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hey guys welcome to my channel today
you’re here to check out how I plan out the month of my bullet journal and this month is October… obviously and the theme is Nightmare Before
Christmas from Tim Burton’s movie in light of Halloween coming up. don’t forget if you do
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can see every video that I post which is once a week so the first spread I do is
a monthly calendar so I grid up my page to give 30 or 31 days and then I’ll fill in all the birthdays for that month or important dates to remember or appointments and then I update
that throughout the month and it just makes me remember them so much more than putting them in phone Just adding some lovely cobwebs to decorate this spread. over here I do a little pullout box section to write down a list of who I’m buying gifts for in the month way I
can always keep track and I like to just record and remember who to buy for
throughout the month. On the next page is where I write my to-do lists need a lot of space
for this because I’m constantly writing to do lists. Whether I check them off
is another question but I’ve got a house to-do lists and general to-do list here I was getting bored I needed to add
some pizzazz to the page so I thought I would draw the female character from Nightmare Beofre Christmas called Sally. so this is the page where I track all my healthy
habits which are called goodliness we’ve got drinking two liters of water, doing
some daily exercise, looking after my dog Theo eating healthy, trying to limit the
spending on a daily basis as much as possible reading at night time, having a
date night, doing some of my art, flossing the teeth, for making a post on Instagram
and then the last one watering the plants it’s probably heaps more bit this
is all I like to keep track of I find doing this really helps me to focus on
these things because they can really easily get forgotten about especially
water with me I find it so hard to drink the two litres of water. On to the next
page which is a personal favorite because it basically is a doodling page
it’s for the notes so I chose to do a tombstone in this months theme and this is where I just
tend to throw anything that I need to remember that doesn’t fit into any of the
categorized pages before it or after it and if you haven’t actually bullet
journal before I really recommend it as a way.. I kind of find it as a form of
meditation because it takes you away from the technology of today’s world and
makes you s it down with a cup of tea and plan out your month and you feel so refreshed and ready to get cracking with the new month and new habits and feel
really good for it so I recommend it this next page is where I try and track
my plan of attack for the YouTube videos that I make in this pumpkin down here I
put my growth tracker and this little section you guys could help me out with
by clicking the subscribe button it would help me to gain more subscribers
and then I’ll be able to fill in that little pumpkin with a bit of growth for
my youtube channel bit of a shameless plug but sometimes you’re gonna do it
help me out guys and I also drawn the boogieman up the
top which adds a little bit more interest to the spread and it keeps
with the theme so these boxes I use to plan the month ahead of filming so I know
what I need to prepare the top one I put in my four or five videos that I’m doing
and the bottom one is where I write any ideas that I have throughout the month
or requests that I receive for future videos to get them out on paper so I do
not forget and here are the final pages in the Bullet
journal I hope you guys enjoyed watching this if you did please let me know in
the comments below I was considering doing these once a month so let me know
if that’s something you’re interested in thanks heaps for watching guys hope you
enjoyed it and please let me know in the comments below if you have any requests
or anything to say about the video thanks Subscribe for more videos!

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