on monday when to go get a representative
it was a normally go to and it was like you could use a disturbance person access fled into edges on really i had a science
for %uh i came in and woman two villages like
you ordered is very friendly with site you know you normally read the paper and the cos she’s like you know one of the papers like this you know
that it’s really for everybody tonight so so y’all are you can really yeah i was like they had a mr we’ll take somebody who knows it since i don’t
know if styles so %uh ites and i had my people i think that i always
bring in my view it’s it’s an it’s a tough unanswered now look i i was praying and in the night
read and i think that’s mine occasions there may be pretty was like shifting a like a contingent on student body
and all it is as the issue and others like him matina off and i was like and i know how black person feels i didn’t
do it so your reaction to that story has done is
to you and you think may you know what lance armstrong is given that the idea first of all let’s for sure guys all
black people yet another both the raw deal’s and then later in the week this is crazy like
you know reading while blacker someone i don’t know
what’s happening people tries a new taken something so anyway but then we can discipline
other grenade or a milem in the garage illnesses hey did you take large package slightly case because they believe whose larry she said accuse it of the kids
and his admin pretty much i mean it was as accusatory clearly to story is the earlier
central right so do you think that is that is that i was
like whose larry and why would a diffuse package
here i was a michelle who was like normal sounds
like a a password for spa help businesses some of the cold war but on
the delivery date for right here do you think there is package yes i hope it they were forks and that’s about what welcome okay dot dot dot of socializing altogether newsletters package
or any other part of a my development authority i don’t know your driver physical somebody said it larry says allude
to this package macnaughton it looked like a pretty good sense of arctic but acted american dollars all now you don’t even know but the spoken at died so ussr but but hard now no he took the paper did check production imports perfect non-political play related the adults is on it’s if you’re accused nazi is availabe standards
are if you’re accused you loose it’s like the
witch trials in which runs well that’s the robot roxanne for lauren if
she has a right to sleep load up the issue which and which is wilbur alive if she six here although cases it’s a bit said there are two kinds of that because his
mother she’s she’s there it’s like as soon as you get accused of something those and other defensive and people are feeling very defensive aren’t
you the that %uh the %uh clipped tones is best mark the anytime you explain something it’s
out there answer defense of explanation so he still
paper notice it but you know what i would think you still that will believe
that there is no wireless bill baker c wealthy or ethnicity that doesn’t work is a guilty trite began after the filter bed you still out there for yeah i thought that yes that’s not become a debate if you saw
the period feels that there are any uncomfortable you’ve
made them alone there that’s your that’s not that’s probably
the best here you know what to do a terrible thing did you
tell them still debut themselves and accusing someone
else that’s largely shit we see how they know they didn’t feel very
prolific definitely prepared are they are also different but the fact that but i think is wrong with
the visit project died of it is a crowd that steph of us travel a lot of extra divers and
there was no you know that the %uh

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  1. this is kinda sad i know you guys are joking but every situation you've mentioned here is a real world situation where people have been sentenced to death or lost their job. (nonetheless I lol'd)

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