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Open Forum

alright alright shallow warm family and
welcome to another edition of blah talk radio along with the you stream or
the salokya the YouTube live session of course this is brother and elder Loya
filling in this evening for elder Bokashi our and i would like to say that
we have a very very exciting discussion for today more so based on the
announcements that we will be making during tonight’s broadcast off the cusp
of some of the things that transpired this past weekend I know for the past
few weeks or maybe the past few months or so we’ve been making mention that
there would be a meeting with all of the leaders all of the elders all of the
deacons the bishops and the officers throughout the four corners of the earth
and we have that meeting this past weekend Friday and Saturday which we
must say was a very successful meeting I’ll just give a little bit of insight
on that but you know a lot of that information will be reserved for this
coming Sabbath especially for those who are actually members of a body those
were actually gathering locally you’ll be able to get a little bit more insight
and we’ll put out on this particular broadcast okay also we have a few other
announcements which only mean and only represent the growth of this ministry as
the most I takes us throughout the four corners of the earth with this gospel as
the Messiah has us in preparation for these last days going from church to
church building ministry to ministry within the Americas and the world over
we have some good news and reference to some of the building that we have not
only started but our finishing and of course day by day
the Mossad blesses us with the new either piece of information or a new
groundbreaking a new groundbreaking aspect which just takes the work to a
whole another level okay and it’s a you know just to let you all know for those
who are out there of course we know that this walk is a day by struggle
it’s a day by day mission a day by day ministry okay some days may seem slower
than others some days seem harder than others and actually what I want to do
tonight before we get into an open forum and open discussion with question and
answer of course if there’s anything as far as revelation or anything that comes
to mind we’ll bring it out as it comes but one thing I wanted to mention in
tonight’s lesson and bring forward was a little bit of encouragement for those
who are out there in this who have come across this truth in have knowledge of
who they are but yet they’re scattered all over the place they don’t have a
particular place of fellowship at this moment okay not only will we give you
some words of encouragement we’ll also give you some information as far as our
plans to eventually build in your location which is a part some of our
very very good announcements that in very inspiring announcements for many of
you that we have for tonight okay so without further ado let’s get into some
of that just a brief overview of this past weekend’s discussion amongst the
elders the bishops the deepens the officers and brothers who were present
at the particular meeting we biscotti discussed quite a few things this past
week concerning the direction of the church predominantly unify
the church how we would do so what will be needed in order to do so we discussed
the administrative aspect of the church going forward which is something that we
will be sharing with you know the the you know at further detail amongst
mainly the leaders and administrators and the near future
and a lot of other things were discussed which were very groundbreaking and very
much needed for all of us to be able to hear in experience at one time and our
plan is to have this particular meeting at least every quarter so that we can
continually be updated at the same time on the vision and the direction of the
ministry okay as the Bible tells us in the book of Proverbs it makes mention of
and the multitude of council their safety so as long as we’re meeting as
leaders we’re coming together we’re making it known and we are transparent
as to what will be needed and what will be expected or what is to be expected on
both sides we believe that we’ll have a better success rate if you will when it
comes to forwarding this ministry and mobilizing this ministry okay so again I
said I was going to give a brief overview a lot the detailed aspects of
what was discussed spiritually scripturally so on and so
forth that will be reserved for those who are
actually in bodies throughout the earth okay this coming Sabbath alright also I
have some very great news some wonderful news all praises be to the most eye for
this church in particular for those of you who have been following us for quite
some time you know that the gathering of cry
ministry ok the gathering of Christ Church the work that was started over a
decade ago we know that it
in the city of Philadelphia okay the so-called city of brotherly love
right now we’re proud to announce that we’ve actually obtained a building for
the headquarters the official headquarters of the gathering of Christ
Church in Philadelphia okay so Philadelphia of course that’s
where the work started that’s where the official hub and headquarters of the
church will be okay and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna
set up within the building again as something we’re gonna be discussing in
detail in the future but of course in the building we have a sanctuary we have
offices and all those different things that are necessary for a ministry to
actually build and to grow with a main hub which sent forth direction
throughout the four corners of the earth okay and with that direction coming
straight from Philadelphia we’re gonna send out a ministry to eventually reach
all of the areas which currently do not have buildings which don’t have
gatherings which don’t have churches we’re going to make sure we get to you
again using Philadelphia as the main hub of the church okay so with that we would
like to mention that you know for those who have offerings those who have
donations those who have types I’m gonna give you the information to be able to
send those in so that we can start that mobilization and getting it to some of
these areas because we have a lot of areas to cover in a very short period of
time okay you’re talking about area such as Texas Florida we have areas such as
Tennessee Alabama okay many other areas Milwaukee Wisconsin
even though we we have a a bit of a hub there based on what was initially there
in Chicago there’s a little bit of a connection and some of those
areas like Indianapolis in the walki so on and so forth but we’re gonna make
sure that they have official locations okay so we’re gonna try to make sure
that as many places as possible as we can we’re going to spread our wings and
maybe we get into these areas established churches established a
ministry a unified ministry in that particular area in preparation for the
next phase of the work okay so again at this moment I’m going
to give you the information as far as where you can send your donations so on
and so forth okay all right so for those who would like to make donations you can
send your donations to either rich M Shepherd at through PayPal okay
again that’s rich M Shepherd at a low calm that’s PayPal and of course you
would make sure that you confirm that this is a offering you would put that as
a note type or offering so on and so forth or you can send a check or money
order to Richard Shepherd Japan jr. P o box 946 mm Hamilton Street Philadelphia
PA 19154 four four eight again those details are Richard that’s RI CH AR D
Shepherd sh e P PA rd jr jr p o– box number 946 address two thousand Hamilton
Street Hamilton is H I H am i el tío n again H
am I LT o Lynch Street Philadelphia PA zip
code one nine one three zero phone number two one five two five three four
four four eight okay so those are all the details for that in particular
so without further ado let’s get into tonight’s broadcast a nice discussion as
far as number one a bit of encouragement for those who are out there were
scattered those who may not have fellowship in their areas for some of
you it’s been months since you’ve come in the truth and you’ve not had
fellowship for some of you it may have been years and we know that it’s very
hard in fact not only is it hard it’s nearly impossible to finish this
ministry by yourself okay even Christ the Messiah himself when he came into
the earth he solidified 12 men who would carry forth the ministry and those 12
men would raise up others who would carry on that same word that same
doctrine that same faith and with win souls and those souls would come
together as one with one mind one spirit one faith one body one baptism one God
one Lord so on and so forth for the accomplishment of the work okay the work
of Christ alright so if Christ and the apostles
who were spiritual highly spiritual men needed fellowship needed to be together
then of course we know that for brothers and sisters were newly come into this
faith newly finding themselves trying to find their way we know that it’s it’s
very needful and necessary for you to have fellowship hence this is why we’re
building slowly but surely to get to some of these areas and make sure that
we set up the fellowship that is necessary ought to finish this work okay
but I’m gonna go through a few references here okay
good few references here showing the number one none of us even though we may
be somewhat separate okay we may be somewhat separate we’re different states
we’re in different cities we’re in different countries so on and so forth
okay but understand that in spirit we’re not alone okay as long as we’re together
in spirit we’re not alone okay and it just so
happens that this modern technology even though we need more than just a
technology we need physical fellowship as Christ said when two or more are
gathered in my name then surely I am in the mist okay in fact let’s get that in
the book of Matthew 18 okay okay this is Matthew chapter 18 verse 20 it
says for where two or three are gathered together in my name there am I in the
midst of them so we know when we understand this to be true okay we know
that it’s needful and necessary as I’ve mentioned many times for us to come
together in one physical location but what technology does is that it at least
brings us together in spirit it at least galvanizes us in spirit until we’re able
to come together physically okay so we may not be together in the presence but
at least in spirit and in mind we can start that process of coming together
okay and of course another aspect of being alone is really when you’re alone
there’s really no accountability when I say accountability if you’re out there
you’re in a city which we do have accommodations for those who are in
cities in which we don’t have bodies we have conference call classes we have
contacts where if people send emails asking questions we get back to them so
there is connection but to some degree there’s no accountability in the sense
that you have those who are out there they’re
learning from the church but at the same time they’re learning from the church
they’re just sucking in everything they find on YouTube and social media as it
pertains to the knowledge of being an Israelite different perspectives on the
Bible different perspectives on history different forms of conspiracy theory so
on and so forth so sometimes it can convolute a person’s growth being now
you know being separate and of course that’s that’s a downside of being out
there separate one of the many downsides of being separate not not being
accountable to anything to the point where you have someone that can rein you
in when you start to you know kind of go to the right or to the left opposed to
sticking on a straight and narrow alright but again we’re looking to fix
those things by making sure that we bring the ministry to your area so that
you do have that accountability um you do have that proper shepherding which
when you are you know wavering you’re going from place to place yeah going
from volley to peak from mountain to hill so on and so forth you have someone
that can reign things in and make sure that you know you’re staying on that
straight and narrow path which is Christ right well let’s go to the let’s go to
the book of Romans okay Romans chapter 11 and we’re gonna
start in verse number two it says here God have not cast away his people which
he foreknew won’t ye not with the scripture saith now when you see that
word whoa wot of course that is in an Old English word which is pretty much
obsolete in modern English but that word woke wot simply means no okay so know ye
not with the scripture saith of Elias Elias being the New Testament version of
the name Elijah how he maketh intercession to God against Israel
saying Lord they have killed by prophets and digged down thine altars and I am
left alone and they seek my life so one thing that’s very interesting about the
day of Elijah and I always always mentioned mentioned this to bring
context to the death of what Elijah along with the others during this time
experienced under the apostasy and under the tyranny of the Northern Kingdom
which was under that time under the leadership of Ahab and Jezebel pretty
much the whole Northern Kingdom from their inception from the time that the
Kingdom split under King Solomon and then eventually you had the the southern
kingdom go to Rehoboam son of Solomon and you had the northern kingdom go to
Jeroboam okay son of me body who wasn’t Ephraim I okay ever since these kingdoms
were divided and Jeroboam got control of the northern kingdom Israelites okay
speaking of you know those Latin tribes Ephraim Manasseh
you have Reuben nathalie is a car asher so on and so forth
okay speaking of those particular tribes although just so everyone can understand
right from the time that they were set up under Jeroboam they were set up in a
state of apostasy okay when you go to first Kings the 12th chapter it makes
mention of Jeroboam establishing a an idol worship amongst the northern
kingdom Israelites and the reason why he did so was because he did not want them
to resort to Jerusalem for those three times a year
that were commanded under the old law because he felt that if they returned if
they went and made pilgrimage and yet he made pilgrimage to the the Temple in
Jerusalem those three times a year they would eventually reunite with the house
of David so he said listen you no longer have to go down to Jerusalem to worship
what I’ll do is I’ll establish two idols two golden calves I’ll put one in Bethel
and I’ll put one and Dan so that everyone could reach these areas where
these idols were located from the southernmost point of the northern
kingdom to the northern most point of the northern kingdom right so from that
time period the whole northern kingdom was established in this false idol
worship they have their own holy days their own ways of sacrificing eventually
I believe they had their own temple so on and so forth right so this was the
time that eventually down the line a hobbit Jezebel that much later down
the line from Jeroboam the original Jeroboam who lived during the time of
King Solomon so many years down the line you have the Noldor and kingdom that is
steeped in this idol worship and then comes along Elijah who was a prophet
that was sent by the Most High to turn the nation of Israel back from their
apostasy against the true way okay
so during this time Elijah fills a still based on the persecution he faced based
on the fact he had that pretty much live in solitude he had to be fed by Ravens
you know his life was constantly in danger because he stood for the true for
the Most High so he was pretty much separate by what
he thought he was separate okay and of course physically he was to the MOOC for
the most part separate by himself okay so Elijah eventually makes an
intercession to the Most High in reference to the nation of Israel okay
so again going back to Romans 11 Paul is quoting that intercession of Elijah that
he made against the nation of Israel and I’m gonna read it again because it it
rings true and it’s relevant to those who are currently in situations where
they feel like they’re separate they feel like they’re standing for the truth
everyone around them is in a state of apostasy against the Most High everyone
is dealing with idol worship and paganism so on and so forth
one one like example you have so-called Halloween coming up everyone is
preparing for Halloween they got their children getting the costumes they’re
putting up their decorations they’re carving the pumpkin so on and so forth
they’re getting the candy ready but yet you seem like the only person who can
see exactly what’s going on you know the truth behind Halloween and because of
that you have separated yourself from the rest of society to some degree right
you’re pretty much standing in the same exact course of Elijah in some aspects
in some regards okay so many of you have made the same or have drawn the same
conclusion that Elijah drew and remember during the
son of Elijah there was no social media connection there was no YouTube there
was no Ustream there was no blah talk radio in which Elijah could just look
online and just see other people out there who could see and other people who
had knowledge of who they were and other people who had knowledge of the Bible he
didn’t have that right so because of that he made this particular statement
I’m gonna read it again okay Romans chapter 11 I’m gonna start
in verse 2 okay God have not cast us away his people which he foreknew want
you not with the scripture saith of Elijah how but he maketh intercession to
God against Israel saying Lord they have killed thy prophets and digged down
thine altars and I am left alone and they seek my life right so the nation
they took the Messiah they killed the prophets they destroy the altars of the
mosa okay the holy places and here it is Elijah is left alone and they were
seeking to kill Elijah okay and every opportunity they had alright now this is
what the most I says in response to the prophet Elijah verse 4 but would say if
the answer of the Most High unto him so what was the most highest reply or
answer to Elijah after Elijah made this intercession here’s the reply I reserved
to myself seven thousand men who have not bowed the knee to the image of the
owl again I reserved to myself is the most I speaking I reserved to myself
seven thousand men who have not bowed the knee to the image
of beiow now this is what the Apostle Paul states because the Apostle Paul is
using this as an example for his time remember a few chapters over in Romans
15 and 4 paul states that the things which were written aforetime were
written for our learning right so Paul is using the things which were written
aforetime as an example for those who were in the church during his time and
eventually those of us who would be in the Church of Christ in modern times
okay so the Apostle Paul states even so meaning in like manner then at this
present time also there is a remnant according to the election of grace so
what does that mean the same way that Elijah was physically separate from all
of these other men who were reserved by the Most High or preserved by the most
time the most I said that there were 7,000 men imagine that here it is you’re
like you’re by yourself you’re working you’re in the ministry you’re laboring
in the vineyard you’re being attack and every way imaginable to the point where
people are seeking your life okay and you can’t imagine that there’s something
else or someone else out there who can see what you can see feel what you can
fill understand what you can understand and is laboring in the vineyard – same
way that you’re laboring in the vineyard but here it is the most high gives
comfort to aligns you letting them know that listen don’t think that you are the
only one who was out there there’s 7,000 men that have been preserved 7,000 elect
men who have not bowed the knee to BR and Eve
and so as the Apostle Paul States even so meaning in like manner there is a
remnant according to election even at this very time so I use this as an
example to say this no matter how separate or how lonely we may seem in
this work in this ministry understand that there’s others out there who can
see what you can see who can understand what you can understand ok we’re in the
same faith who themselves may be separate or what have you and when the
time is right according to the most ice will not only will you be gathered
galvanized and eventually mobilized in your area those of your brothers and
sisters who are of the elect scattered abroad will also be brought together
will also be galvanized and eventually mobilized to do the will of the Most
High ok so I just want to give that as a word
of encouragement to those who are out there currently before we just go into
an open forum open question and answer ok someone says what are we doing in
Latin America that is a very good question
we actually have churches in which would I guess you would call Latin America ok
number one actually the beacon for the Puerto Rico church the church in Puerto
Rico was actually at the meeting of the elders deacons and bishops on and so
forth this past weekend so number one we have a church established in Puerto Rico
and I believe also we have a church established in Panama if I’m not
mistaken ok so we have reached Latin America and of course from there we will
eventually branch out into the other Latin American countries ok now here’s another aspect right now I
want to make this clear for those who are separate right now because as I
mentioned earlier you have to understand that to some degree there is no little
to no accountability when it comes to having a shepherd and having someone who
can guide you in every step of the way as far as you know making sure that you
stay on the straight and narrow path okay as Christ says and the way meaning
I’m the path I’m the direction I’m the truth and the life no man cometh unto
the father but by me so you need someone who can who astok who really you know is
there to constantly remind you that Christ is the way the truth and the
light because when you don’t have that structure that comes with being within
the body and it’s not to say the people who are within a body don’t also fall to
the same vices and traps but at least you know if people are open and people
are willing to come forward and say you know this is what I’m struggling with
this is what I don’t have an understanding on so on and so forth and
those things can be corrected so that they can get back in line and back on
the beaten path but when you have people who are just out there and scattered and
they’re entertaining so many different things they’re dealing with in chuckling
with so many different things and there’s no one there accountable for
them or accountable to them or better yet accountable for that person walk
then which it gives a situation where person is undisciplined without
structure and you’ll find them all over the place okay here they listening to
this breakdown they’re listening to that breakdown they’re going into this
understanding that understanding they’re looking at this perspective of that
perspective okay so you know one day you’re listening you know gathering a
Christ Church we believe of course the whole Bible oh the New Testament the
next day they’re looking at you know a group that doesn’t believe in the New
Testament or group that doesn’t believe in Christ or grew
or an individual that doesn’t believe in the writings of Paul and because that
person has not had that structure and that discipline that comes with learning
under a a physical teacher to some degree what happens is they get carried
away they get pulled away with so many different wins of doctrine as the Bible
says it uses the the term with a statement of being tossed to and fro
with every wind of doctrine and that’s what a miss that that’s what potentially
or that’s what eventually ends up happening when you when you’re so long
without a body if you’re not strong if you’re not constantly linking then if
you’re not constantly making an effort to say you know what I know there’s a
million things out there but one of the key principles of Scripture
in the book of Hebrews 5 and 12 for the time you ought to be teachers you have
me that one teach you again so with that principle alone you know
that if you’re going to learn you have to find one teacher one understanding
one doctrine to prevent yourself from being tossed to and fro now many people
may say well that that’s for me that’s not the gathering of Christ Church well
that’s fine if you believe that we are not the people who are fit to teach you
then you go and you find those people who you believe are fit to teach you you
become their students and you stay with them okay why why would I give that
advice why not just say well just be with the gather of Christ’s Church well
here’s the thing we would rather you be in one place and growing in that one
place having stability in that one place to be learning from five different
places and be all over the place be confused okay so again if we’re not that
place if we’re not that one teacher that one understanding that one doctrine
that’s for you then there’s plenty of other places
which you know if you if you have those itching there’s if you just gotta go and
find the new latest thing the new hottest thing this groups out there for
that that you can learn from you can grow with and again you stick with them
alright now the other aspect is you have those who think that will I’m just gonna
be a connoisseur of truth I’m gonna take a little bit from here take a little bit
from there take a little bit from that okay a little bit of you know a little
bit of gathering a Christ Church doctrine mix with a little bit of
another Hebrew doctrine mix with a little bit of black consciousness mix
with a you know we take all these things and we make this big tornado storm of
confusion and eventually we render ourselves okay and that’s where the the
parable of the sower comes in along with many other scriptures come in when
dealing with being stable okay being in one place with one mind one doctrine in
one spirit okay so as I mentioned multiple times we’re going to get to a
lot of your different areas to help establish them so that you have to worry
about being tossed to and fro okay okay it’s too late in the game to be in that
mindset you get a lot of brothers and sisters at the you know you know at the
eleventh hour who feel like you know what this is not for me I’m gonna go it
alone you know I’m just gonna find my way it’s not the time for that okay find
yourself a body even if it’s not with us find yourself a body to link into okay
Hebrews 26 says what not forsaking the assembling of ourselves why again and
the multitude of counsel their safety okay so at least
get into a place where you can get the direction of where things are going for
better or for worse okay someone says I have quite a question about baptism in
North Carolina I wanted to know why is there stipulations on one wanting to be
baptized that have no churches near or may not be able to get to these
locations when you say stipulations will you mean
sister Erica okay when you say stipulations because the reality is this
we do have a baptism process and that baptism process is not just a
stipulation for those who are not amongst or those who are not regulars
within the body even those who come into the body and come regularly have to go
through the baptism process and I’ll explain that in a moment in case some of
you may be wondering well why things set up this kind of way you know why do we
establish things a certain kind of way when it comes to baptism well I’m going
to explain why okay number one when it comes to baptism
up amongst this church right we’ve found that through the process of time brothers sisters become through they
desire to get baptized and let me see here I mean let me check and see if the
sister reposted or gave some understanding on what she meant okay so
yes sisters Eric I’m waiting for your response concerning when you say
stipulations but yes let me explain this here right through the process of time
we’ve noticed that you know brothers brothers and sisters they come to the
truth and the first thing the desire to do is get baptized which is natural and
which is good it’s good that brothers sisters desire to get baptized right now
the issue comes in where the person may be in for a few months or initially a
person to be in for a few months and within a few month
you know they desire to be baptized who would baptize them good but we realized
that after baptism there was a lot of things that this person did not
understand concerning doctrine concerning said concerning the
commandments concerning right from wrong good from evil so we said you know what
going forward instead of just putting people in the water because Hebrews of
belief 13 and 17 says obey them that have the rule over you for they watch
for your souls okay that’s what Shepherds are they watchers
of sheep they are you know the most I entrust us with sheep and with those
sheep of course those sheep have souls that of course we’re responsible for
okay so before just putting you the water and you know sending you on
your way or you know have a situation where you’re put in the water today and
a week from now you commit a sin that you know you either get Noah sinned or
you played the gray area whatever the case may be instead of doing that we
remove the gray areas and we have what is called a baptism process okay which
is a four-week process as far as the lessons go of course you have to be
amongst the body for some time okay you have to be amongst the body for some
time at least amongst the body for three months okay you come through receive
those particular lessons and those lessons will give you the understanding
on marriage the commandments backbiting and all those other things that happen
amongst people when they come amongst the body and they don’t understand that
they’re doing it because it’s it’s normal activity in the world so they
come amongst the body of Christ and think is okay to deal with that body and
so on and so forth and there’s there’s another lesson we go into the title it’s
takes me at this point but we mainly deal with marriage so that you
understand what marriage is you’re not coming in here and and just willy-nilly
you know dealing with anything and everything that you think based on your
your preconceived notions from the world or the preconceived notions you have
based on entertaining other beliefs amongst Israelites you have a lot of
people who may come in with the understanding of it’s okay to have
multiple wives and have as many women as you want
when will you come in here you know that’s not going down in any way shape
or form okay if you come in here number one you’re coming to learn you’re coming
to you know as it says everyone must seek out their soul salvation so that’s
your first responsibility to fear God and keep his commandments before you
even desire a relationship because after all of course as the church is not a
it’s not a dating service right now let’s say there’s a situation where
you do through time at least having a year amongst the body at least having
some level of tenure and understanding amongst the body you do now desire to to
marry someone in the truth well there’s protocols that come with
that that you must understand before you get baptized so that afterwards you
don’t now come and say well I didn’t know about this I didn’t know about that
you know I wasn’t sure about this and we went alone and we did that and now we
found out we don’t like each other we can’t stand each other well to eliminate
that we made sure that we put that in the pre baptism lesson ok so again you
have marriage you have the commandments you have backbiting and again there’s
another one that it escapes me at this point but for those who are amongst
those bodies you you have received those lessons and for those you know you will
be receiving those lessons in the future right for for many others who have not
established that process yet but to answer the sister Erica as far as
stipulations really you know there are no special stipulations outside of you
actually understanding what you’re getting yourself into before you go into
the water someone says they were baptized around seven years ago in the
Atlantic Church will they have to be rebaptised the answer is no okay because
when you were baptized regardless of who baptized you you were baptized in the
understanding of the truth okay you were baptized with the understanding of what
your responsibility was after you got out of the water
okay whereas when it comes to the Christian Church because a lot of people
ask I was baptized in the church too I have to be rebaptised the answer is yes
okay and that’s based on acts 19 chapter I’m gonna read it real quick okay and
then I’m gonna I’m gonna open up the lines on blog talk answer a few
questions here within YouTube I’m gonna make my way over to blog talk and open
up and see if anyone has anything to share
you know anything interesting that has taken place over the past few weeks over
the past month or what have you and we’ll we’ll just take it from there
again tonight is an open forum questions answers you know anything that you’ve
seen in the news or what have you okay we’re gonna open up so you can you
know bring those things forward all right so Acts the nineteenth chapter
this is where we go to show that she must baptized again or that you should
be baptized again after coming out of the church and I see someone asked a
question why isn’t okay to baptize yourself please back it up with
scriptures that’s that’s very easy okay very very easy but we’re gonna deal
first in acts 19 chapter okay in the first verse it says and it came to pass
that while Apollo’s was at Corinth Paul having passed through the upper coast
came to Ephesus and finding certain disciples he said unto them have you
received the Holy Spirit since she believed and they said unto Him we have
not so as much heard whether there be in holy spirit so you had men who were
teaching okay and these men were not familiar with the Holy Spirit why
because they were baptized under the baptism of John opposed to the baptism
of Christ so because they were only familiar with the baptism of John let’s
see what these men did after becoming familiar with the true bat or with the
baptism at least okay verse 3 says and he said unto them until wit then where
he baptized and they said unto John’s baptism which John baptism was a baptism
unto repentance okay but now crisis baptism was not only remission of given
a remission of sins as it says and let me get it real quick in Matthew 28 okay Matthew 28 and verse number 19 go
ye therefore and teach all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father
and Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded
you and lo I’m always with you okay so not only big crisis baptism come with
teaching and repentance and things of that nature it also came with the gift
of the Holy Spirit well these particular men were not familiar with that baptism
okay so this is what Paul did with these men verse 4 then paul said john verily
baptized with the baptism of repentance saying unto the people that they should
believe on him on which you come after him that is on you shaiya ma shock or
yesh I had anointed Jesus Christ as the world says right verse 5 when they heard
this they were baptized in the name of the Lord Yeshua so here it is you had
men that were baptized and of course they were baptized under the baptism of
John but after receiving the understanding of the baptism of Christ
they were rebaptised in Christ and some people may say well when I was in the
Christian Church I was baptized into Christ the reality is no you are okay
going to the book of Galatians the first chapter okay the book of Galatians the
first chapter it says here and the sixth verse and I’ll also go to 2nd
Corinthians 14 Oh 1st Corinthians 14 I marvel that you’re so soon removed from
him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel so the
reality is that those were in the Christian Church number one were taught
another gospel verse seven says which is not another meaning there really is no
other gospel there’s no other good news okay but there be some that trouble you
would pervert the gospel of Christ when it says another gospel is speaking about
the gospel of Christ being perverted and people teaching a perverted form of the
gospel of Christ okay and that’s what a lot of our
brothers brothers and sisters within the church were baptized under okay going to
the book of Corinthians okay second Corinthians 14 tells us to follow him okay in fact let me go back to 1st
Corinthians okay but the 2nd Corinthians 11 salokya said in Corinthians 11 says
here in verse 3 it says but I fear lest by any means as the serpent beguiled Eve
through his subtlety so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity
that is in Christ for if he cometh that preaches another you Shia another Jesus
which again the brothers and sisters within the churches have been taught
another gospel and they’ve been taught another Christ another Jesus whom you
have not who we have not preached or if you received another spirit which you
have not received or another gospel which ye have not accepted he might bear
well with him okay so even though you were in the Christian Church the reality
is that you were not baptized unto Christ you were baptized into another
gospel under the doctrine of another Christ
okay perverted form of the gospel all right now someone asked a question
earlier proof would scripture that you are not to baptize yourself and I I
never thought the day would come and which would have to prove that and I’m
pretty sure the person is asking a question I’ll earn it so I don’t mean to
offend the persons asking quite but I would never think that we have a
day in which we would have to answer or show or prove that one must be baptized
by another person outside of themselves but nonetheless okay let’s go to the
book of Matthew okay let’s go to the book of Matthew the third chapter okay
Matthew chapter 3 verse 13 then cometh the Achaia from Galilee to Jordan unto
John to be baptized of him not to baptize himself but to be baptized by
John the Baptist right now if anyone could have just baptized themselves
it would have been Christ but Christ as we’re going to see understood that in
order to fulfill all righteousness he had to be baptized by John okay so it
says here of verse 14 but John forbade him saying I have need to be baptized of
thee and cometh down to me so John said listen I need to be baptized by you and
you’re coming to me you have to realize that John baptized that or John
prophesied that one would come after him whose shoe latch it’s he was not worthy
to unloose so we understood that Christ was greater than him and therefore made
that statement but let’s see what Christ said verse 15 and you Shaya answering
said unto him suffer it now to be so for thus it becometh us to fulfill all
righteousness so when he says suffer it now to be so suffer meaning let it
happen let it take place allow it okay so allow it now to be so or allow it to
be so now for thus it becometh us not just me but us took
all righteousness then he suffered him meaning he allowed him and when you Shia
and you Shia when he was baptized went straight up out of the water okay was
baptized implying that he was baptized by an individual outside of himself that
individual being John the Baptist so we said when straightway out of the
water and lo the heavens were opened unto him and he saw the Spirit of God
descending like a dove and lighting upon him and lo a voice from heaven saying
this is my beloved Son in whom I’m well pleased alright another example in the
book of st. John okay let’s go to st. John chapter 3 okay so
John chapter 3 and 23 in fact John chapter 3 verse 22 after these things
came yesh ayat and his disciples into the land of Judea and there he tarried
with them and baptized okay so they were baptizing people
verse 23 in John also baptizing in Aenon near to Salim because there was much
water there they came and were baptized okay so that’s that’s I hope that’s
simple enough John chapter 4 verse 1 and when therefore the Lord knew how the
Pharisees heard that you Shia made and baptized more disciples than John okay
so again these are all scriptures showing that baptism was done by an
external individual outside of yourself okay so the conclusion of the matter is
you cannot baptize yourself okay alright at this time I’m gonna go to the blow up
talk lines to see if there’s anything you know any questions or anything that
the brothers and sisters would like to share I know one thing that’s it’s out
there right now it’s pretty I guess is becoming a very hot button topic
especially amongst I could imagine amongst those who are amongst the gather
in a Christ Church understanding the next phase of the ministry migration so
on and so forth I’m hearing the announcement of the president believe
the President of Ghana stating that he’s opening the gates and welcoming back
so-called African Americans into the country okay now for those who were in
the Academy we know that you know the understanding that was brought forward
concerning that okay but for those who are not in the Academy with those people
have questions on that will bring out the reason why one of laws above Airy
plausible reason why they may be making this decision at this
time period based on the political climate that is currently festering in
Ghana okay but I’m gonna open up the lines here I got the 7:02 area code last
four digits six 174 alive on blog talk shallow um I’ll write again we got seven
zero two area code last four digits six 174 you’re live on blogs ah okay
background okay who’s this odd the loss yeah all right all right shallow water
loss are you doing all right all right that’s good so I’m gonna put you back in
the queue what was that yeah I’ll be an acute all right all right I’m gonna put
you back in the queue here all right moving to the next one we have three two
one area code last four digits 1198 again we have three two one
area code last four digits 1198 year live on blogs ah alright I’m gonna put you back in the
queue for now alright 7 5 7 area code last four digits 24 24 65 the alive on
blog talk okay alright go someone put you back in the
queue alright alright we’re gonna try one more call and if not we’ll go back
to the we’ll go back to the YouTube chat to take a few more questions before we
make some announcements for the GOCC Network and and then after that we’ll
we’ll answer some more questions and touch on a few more things that are you
know that there may be taking place or you know prominent in the headlines
today okay here we have the area code 757 last four digits 2465 okay all right
you’ll be there alright alright so we will do it this time we’re going to come
back to the blocks all calls what we’ll do is we’ll go through the new string or
the YouTube I keep calling that Ustream but we’re gonna go through YouTube chat
and you know just get some of the questions from there okay
sister had a very good question since there evany more ask the question would
it mean when ham uncovered Noah’s nakedness what is the story behind that
well really there is no story behind that the scripture the waves explained
is exactly what took place now I’m gonna explain it because I understand that
there’s many philosophies behind it as to look took place with ham and his
father Noah and I’m gonna show you where the philosophy is coming in from okay
now let’s go to the Book of Leviticus because this is where people will go as
a preset to now develop a philosophy behind this story okay Leviticus chapter
18 and verse number 6 all right this is here none of you shall approach to any
that is near of him to Ken or near Ken to him
so when cover their nakedness I am the most high verse 7 the nakedness of my
father or the nakedness of my mother thou shall not uncover she is thy mother
thou shall not uncover her nakedness so people will go to the scripture and say
oh when it says that he discovered his father’s nakedness it means that he
slept either with his mother Noah’s wife or that he slept or did something you
know he did some type of you know homosexual activity or sodomite ish
activity upon his father Noah those are the two prominent philosophies that will
be based off of people going to this particular precept off the back of
Genesis the ninth chapter okay but I’m going to show you that Genesis the ninth
chapter explains itself okay let’s go to Genesis chapter 9 and verse number 18
okay and the sons of Noah that were that went forth of the ark were shem and ham
and japhet and ham is the father of canaan now I was mentioning that ham was
the father of Canaan based on the fact that due to ham sin Canaan would
eventually be cursed okay so was making mention that ham is the father of Canaan
the child or the descendant of ham would eventually be cursed based on the son of
his father verse 19 these are the three son
Noah and of them was the whole earth overspread verse 20 and Noah began to be
an husbandman and he planted a vineyard and a drank of the wine and was drunken
and he was uncovered within his tent now something may ask well why was Noah
drinking wine to the point of drunkenness well you have to remember
that Noah was just donate both or just went through a storm which took place
for forty days and forty nights and then even afterwards he was still only art
for it over the or about the span of a year living on this ark so he witnessed
in and went through and experienced the destruction of all mankind and all
creatures that were before the flood so because he went through that traumatic
experience when he got off the ark we came in husbandman he planted some
grapes and he used those grapes to make wine and he used that wine to drink okay
and as the scriptures say he got a little drunk right so it says he was
uncovered within his tent that’s the key point so now that takes away the
philosophy of ham sleeping with Noah’s wife okay
it’s distinctively stating here in verse number 21 that Noah was uncovered
meaning he was naked so the nakedness is Noah’s nakedness not as wife sneakiness
verse 22 and ham the father of Canaan saw the nakedness meaning he saw his
father uncovered and told his brother and his two brethren without so instead
of covering his father’s shame he went and made mockery of his father to his
two brother in verse number 23 says and sham and Shem and Japheth took a garment
and laid it upon both their shoulders and went backward okay so before we move
forward verse 22 is just distinctively states
that Canaan saw the nakedness of his father and told his brother and without
now there’s a philosophy out there that you know possibly ham went and he you
know he defiled his father or he did something sexual with this father okay
when the Scriptures don’t say that it just says he saw the nakedness okay and
he went and he told his brethren all right so Shem and Japheth took a
garment and laid it upon their shoulders and went backward showing you that what
the reason why they went backward is because what if father was naked
not because Ham had slept with his father’s mother or that Ham had slept
with his father okay they went back so they they wouldn’t see their fathers
nakedness and make the same exact mistake that Ham me okay so it says and
covered the nakedness of their father and their faces were backward and they
saw not their fathers nakedness all right so really this story is very
self-explanatory the only reason why it has become I guess controversial or
there’s a lot of questions about it is because of the philosophies that people
try to build around it okay when you just read the story you just read the
scripture for what it is is plain and simple okay all right let me see here someone says is it Ghana welcoming us
back a set up didn’t they make do that didn’t they make do that in the black
the movie just asking they always show us then eventually they do it like
aren’t we supposed to leave the city that’s a very good question and I
mentioned that briefly earlier for those who are in the Academy you receive a
little bit of insight as to why they may be inviting people are people back at
this time period okay now of course we will tell as far as with the the
ultimate endgame is but just looking at the political climate in Ghana right now
and some of the West African countries and in countries in Africa in general
okay we know that at this current moment that the Chinese are coming into Africa
and they’re taking over okay they’re pretty much at one point the Europeans once
colonized Africa and the reason is one of the reasons is we know that according
to prophecy that Japheth or Asia would try to establish itself as the rebounder
if you will once Babylon Falls so they try to set
this up themselves and in a political and economic political stature that will
allow them to now take precedent once Babylon Falls okay so they’re in Africa
they’re taking the resources of Africa they’re building job you know building
you know different factories and so on and so forth within Africa and now it’s
causing an external conflict idea Chinese would come in and they
would create opportunities and they would be less abrasive less abrasive in
comparison to so okay so going to the book of second address 16 okay second
are 16 and 1 it says woe be unto Babylon or woe be unto the babylon in Asia will
be unto the Egypt and Syria okay now notice it mentions Babel it mentions
Asia it mentions Egypt and image in Syria now the key country of focus we
want to look at here is Asia of course we know that the Chinese are from Asia
right jumping down to let’s see here jumping back to I believe chapter 15 let
me get it here so it says here and second Ezra chapter 15 verse number 46
it says and thou o Asia thou are partaker of the Asia began to patter in itself at the
babylon okay they have their own you know stock market their own Wall Street
or what have you they have their own system which is basically patterned
after Babylon their own Times Square if you will all right so they powdered
themselves after Babylon the Lady of kingdoms right verse seventeen will be
unto thee thou wretch because that was made by self like unto her and his deck
by daughters and whoredom that they might please and glory in thy lovers and
which have always desired to commit quarter with thee so again it’s just
explaining using terms that we can relate to stating that this nation have
committed a form of spiritual and financial fornication as social
fornication with Babylon to pattern themselves and because they have patent
them still Africa that getting the resources and getting certain things and
building certain businesses so that they can be the next guy in line okay so now
what does this have to do with the call back to Ghana for American blacks now
again this is what this is why we believe they’re doing this okay before I
bring that forward let me finish the rest of this here says of hate long has
followed her that is hated and all her works and inventions therefore she of
the Most High I will send plagues upon thee widowhood poverty famine sward and
pestilence to waste I houses with destruction and death and the Gloria by
power shall be dried up as a flower when they heat shall arise that is sent over
thee so in other words Asia is gonna be destroyed no different than Babylon
right so what does this have to do with the call back to Ghana okay there’s a
strong possibility that the Gani the gun nations are now looking for an
opportunity to build up some level of defense
or build up some level taken over treating the Africans like dirt okay so
we believe that they’re making this open call back during this time we don’t
think there’s any coincidence the same time that we’re saying you know come out
of her my people and we’re making the efforts and making the plans day by day
to eventually get to that step we don’t think that there’s any coincidence that
they’re now making this out region the story within the book of Jasher and
again not to say that you know again only time will tell
okay but again just looking at the political climate the social climate of
what’s going on there you know we won’t be surprised if it’s a if it’s a UH a
trick so to speak all right so you remember the story in the book of Jeddah
as tribes they would pass a certain amount to build their treasure cities
the same treasures cities picked them and RAM assist that’s mentioned in the
Bible and initially they paid his wages and eventually slowly but surely they
pulled the wages out and next thing you know we ended up working for free and
slave labor okay now again not saying same exact scenario that they’re calling
us there for work or what have you but it’s just showing that there is history
even in the Bible of nations calling forward an open call for people to come
in we’re open the floodgates for you to come in get there slowly but surely we start to
see you know that they had an ulterior motive the whole time that we just
didn’t know about we try unify the American blacks with
the you know so-called african-americans with the you know our people who are
still in Ghana and yes they are they are our people but the most high is not
calling us to get into a civil war you know with the Chinese that’s not what
the most are calling us to doping on on that particular you know story as it
develops but I would we wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case okay
concerning the exit if what if you haven’t been baptized put our with the
church still under probation will you still be a part of the plans I
understand when you say you’re under the church under probation number one we
have to figure out if you’re you know probation that sounds like you’ve been
separated for a purpose so we have to figure out what that purpose is and what
are the plans what is with a set in place for you to eventually make your
way back to the church okay so we have to discuss those things first before we
discuss anything as far as you know Exodus and and things of that nature
okay and if you are part of the church but you’ve been separated for time for
whatever reason again that’s you know that’s so for discussion then when you
come back then you are now illegible to you know go through the process to get
baptized and yes she will be in those discussions but again we would have to
know you know what the situation is and of course this is not necessarily to
forum to discuss that okay you see here I know I was still waiting for a
question or a response from sister Erica early as far as extra understanding as
it pertained to uh as it pertain to baptism okay
someone says is Obama the main Antichrist who is going to enforce the
mark of the beast okay his Obama the main Antichrist who is going to enforce
the mark of the beast that in itself is a it’s a you know it’s one of those
questions which really lead to you know at least will false perception or false
understanding as to how prophecy works as it pertains to Antichrist okay
will he be instrumental in bringing forth the mark of the beast well yes I
mean even during his administration they work for Obama care which within the
Obama care plan it mentioned that those will be recipients will eventually have
to receive a two-way radio device as a part of the plan which we know
eventually all of these forms of technology that they bring it forward
will be integrated into one form of technology which the Bible calls the
mark of the beast okay but to put him as the face as the main Antichrist listen
the Bible says even now are there many animal as far as president presidency
he’s out of the picture but yet the Antichrist system is still at play okay
the Antichrist nation of the United States of America is still at play all
right so for the sake of one very prominent thing within a Christian
Church predominantly those who deal with the Left Behind doctrine and essentially
what it teaches is that people will have about what seven years after the rapture
to get themselves together people be raptured they have
seven years before Christ returns again within that time the Antichrist will be
revealed and eventually ice will reveal the market of beasts okay we’re gonna
show you that that whole concept not only is that the timing off which we’ve
shown many times in fact we have an academy lesson titled the Left Behind
rapture doctrine showing you the actual timeline of crisis return okay Christ is
only going to return a second time okay not for the Bible let’s see what the
Bible says about an antichrist what is an antichrist according to Scripture
let’s go to the book of first John chapter 2 and verse number 22 who is a
liar but he that the denial that Yeshua is the Christ or the Messiah he is
Antichrist at the knife the father and the son so number one anyone that the
mother and the son is an antichrist automatically whether you’re a
government official whether you’re an average Joe okay whether you call
yourself a minister what do you call you okay whether you
call yourself a minister whether you call yourself Imam or what-have-you
if you deny the father and the son you are an antichrist
and it just so happens that the american political economic system is filled with
anti-christ that’s just a reality okay so first way three says whosoever
denieth the son the same hath not the father and that’s key because you have a
lot of people who claim that well i believe in the mossad i believe in the
father but i don’t believe that the father has a son I don’t believe in
Christ well according to the Bible Antichrist also it is impossible to
believe in the father and not believe in the son because no man have known the
father at any time but the son it’s the son that reveals unto us knowledge of
the father okay so if you claim to know the father without the son
you’re a liar okay that’s according to the say of the Lord so seer who served a
knife to son the same hath not the father but he that acknowledging down it
says here burst let me get it here it makes mention of little children you
have heard this is the last time that you’ve heard that the Antichrist shall
come yes verse 18 little children is the last time and as you have heard that
Antichrist shall come even now there are many antichrists whereby we know that it
is the last time so even during the time of the apostle’s there were 70 AD of
course we know that those Israelites that were caught up in that destruction
they weren’t supposed to be there in the first place they were supposed to take
heat of crisis prophecies but instead they were proud they were stiff necked
hard-headed and therefore got caught in that destruction but nonetheless just
showing that there have been many meant about history who have been used by
Satan to try to stump out the righteous okay as it says in Revelations 2:12
chapter that the serpent who is Satan that old serpent called the devil who
was the head of all Antichrist the chief Antichrist the commandments of God and
have the testimony of pump out anyone who keeps the commandments of the mosa
and has faith in Christ okay it’s not just one man there’s many okay
and as more scriptures on that but I’m pretty sure that that’s clear concerning
that Shelob is there Israelites in Memphis Tennessee who are affiliated
with GOCC yes we do have brothers and sisters in Memphis Tennessee but we do
not have an efficient Church in Memphis Tennessee okay we don’t have an official
Church there now there’s people claiming that they they do have a church and they
do have a group and they’re associated with the church that’s not the gathering
of Christ Church okay we will establish in fact I’m over at the Tennessee area
we will personally go there to establish a church receive medical medical care
Obamacare did you agree to get the RFID chip well if you got the Medicare that’s
one thing okay a moment here someone says the videos going crazy one woman one moment you

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  1. Elder Lawya Thawadah! For all you do! You are turely a Warrior for Ahayah in the name of Yashaya! Don't every stop! Much Love!

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    listen to. I'm not following anyone Israelite camp or Israelite church. What you said struck a nerve, because a guest speaker at the church I went to told us what not to read, an it was a book called, Pigs In The Parlor, a spiritual deliverance book. So just like your Elder brother taught the real name of the MostHigh to us, there is little nuggets of truth comes from the other Israelites.

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  9. Thank you elders for acknowledging that our people need to have leadership and fellowship amongst the brethren At the same time I thank the most high that as these plans are in the works I have opportunity to pray and intercede ahead for the elders and our people that the most high would prepare hearts and minds protect preserve and provide for his people strengthen and encourage them and perform his will through them All praise and honor to the most high Ahaya and his son Yashaya

  10. Thank you elders for acknowledging that our people need to have leadership and fellowship amongst the brethren At the same time I thank the most high that as these plans are in the works I have opportunity to pray and intercede ahead for the elders and our people that the most high would prepare hearts and minds protect preserve and provide for his people strengthen and encourage them and perform his will through them All praise and honor to the most high Ahaya and his son Yashaya

  11. With all due respect elder Lawya anyone who comes to Yashaya and does not understand that the most high God of heaven the God of the Hebrews is a holy God the holy one of Israel then that's a real problem because outside of marriage this is the most important decision a person will make in his life and like marriage making this decision is not to be entered into lightly because the most high is not mocked and how does a person get that close to making a decision of that magnitude without serious consideration and understanding of the matter through careful and in-depth meditation of the scriptures not to mention having a made up mind

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