OFFICE MIND GAMES! | Stanley Parable (Part 1)

OFFICE MIND GAMES! | Stanley Parable (Part 1)

Look Stanley, I think perhaps gotten off on the wrong foot here. I’m not you’re enemey, really, I’m not. I realize that investing your trust in someone else can be difficult, but the fact is that the story has been about nothing but YOU all this time. There’s someone you’ve been neglecting, Stanley. Someone you’ve forgotten about. Please, stop trying to make every decision by yourself. Wha- really!? I was in the middle of something; do you have zero consideration for others? Are you that convinced that I want something bad to happen to you? Hello Internet, Welcome to Game- *Intro Music* We are GT Live Starting…..Late – As Usual Yup Hey Guys! And welcome to, uh yes, I’ve come over to the dark side

100 thoughts on “OFFICE MIND GAMES! | Stanley Parable (Part 1)

  1. Me when I study for a week strate for a math test but only make a 68 and the kid next to me that never does anything makes a 97: 56:07

  2. 3:56
    "I want it to be like the annoying dog in undertale where his neck just extends to infinity."
    As a matter of fact that is the LESSER DOG, not the annoying dog. If you're gonna be referencing undertale, know. Your. Facts.

    No hate, just a thing I noticed that bothered me, and I am SO HAPPY you're finally playing the Stanley Parable! It's a great game, always been one of my favourites.

  3. Did anyone else see when they checked out the broom closet, the cardboard on the floor in the top right hand corner kind of "slid off" whenever they left the room?

  4. 52:30 arggh why are they standing still they are supposed to be moving because that other room will lead into the same room again and again and again.
    1:01:09 no you wouldn't have it would have actually made this ending feel better

  5. Personally, I think the Mariella Ending is a dream, but then Stanley wakes up and hallucinates about the dream continuing, before going insane with screaming and collapsing on the street. Mariella finds him on her way to work, dead.

  6. I'm sorry but I love matpat but God damn it he pisses me off the fact that he wasn't running around in the loop it would have made much more sense and seem much more maddening in the ending where Stanley goes downstairs and goes insane

  7. Did anyone notice that the Stanley parable has the same look and subtitles as portal I actually think it was inspired by it

  8. Rewatching after until dawn on a gtlive binge ig but can I just say
    Matpat and steph just called me single in 7 different languages

  9. go up to the bosses office and stop on the stairs and restart and the then go back to the broom closet and the narrator says something else

  10. Umm there’s wait math……………… there’s 49 endings 1 is not not play for a while of years and one is to play the baby game-just don’t listen to anything- oh play the baby game for 4 hours and then play the puppy game for 2 hour JUST FOR ONE ENDING!

  11. at 14:53 Steph is unsure about the red pill blue pill matrix scene this is morphias's quote "take there'd. pill you stay in this wonderland take the blue pill and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes"

  12. Did they ever play The Beginners Guide? If not, what's the holdup? That game makes you cry.

    Took me forever to remember the title.
    Googled "game about the creators friend, game with a lamp post, and then indie game pornstars die too" and found it.

  13. This game is just dying for a theory, MatPat. HOW DARE YOU NOT DOING A THEORY ON THIS YET! Unless you have and I haven't seen it :p

  14. Guys I love you so much and you made me get into The Stanley Parable! And I thank you for much and I acctually played my my self and I thank you! Also I really love you guys!! ^^

  15. Who else was sooo unsatisfied and frustrated when he didn't input the code at the boss's desk the first time he entered?

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