Normal Girl vs Beauty Blogger | #Sketch #Humor | Shruti Arjun Anand

Normal Girl vs Beauty Blogger | #Sketch #Humor | Shruti Arjun Anand

Today we’ve brought for you an amazing video in which we’ll tell what happens with us in reality means what a Normal girl do & what happens with a beauty blogger in her life Also watch this video till the end as there’s the real fun in the end of this video do comment below if you like us we’ve so much fun making videos together so do LIKE & SHARE this video to know whether you like us or not So lets get started with the video wow.. what a makeup I’ve done Wow.. So tasty Ice-cream is this now lets upload these pictures on instagram #icecream #yummy ok done! wow.. will look awesome in my new top new top.. but.. wow got an idea… Wow what an amazing diy choker I’ve made Anishka please help me applying eyeliner okk… done!! Shruti please help me in applying eyeliner no need of this much of knowledge i’ll do it myself grey hair!!! ok let it be.. Who is the one does not overturn on me OMG!! grey hair give me the bill what you’ve brought dear Anishka brought up some veggies from market need to put them in fridge so guys today we here at he Grocery shop we get chips from her or tomato ketchup & many more stuffs So I’ll make you show what are the stuffs here omg!! good day biscuits between these sanitary pads also you can get gram flour from here Dear Shruti what you’ve brought from the market How are you Anishka?? good one. ok I’ll reach there I’ll definitely reach there do like & share & Do comment me which friend are you?? Also don’t forget to follow me on instagram Also do subscribe by clicking on that red button you like a belong to psycho family how dare you to say like that to my lineage You & your whole family are Psycho I’ll show you You are a Bitch You are #@[email protected]#%@% Your Family Sucks!! You, Your Daughter & Your Family is Ugly So guys!! really feel bad if someone tease you on the road or on your way likewise we feel so bad when someone does hate comments to us but got so much love from you all that those hate comments are nothing in front of your love so shower your love to this video too do LIKE & SHARE this video do comment below if you’ve enjoyed watching this video also tell in comments which is your favourite sequence We beauty blogger are like this in real life as i’ve shown in this video always ask for like , share or comments with our friends hope you’ve liked our hard work if so then do subscribe to our channel also press that bell icon so that you can get a notification on your mobile whenever we are online

100 thoughts on “Normal Girl vs Beauty Blogger | #Sketch #Humor | Shruti Arjun Anand

  1. Just because I chose to be a Beauty Blogger as my profession doesn't means I don't have feelings!
    When Haters says negative, harsh, hateful things I too get hurt but the love of many of you gives me the strength to keep going!!
    Keep Loving & Keep Sharing!!

  2. You are very very bad girl in the world Tum Logon Ko sharm nahi aati ki puri Duniya Ke Samne aap videos bana rahe ho Itni bhi nahi hai ki puri Duniya Mein Har Koi dekh raha hai Ladki bhi dekh rahe Honge ladke bhi dekh rahe Honge kyon anantya ko 2 bilkul Sharma nahi hi Ananya gandi ladki hai ok bad girls

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