100 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj – Good Form ft. Lil Wayne

  1. I feel like NM5 is gonna have all the Nicki Minaj inner power Egos 😩😩😩 sis is coming for Skin 👑 👑 🔥 🔥 🔥

  2. How many times does Nicki has to remind us that she got a fat ass. We got it girl, now is that all you can do in your career now? Flaunt your ass 24/7? I wouldn’t even be surprised if she make a whole album dedicated to her fat ass.

  3. 1:04 see that girl in the left?
    I just wanna slide my dick between her thighs in that position and hold her tits and just start fucking.

  4. you can make videos showing your butt that is awesome and make videos dancing quite like you and follow you on social networks instagram and fecebook and wanted to see your butt in videos.

  5. Money vs. Good form

    Good form = Like

    Money = Comment

    Edit: I'm not comparing queens, I'm comparing songs 😏

  6. Que rico culote el oyó seguro que tiene bien negro con estrias enlas nalgotas realmente es así como me gusta un culo para el sexo anal y dejar mi leche adentro de tu oyó

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