Newspaper Stuffed Into Body And Skull– Answers Sought In 17-Year-Old’s Death

Newspaper Stuffed Into Body And Skull– Answers Sought In 17-Year-Old’s Death

a Georgia team but they McKendrick
Johnson his family reaching out to be attorney on most widely known from helping bring
awareness to the Trayvon Martin case attorney Benjamin Crump based in Florida
trying to get this case re opened because the this young boy 17
years I’ll get this was found in his high school’s gym
behind the bleachers rolled up in a wrestling match and the
determination was that it was an accident accident Callan and no one’s really
buying it at this point cell Benjamin Crump 28 reopened n the cause
of death change from accident to homicide and find out what really
happened to the 17-year-old boy right that’s what we’re trying to get that
thank you to change the homicide right now the authorities are saying in hours
to go in there position are we have great corners and they
determined that it was quote positional asphyxia okay they do you biking according to certain
position where you lose oxygen and any you try to retrieve
assuras every was referring to okay not buying
okay so look there’s a lot of parts the story
that a fascinating and a and people could get carried away we
gotta get more information on something suffers a first most important note: his when they
exhumed Hispania and the judge said go ahead next human is there’s enough
questions which is a high standard house as yet that’s not easy to do now is to
get it just has to say we’re going to star us arresting body and the judge did
that’s obviously there must have been some some questions right and so when they
open a mob or a lot of his organs are gone and there’s it’s tough with newspapers
want okay so now more stuff in this paper his body
body the part where the organs were supposed to go organs are gone okay what okay then i know i know: holdout
all that now look they then talk to people who run Funeral
Homes corners and Sarah they see sometimes they take the organs how the body either during autopsy or
after the autopsy now was clearly not procedures to stop it
with newspapers that’s yeah like but you can
sometimes suffer with sawdust apparently but this was the solution you use this is definitely not acceptable way of
doing it et cetera and it goes up 10 points is the that the
families may be which is that they didn’t return with any degree of
you know I didn’t care about this case right even if it’s all perfectly reasonable in
the corner took it out because that’s what you normally do yada yada all the courses I didn’t take it yeah
okay and then I’m sure the funeral home schooling I
would say I didn’t tell you they’ve already said that check this right it’s a blame game they’re saying by the
time the body got us there were no organs a coroner’s office say we said the bike
over with organs where are the organs right I just don’t know like I don’t
know where this is Savannah I don’t know what the police like Landis County that I never doubted that right I I may be
allowed us County like I don’t know whether they investigate this properly but what a 17-year-old is dead in these
incredibly peculiar circumstances I don’t I would just investigate the
living crap out of it if it takes four weeks if it takes six weeks that’s how
long it takes to investigate maybe he did not forget so here’s my but that investigation
would be so crazy thorough for a 17 year old kid died it is on high school inside a referendum at and I think that
bad and that’s really what for for many
people particularly a lot of black people in in this area are saying goes to this
train that we saw with examine the case not valuing the lives of young black men
in this country and that’s that’s just a current narrative that many of us are having to
deal with an FAS so much to the point where Benjamin crop what’s the Dr J to get involved with this thing they
want it looked at as a civil rights violation to say that they did not
properly investigate this to your appointment because he was black right so that’s that’s a really tough
the tough standard right so they have tried calling you proving that right and and and I don’t
know I don’t know for a look to me in mostly cases it comes
outta class more than anything else so that too to talk about Ben were ben
was saying look if it’s a kid in Beverly Hills and
it was some in it doesn’t have a famous for its
just a risky kid rich person’s kid he died rolled up on a
mat behind the bleachers they’re gonna
vessey there for six 8 weeks months whatever the negative like
alright positional asphyxia let’s move along he was looking for a show obviously marry a man lets you know
someone newspapers and be done with work right and so it goes that look other organs
stuff I feel like that probably is nothing new with his death
because people killed them if he was killed didn’t take the organs I don’t think I
mean is so well look quarter would have had to do a
massive cover-up that’s what they’re saying think they’re
saying it was part of a conspiracy to undermine the investigation that that because the family hired an
independent pathologist right now Jack you opened up with saying that
the county is saying that it was accident on the corner stand by that well the Pay Pal just barely higher says
oh no blot for force trauma to that saying that that
yes so that indicate homicide and they’re saying that organs were
removed so that they could not make that correlation argument well actually be investigative just as
confusing sentence in this article here the AP it says just for fun and special
events to support investigation that says US Attorney Michael Moore make it has
been monitoring the case because yet to announce whether I’ll take any further
action so it would turn out to be like just
apartment is I’m not gonna try taking action but but you know just like with the zipper case
I gotta go through the process and make sure there’s no allegation anywhere here
about like there’s no votive there’s no sense of
why someone would you think if other kids
there it’s somebody where said something somewhere at some point because but
growing kids up in Matt’s is not uncommon I do that you know a then you then school for real right
yeah I still wrestling with I so weird yeah rescue that so crazy they are first but role a beat the shit out of
each other for fun but yesterday him at the at to me when I
first thought oh there goes on around me and they roll
them up and they thought it was funny and he’s like help me know this left off any died that’s what I thought but if
that was somebody would set something a kid were told I know but somebody with
sesame if you actually get an investigation but if you just went and authorities
were like oh yeah I was just a is trying to get a shoot so it’s over so oh well then you don’t bother me now
because usually when you don’t value never totally call the reasons why this
should be thorough investigation the and and the the sheriff’s department
there in labs carried that maybe they did take a long time maybe
they did investigate it thoroughly and later love and family doesn’t think so
obviously and that but that said the family might not be the their friend right so it was alright so what they’re doing is
they’re they’re actually asking for this up kind of public hearing where
they lay out everything that they have so far and they get mad at you new judge decide
whether this they should be opened up again favorites in a way that’s fair give to
get home and then find out right this is incredibly important
whether the independent pathologist is right and he died of blunt trauma or he died of asphyxiation is he was on
the mat even if it was like somebody roll them up with the mat and it was an
accident and he died in that as legal consequences different than if
somebody blunt trauma in which case they clearly kill them on purpose right so which is different still than him
going to achieve his own show you and backing up your act right and so I
don’t know what happened to organs an obvious you have the public thing the
only thing that to me sounds like or scraps is a positional asphyxia nice
enough I was going to get this you I happen to
fall perfectly into a rolled-up I just not only could I not breve but I couldn’t move so I could not be
mad over I couldn’t say anything so nobody heard it it was just a one time that nobody was
in there and I fell in perfectly got get no out that just that doesn’t
sound credible at all

100 thoughts on “Newspaper Stuffed Into Body And Skull– Answers Sought In 17-Year-Old’s Death

  1. i am in the exact same place as you! i was hungering for GZs blood in 2012, then actually put in the time to watch the trial and everything changed. unsubbed from TYT b/c of how godawful their coverage was.

  2. I was super close to unsubbing myself from TYT but decided against it…Hey did you see this video Bill Whittle? Great stuff. /watch?v=iXWlquZ-e_E

  3. It's Georgia…we have a lot of corruption here. There are so many red flags in this situation that I would say it's fairly obvious there's a cover up. I suspect they marketed the organs. That…and human trafficking are MAJOR problems in this area. A lot of public officials have their hand in the cookie jar as well…making it nearly impossible to expose the facts, put a stop to it, see justice served, and bring closure for the victim's families.

  4. Bring on the faux outrage! Civil rights violations for everyone!!!!



  5. and if you keep pushing your country will loose badly because the arrogance of US is getting on my last damn nerve.

  6. People dating each other doesn't mean that both races don't hate each other. Centuries of strife on both sides, doesn't go away because they decide to date..

  7. Watching a trial doesnt mean you were there during the crime, you still know as much as the average shmuck that bothered to research the case.

  8. Funny how everyone jumps to conclusions, it isn't a conspiracy theory!
    If the Police Dept says the missing body parts was "accidental," then that's what happened, it was an accident.
    News agencies are simply reporting what FBI Investigators tell them, maybe you should accuse the FBI of harboring ulterior motives or selling the boy's body parts on the black market?
    There is a demand on the black market for human remains, many buyers need organs for use in Witchcraft rituals and various Dark Arts.

  9. Yeah, just ignore the question. 😀

    That fact, taken with all the other evidence, like the Civil Rights Act, integration, etc. there is more than enough evidence that whites and blacks in general like each other!

    Maybe you and some other people hate the other race, but if that is the case then you are not like most people!

  10. U wrote "Watching a trial doesnt mean you were there during the crime". Wow, you're brilliant. How much research did you do to figure that out?! LOL

    The fact is that in the jury's opinion, there was not enough evidence to convict Zimmerman of the crime he was charged with. We will never be sure of the truth because only Zimmerman knows and he's not telling if it has anything to do with misconduct on his part.

  11. no the point stands, you made a comment that gaining additional information wouldn't make a difference, in essence saying that you've made up your mind and new facts aren't going to change it…

  12. maybe still in the lab or was donated as orgen donation or for science
    but untill they will find out no one will know
    im my countery we had a story a few month back where after a police otopcy(sometime) they donated the organs for science

  13. Just because you force people to come together through the law doesn't mean you can force people to like each other.. You can't ignore systems and structures that keep racism alive in American society. You can still date people of other races and still be racist.Saying racism or hatred is nearly extinct because the law said it's unconstitutional to separate the races doesn't mean anything. It only takes a willfully ignorant person to think so..

  14. No that wasnt my point, if youve made up your mind you should of already done the most research you can do and i doubt watching the trial would add much more to the information you already collected to swing your view 180.

  15. No shit, sherlock. And its my opinion that he did. Before you go mocking someone over a quote try not to state the obvious afterwards.

  16. And you're mad because your brain is smaller and your higher testosterone levels will lead to you landing in jail.

    Don't hate the player 🙂

  17. We are not talking about possibilities. We are talking about generalities! Of course it is possible to date someone of another race and still be racist against them. But in general that does not happen! Thats is my point – in general whites and blacks like each other!

    Also, the laws that force people to come together were not introduced by aliens! They were put in place by our elected officials because the majority of Americans like each other, regardless of race!

  18. …And cue the torrent of white people saying this is obviously not racist and black people don't know what they're talking about when they talk about racism. Because you, as a middle class white American, obviously know so much better than the people who actually experience it.

    And I guarantee some idiot is going to respond to this telling me I have no idea what I'm talking about and I'm a jackoff in some semi-coherent profanity laced rant. Guarantee. You know you want to. You can't resist.

  19. for now, the story is
    1-the police say that the body was like that when they did the otopcy but they still say its not murder
    2-the police say that the murg took the orgens
    3-the murg say that the orgens were taken out at the otopcy and were not put back

  20. I was more talking about the public display of these cases.
    If it is white on black and lands on the news there will be someone calling hate crime 101% of the time.

  21. Well 2 planes knocked 3 skyscrapers down on 9/11 in to their own footprint and you belive that… so why couldn't then a kid roll himself up in a mat and knock his head and die? Just saying…

  22. So how do you think he died? Why was there blood that was confirmed as NOT belonging to Kendrick if it was an accident/ prank? His face was mangled from blunt force trauma. Where does that fit into your explanation? Even if he wasn't killed for his organs, there is no denying it was foul play.

  23. Just so you guys know outside of confirmed a coroner is not a real doctor that actually went to medical school, they are just appointed by someone in the town ie sheriff or judge. So their coroner could be a complete fool.

  24. no offense, but you are very naïve! You are a white person who doesn't hate black people or anyone else, but you are in the minority. My grandfather told me to never do these 2 things in my lifetime: the first is hit a woman, and the second is trust a white person. I don't know what your intentions are, so I can never be on the same team as you. I've met plenty of nice white people, but I will NEVER betray my race and side with them, i'll never forget what you people did to my ancestors.

  25. How did jim crow affect your ancestors? if anything, they must've benefited b/c they had all the good resources available to them while we blacks were given the shitty ones (bathrooms, education, etc) Even if you have irish ancestors, they never suffered as much as mine cause they had the one thing that benefitted them…white skin.

  26. I hope i can talk for everybody when i hope that this is an accident and i also hope we can agree that it probably isn't.
    That this hasn't been investigated properly is, ofcourse, disgraceful.

  27. The only reason why white people don't give a shit if because black people play the racism card so much that it's almost got no credibility anymore.

  28. will require Federal scrutiny from outside of Georgia; you guys are smarter than this…you'd be embarrassed  if you knew everything

  29. I definitely do not believe this young man's death was accidental I believe that he was murdered and when it all comes out you will see it's was a cover up to protect somebody else. Is another case of justice all gone wrong. Do you really think that in the south especially Savannah Georgia that they are going to send someone other than a black man to jail for a killing. No this is bigger than what you think. This young man was killed he didn't fall into no mat I have been around homicide detective all my life what they're saying its not adding up to the evidence that has been seen.

  30. the fbi  in Georgia they are called gbi did the autopsy   not the  city medical examiner   why would the gbi do it if its a simple act of accidental  death?

  31. In November 2013, 290 hours of surveillance tape from 35 cameras that covered the gym area was released to CNN following a court request.[12] A forensic analyst Grant Federicks enlisted by CNN found that tapes from two cameras are missing an hour and five minutes of footage while another set is missing 2 hours and 10 minutes. The cameras were motion activated, and the mat area was believed to be outside the camera's range.[6] Two cameras covered the entrance into the gym before Johnson's arrival, and would have shown who (if anyone) had entered before him.[12] Attorneys for the Johnson family have expressed fears that the camera footage was edited as part of a "coverup".[6] However, both the president of the Valdosta-Lowndes County chapter of the SCLC, and the lead investigator for that chapter, who is also the past president of the local chapter of the NAACP, have stated that they believe the attorneys for the Johnsons have "not been entirely truthful in their statements" and that there is no coverup in this case.[13]

  32. funny how all the cameras were corrupted, tampered with and missing right during the time of his death. not to mention upon re examining his body, they found newspaper stuffed in place of his organs. how can they say this was accidental when he was found rolled up in mats behind the bleachers. this is just absurd! words cant really even explain how ridiculous our law enforcement and officials have become. our society is going down the tubes.

  33. As soon as you hear the word "conspiracy" you know there are no facts to support a theory. A prima facie look at this case supports a freak accident. The newspaper thing obviously worked just fine in giving an acceptable funeral and only came to light because of the fear of murder. Of course, when you asked other funeral homes if they stuff people with newspaper they say no. I bet if you started digging people up you would find plenty of people stuffed with newspaper. The job of the mortician is to give the illusion of life for a funeral. They have no reason to keep the insides clean. The person is DEAD. It is not disrespectful to stuff the kid with newspaper. By the way, I understand and empathize with the family's feelings about this. From their perspective, I can see why all this stuff would be troubling and horrible.

  34. could be worse, you could be found behind the wheel of your automobile drowned in gasoline and get it ruled an accident…. Like Bobby Fuller in 1966… guess "someone" didn't like his song "I fought the Law and Law won"

  35. lol I am sure if you starting digging up lots of bodies you would find many many many corpses stuffed with various things after a funeral like sawdust or other fillers lol were they all murdered too??? LOLL OL LOL

  36. Bound to be a southern state. If the investigation of our counties schools ever started, they'd have to hire from outside our state to get honest admins.
    Too many kids destroyed by same county who fostered Don Yelton.

  37. So sad. For this boy .they not only murdered him they disrespected him in death too!! I pray he gets Justice

  38. He was killed on purpose by the two brothers over a girl and their father is covering it all up with the help of other law enforcements. Even their gym teacher knows what happened just as well as the girl who liked him……WAKE UP ALREADY

  39. Still if the cameras show the mats where he was found dead, then it has to show how he got in the mats. It was altered and they were hiding the evidence. when they discarded his organs and his clothing, I say no way Kendrick was an intelligent young man. If his sneaker fell into the mat, common sense then he would knocked it down or have turned it over to get his sneaker out. No way would he have crawled into a rolled up mat head first, and suffocated himself? We already know he was struck blunt force to the neck by a guy who was a teammate on the same football team, over jealousy of his Caucasian girlfriend who must have begun to like Kendrick…SMH!!

  40. Y would a basketball player be in a wrestling gym mat…plus one of the brothers he beat up was a wrestler tampered footage cover up all the way

  41. There was something like dried blood on the wall near the mat. There was only 1 shoe too I believe. The team was going out of town. But nobody found the body until next day. Too many questions.

  42. It definitely wasn't a accident, it was a murder!!! One minute the medical examiners tell the parents that they discarded of their child's organs, because his organs was damaged? Then the funeral home says they didn't receive any organs, then the funeral home says they did receive some of the organs but not all of them. And the funeral home received the clothing but they discarded of them. Sounds like tampering with evidence to me, why was there blood that poured from the head? It is understood if a person is left upside down then blood would rush to his head. Ok but why did blood seem to be flowing from the head? That must mean the brain had been removed before Kendrick was placed inside the rolled up mat? if blood ran from his head while he was upside down. And now we hear not only was his organs missing from his pelvis up, and he was stuffed with newspaper but his skull was also stuffed with newspaper?? And they wouldn't allow parents or grandfather to identify their child's body? Kendrick was buried without parents being informed or able to identify him. They weren't informed that their child's organs had been discarded of, because they felt Kendrick's organs were too damaged?? And they have no logical answers to what happened to his organs, the parents had to have their child pulled up from the grave to find out his organs were gone and his body and skull were stuffed with newspaper?? Sounds like someone was in desperate need of a organs transplant and fast??

  43. They kill him period ? The school or who ever is covering up what really happened to him cuz they dnt want any scandals and plus they deleted some of the footage of the video omg poor kid ? 😳😭

  44. It doesn’t make sense that it was a accident, it’s being said it could have been an freak accident?? It is being said he fell into a wrestling mat hidden behind the gym room school bleachers?? Does it make sense that a educated Afro Culture young man, in his last year of high school would have fall over perfectly into a rolled up mat and get suffocated? A kindergarten kid could tell a more believable story, smh!! Did they think they could just discharge of someone’s child, who was someone’s grandchild brother cousin nephew friend as if he is a nobody or a John Doe to just be discarded as he means nothing? As if he was not of a human being mankind? This is so inhumane horrible and cruel, it reminds me of the movie Get Out which was sick and demented!! Kendrick Johnson was said to be tops on his football team, possibly in line to win a scholarship in 🏈 that he would crawl into a mat for his shoe instead of knocking it over to get his shoe? and get stuck upside down and suffocate?He was murdered and rolled up in a gym wrestling mat, and his body hidden behind gym bleachers with his organs gone missing. If it was an accident why was his tongue cut out and his organs missing? Reminds me of. Emmett Till torture, it’s so inhumane and horribly cruel and sick the things that some inhumane monsters can do towards other human beings!!They are trying to brush this under a rug, like a Afro person of Afro Culture means nothing? It’s so sad 😞 and not only sad but inhumane and sick! They show a team footage, of one of the sons of a ex FBI agent who was a wrestler 🤼‍♀️. Who was caught on camera footage, walking back and forth from the gym room where Kendrick’s body was found. And that son was said to have been away at a wrestling tournament? And it is said that the brother who thought he had a girlfriend, whose thought of girlfriend probably had been secretly involved with many guys from the football team? Had been involved in a sexual encounter with Kendrick Johnson. And that there had been a fight on the school bus involving one of the brothers, but anyone that have watched wrestler 🤼‍♀️ in action their wrestling moves outwit a guy that only knows how to fight with his fist 🤜. They know how to put people in lock choke holds. And that my friends is I do believe why all the lies excuses and covering up, because it all leads back to the sons of an ex FBI agent!!!!!!!

  45. Brian Bell isn’t going to the NFL because he have misdemeanor record. He assaulted a coach and a female student. Plus he’s a racist ass killer and I found out that he got his ass beat by Kendrick Johnson on the School Bus over a female student when they both were in High School.

  46. For the organs to be worth eny thing they would have had to have been taken as he was dying
    Even if it’s marked as homicide the scene was contaminated and evidence destroyed even if they find who did it they can’t get a conviction

  47. Would he just hide his shoes behind the bleachers or something and if he did hide them in a mat he would of just unrolled the May or moved i am pretty sure he was strong enough to lift a gymnastics mat and the people that killed him knew what they were doing it either means they have connections with the police or they are not just everyday ordinary kids think about it and I always knew if you want something done right so it yourself meaning you don’t need the police to figure this out all you have to do is gather enough information and then confront the police giving them no choice but to give in BAM I should be a detective one day

  48. Perfect example of police corruption. And the school is accountable as well . FBI'S sons are guilty. He banged his GF he got jeloues killed him case Closed . America is so corupt . Civil war pending.

  49. These mfs are full of shit, theyr playing ring around the rosie with the scenario, this shit is clearly not a got dam accidental death, KJ was murdered & salvaged of his organs, these mfs playing around with the facts just to drag out the storyline, they give no fuks for real

  50. he was beaten killed and rolled up in that mat by someone who is familiar with the mats and the culprit is one of his peers


  52. There’s a qrotesque issue
    His organs would have no monetary worth unless they were harvested while he was still breathing if not still alive
    Everything from his hips up was gone
    The investigators contaminated the crime scene seemingly on purpose
    Multiple samples of blood were ignored
    Not to mention the only role with enough space for a body was the one he was found in

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