100 thoughts on “Newspapers Publish Coordinated Anti Trump Editorials

  1. I'm done watching any late night shows.  I am sick of all this Trump bashing.  Also, it is very obvious that you have not listened to the hearings (as I have), or you would not be expecting a guilty plea.  It is so sad that Hillary supporters are such vile, hate-filled losers.

  2. clearly you guys don't know what it takes to run a country I would like to see you guys try and do this but oh wait you guys would fail.he is doing his best he is trying his hardest to run this country it is not the easiest thing in the world.I respect him for his hard work and what he is trying to do you should respect him as well because I don't see you trying to run for president

  3. Why do you think hes in Corden went to America ,,,,,,,,,,,,,simple the UK wouldn't have the little fat fucker ahhahahahahahahahaha

  4. James, can't you get a suit jacket to fit you? Look, man, that button is going to pop! Come on you make good money do better!

  5. Hilarious and true. Send this to everyone you know with a brain. It should go around the world. Love this guy.

  6. Such a bad title for such an amazing video. How will anyone know? Change it to “What Robert Muller announcing his report on Donald Trump might sound like”

  7. In all honesty, I do despise Trump. But hearing all the completely immoral things he has done… It boils my nerves in a very specific way. I would never be dumb enough to throw my life and my family's life away for it, but I would love to see him and his supporters tied to an electric chair. Because I cannot avoid the feeling that people around the globe are going to suffer much worse fates because of him. I wonder how many massacres will happen and how many will be worse because of him. I wonder how many people are going to see their everyone and everything taken away and how much closer a man like that has brought us to a new dark age.

  8. James Corden: If you & I got married, which detail would "CONCERN" your family & friends more, "the same-sex thing," or the "interracial thing"⁉️ Just curious. 😗 🗿 (S.F.)

  9. How edgy, dangerous and original. Jamed Corden is the greatest comedian of his generation, scrap that, of all time. This masterpiece of performance artistry will forever be regarded as the single most inspirational, nuanced, thought provoking, counter culture the world has ever seen, magnificent!


  11. Ahhh more late night hosts not being funny…lmao. No collusion even 2 years later! Liberals are desperate and pathetic.

  12. MAGA Make America Grateful Again. Americans lost touch with this vital Spiritual Emotion at some point after WWII; forgot what being "An American" really means. Democracy is as much a duty as a blessed human right.

  13. Why am I up clapping my hands and dancing?! Then fell right out when he was anointed and fainted. I thought I was at Bible Light Holiness Church Ridgeway SC…The Words, the Dancing, the Singing, sooooooo Chuuurrch.

  14. Funniest thing about it is that the title is right on the money. That's what made me give it a look. Every major news outlet DOES say exactly the same thing.

    Truth hurts don't it. All owned, evidently you too.

  15. This is amazing. They shouldn't have posted this video as part of the monologue, they should have isolated the musical bit and shown that alone. This deserves way more views!

  16. The most annoying Brit in the universe ! Doesn’t he have a prayer to sing about a God saving his Queen? Bye Britain… U SUK

  17. "if i may be completely candid i caught you red and tiny handed in the act of being a low defying non complying, truth denying dirty lying, Russian spying, absolutely horrifying worst "

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