Odyssea Magistri Craft (Magister Craft’s Odyssey) – 1 – Forum Boarium

Odyssea Magistri Craft (Magister Craft’s Odyssey) – 1 – Forum Boarium

Greetings, everyone! My name is Mr. Craft. I am a Roman citizen, and a school teacher. My father was a teacher. My grandfather was also a teacher, but they were great teachers. I am not an incapable teacher, but my students don’t always listen to me. I used to say my students were bad kids, and that still may be true, but I know I can be better. So, I decided to ask the Delphic oracle: how I might become a better teacher. It will be a long journey. But I am very eager to make the journey. First I need some help. Let’s go to my friend’s house! Hi, Annica! How are you? Annica: Hi, Mr. Craft! I am great! What are you up to? Aren’t you supposed to be sailing? Magister Craft: Of course! But first I would like to make a sacrifice. It’s a long trip and I want a good one! Will you help me pick an animal? Your father is a priest, and if anyone can help me, it’s you! A: Of course! I also want to buy a certain animal to cook. Where should we go? MC: Let’s go to the Forum Boarium. A: Great! Let’s go! Magister Craft, why is it called Forum Boarium? MC: Easy! Forum means an open and public space. People come here to sell and buy things. A: Ahh. And Boarium? MC: Look over there. What do you see? A: I see a large golden bull. Therefore, bulls are sold here. I understand. I don’t hear only cattle, but also the sounds of many other animals. MC: As many stars are in the sky, there are just as many animals in the Forum Boarium. Good. So, which animal should I choose? As you know, I have to sail. Therefore I would like to sacrifice to Neptune. A: Oh look, a cow! Mooo! Do you want a cow? MC: Maybe it’s too big. But wait, what did you say? Mooooo? A: That’s the sound of a cow. The cow moos. MC: Great. Oh, here’s a pig. What do you say? Is a pig a good sacrifice? A: Maybe. But do you know what the pig says when it is sacrificed? MC: Not at all. What does it say? A: The pig squeals! MC: Oh my, or, poor pig! No no no no. If the pig is not being sacrificed, what does it say? A: If it is not being sacrificed, the pig grunts. MC: It grunts?! What is the pig’s name? Andreas? A: Clearly! MC: Here is a goat. Would Neptune like a goat? A: Yes, he would like a goat. Do you know what the goat says? MC: Does it twinkle? A: Almost! But it’s a goat, not a star! MC: Not a star? A: Bleat, o bleat, my little goat! MC: Nice! I like the goat. But wait, here is a sheep. Maybe a sheep would be better. Is the sheep good? A: A sheep is good. A sheep says baa. MC: I don’t know. Maybe a sheep is too woolly. Here’s a horse. Can I sacrifice a horse? A: Sure, if you are sacrificing to Mars. MC: Ahh, no, I am sacrificing to Neptune, so no. Do you know what the horse says? A: Of course! The horse whinnies. MC: It whinnies?! And chickens and ducks? A: They aren’t suitable for sacrificing, but maybe for dinner. Before returning home, I want to buy a duck. MC: What do they say? A: A chicken clucks. And a duck quacks. MC: Here are wolves and dogs. I already know I cannot sacrifice them, and you cannot eat them. But I don’t know what they say. A: Right! I don’t want to eat wolves or dogs! Wolves howl. And dogs bark. MC: Here is a peacock. Isn’t the peacock the animal of Juno? A: Of course! Do you want to hear what the peacock says? MC: Yes, yes! A: The peacock says piaow piaow! MC: So the peacock says piaow piaow? That’s a lot of ‘p’s! A: p p Strange Man: Psst! MC: Who? A: Us? SM: What are you looking for? MC: Uh, I am looking for an animal to sacrifice to Neptune. A: And I am looking for dinner. SM: Great! Come with me! I have the best animal for both of you. A: Yeah? SM: Oh yeah! Come, come! MC: Woohoo! Let’s go! Wait, sir! Annica, hurry up! Sir, where are you? A: What’s that? MC: I don’t know, and I don’t see him. Ghost! Run! Run! Run! A: Let’s go!! MC: Holy moly! What was that? What happened? A: I don’t know, but I don’t want to do that again! MC: Now I know what a ghost says! A: Oh yeah? What? MC: A ghost says boo! A: Exactly! Look, lions! Do you know what lions say? MC: No, but I would like to sacrifice that man to these lions! A: Lions roar! MC: Dear Annica, enough. I don’t want to see anything else. I want to buy a goat to sacrifice, and didn’t you say you wanted to buy a duck? A: I did. Let’s go! MC: Thanks so much, my dear friend! A: You are so welcome, my friend! Have a safe trip! MC: Thanks! Bye! A: Bye!

17 thoughts on “Odyssea Magistri Craft (Magister Craft’s Odyssey) – 1 – Forum Boarium

  1. Jessie, do you intend to add in the Latin subtitles for these episodes? It's a huge help for learners both to hear and see the language.

  2. This is absolutely brilliant! I teach Italian with commercially-available games, and I would totally use this if I were to teach Latin again. I do agree on the need for subtitles in Latin (I wrote a couple of articles on that subject).

  3. Hello Magister Craft,
    We love your craft and everything you've done to help further the community of the Ambrose School. We greatly appreciate it. 🙂
    So here's the deal:

    The Ambrose School just lost one their divine latin teachers, Magister Moore. He is moving to GUADALAJARA, where he will no longer be able to teach these thriving students. We were wondering if you could possibly teach at the Ambrose School to replace him.
    The Ambrose School Latin Students,
    Meridian, Idaho
    (and friends)

  4. pellicula optima ! habeo autem interrogationem tibi : cur amica tua dicit "Est sonus boves" non "Est sonus boverum" (vel "bovis" singulare) ? Tibi gratias ago ! Pelliculae tuae valde me adiuvant linguam latinam intellegere loquique !

  5. Gratias maximas tibi iterum ago propter pelliculam optimam quae discipulos meos valde delectat. Credo tamen pro `ante rediens' (6.35) melius esse `antequam redibam'. Num licet participium pro gerundio adhibere?

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