse No. 36 in two layers. We cure the first layer for half a minute and the second for 2 minutes. The base colour of the pinky, index finger and the thumb will be Moyra Fuse No. 41, a natural nailbed colour. As this gel polish is rather thick, the first layer should be applied with a gel brush. Once the base colour has cured, we paint paper pieces with Nail art brush No.00, and we will stamp the newspapers on these bases. In 2 minutes we cure the nails to hard and cleanse them. After cleansing we matte the surface with a fine buffer. Then Norka paints the paper pieces with similar light brown Mijello for Moyra aquarelle paint. It will give the design an antique look, and makes the paper yellow and old. We cover the painting with 2:1 Base and Top gel polish. We cure it for 2 minutes, cleanse it and buff the surface to prepare the nail for stamping. We choose the newspaper design from Moyra stamping plate No.21, named Retro. After wiping off the plates with aceton free nail polish remover, we apply some brown stamping polish, scrape it and stamp it on the pinky with Moyra Clear Vision stamper. Then we stamp the same design on the rest of the fingers. As we would like the newspaper to be only on the paper pieces, we have to remove the stamped polish from the other part of the nail and from the cuticle skin. We recommend to use a small gel brush or a wipe of paper. After removing the nail polish, we cover the nails with 2:1 Base and Top gel polish in two layers. After 2 minutes of curing we cleanse the nails. Then we decorate the pinky, index finger and thumb with SuperShine gel and Moyra nail art No.00 brush. While decorating with SuperShine, we should put the nails under UV lamp for a couple of seconds. This way the gel will not flow off and we can go on with the painting. Finally, we apply some cuticle oil on the skin, and our own edition of new spaper is ready. 🙂

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  1. how beautiful n unique your talent is … may god bless u to continue doing even better work ..its magical..u r a true artist to manage this on a one inch canvas .. love n wishes

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