– [Ann] Hello loves,
welcome to a new episode of Creative Minds where
we’re going to plan, express and, most importantly, create. (gentle music) So, if you haven’t seen my October spread, this is what I did for October. I went for a cozy fall theme, you know, a cozy sweater
and some hot cocoa. We have some fall leaves
going on and pumpkins. All the nostalgic feeling of
fall is all on this spread. Over here I have the mind spill page and then on the right side
I have a mind set exercise, which I love to do, and
then for my weekly planning, I went with the horizontal layout which I love to use and
everything’s very simple, laid out in front of me. All right, so let’s get
started with November’s layout. I’ve always loved feathers
and so I was inspired to make it into this month’s theme. I just love the look and feel of feathers. To me it represents calmness, the soft embrace of a gentle
touch, the flow of evolution, or just the beauty of finding solitude. So, like with all of my layouts, I start it with a sketch and then from there I start my painting. This is actually my second
art work for November. The first one didn’t look or turn out exactly as I had imagined and I felt like I wasn’t going through
the flow of creativity with that one and so I had
to just start fresh again and this time I felt like
I was just more in tune with what I wanted to create and it became more effortless. So, whenever you feel a little stuck, maybe it’s okay for you to step away and try the next thing
that will reinspire you and that will help you just flow through the creative process. Sometimes we get stuck on an idea and we think that we have
to pull through all the way and what matters most is that you try and if it doesn’t align with you anymore, then it’s okay to try something new. To create the feathers, I use a pencil to draw out the shape that I want it and then from there I go over with a light wash of paint. So, as you can see, I went
over with a light wash of the color of my choice and then from there I build
it up with darker shades. This will add dimension and
just make it look more lively. I wanted to make this dream catcher into the main focus point
because it represents sacred protection from bad
dreams and bad thoughts. November is also my birthday month so I really wanted this spread
to hold a valuable meaning and that is to gracefully
flow through life at the same time protect
myself from bad thoughts that no longer serve me. In these next couple
of pages, I am going to create my weekly layout. I’m going to bring the feathers over onto this side to continue the theme and they’re going to be the
headers for each of my week. So, I went ahead, sketch out the feathers, and then I go over with
a light wash of paint. Once that dries, I layer
over some more shades until that dries, then I write over my weeks on these feathers. I like to keep my weekly
planning very simple, that way I can fill it in with notes and it doesn’t look
overwhelming or too clutter. Over on my mind spill page,
I have the mind spill section on the right side and then on the left I kept it for the calendar and below is going to be my gratitude box where I’m going to lay out all the things that I am grateful for within the month. Thank you all for joining
me today on Creative Minds. If you want to keep up to date
with Creative Minds Journal, which is coming out this winter time, click on the link below or go
to and I will keep you updated
with what’s going on and what to expect. Thank you all so much for watching and I will see you next week, chow.


  1. EARLY SQUAD WYA?? omg i love your vid!!!

    I make videos that are kid appropriate if anyone wants to check them out!!!
    If you want me to subscribe to you, just ask!!!

  2. November is my birthday month too, and I loved the idea of the dreamcatcher, I have one in my bedroom to always protect my dreams. 💖

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