Newspaper Shark Craft Video / DIY Crafts by EconoCrafts

Newspaper Shark Craft Video / DIY Crafts by EconoCrafts

Hi guys. This is Jenny with EconoCrafts. And today, we’re gonna learn how to make this
awesome shark craft. So first, take your wooden board and your
light blue paper and trace the wooden board to the light blue paper and then cut it out. Once cut out, glue the entire front of the
wooden board and then paste the blue paper on top and then smooth it out. Now take your newspaper and make a big rounded
triangle. And this will become the shark’s head. And then you’re going to cut it out and glue
it onto the board. Now take your blue felt and line it up with
your wooden board. Cut it the same length of your wooden board
and then place it to the side and cut it however large you would like it. So cut it into a big rectangle. Now cut triangles for the waves of the ocean
and glue it to your wooden board. Now take your black paper and cut a semicircle. This is going to become the shark’s mouth. Take the black semicircle and put it on top
of the white paper and trace it. Glue your black semicircle to the middle of
the shark. Cut out your white paper and start to draw
your shark’s teeth. Do as many triangles as you would like for
the shark’s teeth. And then you’re going to cut out the shark’s
teeth and glue them on top of the black semicircle. Now fold a white piece of paper in half and
draw a circle and then cut them out. This will create two circles for the eyes. We’re going to make the eyes pop a little
bit bigger by adding the googly eyes on top of the circles that we’re cutting out. So glue the googly eyes on top of the white
circles and then paste them onto the top of your shark’s head. Just like that. Now take your pom-poms and glue on some clouds. And now you have your awesome shark craft. You can find all the supplies you will need
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  1. Thank you Jenny for showing us how to make this Newspaper Shark Craft. You make the best crafts video.

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