this is a very famous captain’s hat story
with a newspaper. take a doubled up newspaper and fold both sides to make a slant roof.fold
the strip at the bottom and reverse the paper fold the other strip and with this captain
makes a huge umbrella cap. on the deck it protects him from the scorching sun, from
the rain. at night when the passengers sleep, the captain takes the same cap, opens it,
flattens it and makes one more fold and with this he makes a very nice fireman’s cap with
a shoot at the back, it is the designer cap as you can say. the second night the captain
takes the same cap, reverses it and makes another similar fold and is thus able to make
the third cap which is like a shikari cap, is like a robin hood cap. the third night
he takes the same cap, opens it, flattens it and folds on the top and at the back and
this is a very nice triangular cap, is like a policeman’s cap wore in bollywood’s films
also known as pandu cap. and then we must not forget to see the captain of the ship
and he pulls the both the ends yo make a glorious ship and then there is a storm at the sea
and a huge wave comes and hit the left and the right side of the ship and it just knocks
the right and the left hand sides of the ship. right and the left side of the ships get torn.
all the passengers are terrified. then a huge wave comes again and tears down the middle
part of the bridge of the ship. now ship is torn into ruins. the ship is sunk and captain
has lost all his caps and all that remains is the life jacket. that is the fun of the
story with a newspaper where you can make cap s one after the other and in the end make
a life jacket.

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