Opening Ebay Mystery Boxes! ?❓

Opening Ebay Mystery Boxes! ?❓

Hey guys, so today I thought I would investigate the phenom- phel- Phenomenon that is eBay mystery boxes! My friend, Ben, texted me about this and told me to do it in a YouTube video, so I thought “Why not?” But what is an ebay mystery box, Philly? Well, I’m glad you asked. -Well I actually asked myself pretending to be you—but, it is a box that you buy on Ebay. But the catch is you don’t know what’s inside! *DRAMATIC MUSIC* Oh my goood A few YouTubers have done this. I think Buzzfeed did it for like $100 but I–I had a budget, guys! So I went on a mystery box shopping spree. So you don’t have to do it. It’s all for science, I think this is a terrible idea, Do NOT try this at home. So before we start, let’s have a look at what is on Ebay today! Ok, so I’ve searched: MYSTERY BOX. That one doesn’t look like it’s had too much effort put into it. Oh my god, a million pounds? W-what? What even would that be?? Imagine if someone actually bid a million pounds? What would that person send? Like a sock or something. Ooh, Mr Burns! I’d be tempted to buy that one! HA?! *reading from title* MYSTERY BOX ULTIMATE EXTREME EXQUISITE CORPSE EXTREMELY HIGH GRADE WORLD CLASS 1.3 million pounds! I don’t even wanna know what that picture is. I’m just gonna scroooll past that one… So, the first on my Ebay hunt was this one, which I splashed out £2.99. This description was: it’s a surprise, kissy face- I’m very disturbed by the kissing emoji… Not sure whats gonna be in here or if it’s gonna be safe for YouTube…. and – “decent items.” Decent! Not amazing items, just “decent items”. So the next one I “splashed out on” was 4 pounds! I mainly chose this one because of the word “exciting”. It’s not just a mystery box, it’s an exciting mystery box. The description of that one was: Mystery box! The more you pay, the bigger and better you get… what’s inside? wait and see. See, you hooked me with that, I like that. I want to wait and see what is worth four pounds. And then the next one, the big boy, the boss… box. There’s a rainbow mystery box, which I spent eight pounds on. So that’s a lot of money to spend on something I don’t know what it is, Which you could buy a lot of popcorn for. So I’m hoping for good things! First one to arrive was this one which I think is the £2.99 one, cause it has the same kind of graphic design, so we’re hoping for pink confetti- Shake Test Ooh, it sounds like it’s got quite a lot of stuff in and it’s also surprisingly heavy, which is pleasing. Please don’t be human hair, please don’t be human hair… Alright, here we go! oh my go- *laughs over words* First thing, I’m not kidding, the first thing in my box is some microwave popcorn! *slow mo* -which you could buy a lot of popcorn for- It’s like they knew me that’s crazy. This is already worth $2.99. There’s a slightly used looking mug Don’t think I’ll be using that one. A candy cane! Might make me feel a bit festive. It’s still wrapped, so I’m not worried if someone’s licked it or something. A purple block of something… Oh, it’s lavender soap! Mmm, smells like grandmas. Some kind of brush thing. Oh, it’s a pastry brush! I thought it was like a makeup brush or something. Maybe we could use this in the next baking video. This is actually all been quite nice so far. I was expecting just like the crap from someone’s bedside drawer. And ooh, some drinks coasters! Juice. Aw, and a little YouTube sticker because they said it’ll be good for Youtube. So overall. I think that’s a pretty good start, I’m going to give that one four out of five. Next up is this beast which is pretty big. It arrived quite tatty looking Like with some bits hanging off it, and it sounds like there’s some kind of Jigsaw inside. That’s my guess, I think it can be a jigsaw with a picture of the pope on it. That’s my guess. They’re trying to build a nuclear shelter with the sellotape. Oh Look, okay. We’re going in this side. Oh, no this isn’t fun. This one is not a good start Ummmm Um, starting off with some kind of terrifying pig doll. It’s like, *squeak* oh! I didn’t realize it would squeak. Is it like a cat toy? I don’t know but it’s scary, and it wants me to die. I’m just going to blindly reach in here and see what I find… Skittles! Wild Berry Flavor. They’re still not at their sell-by date as well, so that’s good news! And then we have a book – “Utterly Fabulous” by Kathy Hopkins. This book is about mates, dates and inflatable bras. When a boy says he’ll phone you later, What does that mean? See if I said I would phone someone later. I would definitely phone them, later like that evening, it wouldn’t be like two months later. So if this boy doesn’t phone her back it is not worth it, Lucy. Beachball mania. Is this a rugby ball? I don’t really want to put my mouth on the nozzle like it’s been used. But an inflatable rugby ball, a cat collar *laughs* For the cat that I don’t own- If I ever get a cat It’s gonna have a lil’ bell around it’s neck. Ooh, now this is what I’m talking about, some Galaxy chocolate Bath and body vanilla Blossom bath salts, how fancy. See, maybe this is the more expensive box I’m starting to think it might be. And finally, ooh, it’s a box from 1993. It’s an unused cassette tape. That’s cool I guess. That was a pretty good haul. It had some weird little quirks to it *squeak* which I appreciated. I’m going to give it a strong three out of five. And finally… This one, which I’m really scared of because this is a very unusual attempt at wrapping a box. Though it does sound like it’s full of lots of stuff. I don’t even know which one this is. Die! Woo, pastel blue. This is exciting. It doesn’t smell good. There is a specific smell coming off this box. This looks like some kind of evidence from a police investigation, there’s loads of like brown stains on the side of this box, which is scaring me. But I’m enjoying the colour that it’s been painted. Oh my god, it was a nappy box!? This was a diaper box? I hope they were clean, uh… Hypoallergenic and there’s also some kind of red stain on the bottom which has some like orange fluff coming out of it Which is really disturbing. I don’t want to know what that is, but please just don’t let it touch me. Uh, let’s just get it over with. Ooh! This looks enticing. Where do I start? A giant red candle? Oh, no, It’s not giant red candle there was a Frickin giant red candle in here! There’s like a mummy and a baby candle, which all had been thrown down the stairs a lot. Smells like berries mixed with mouthwash. I really hope that’s not the nappies. Mmm, and then we have… Guys! What is this? I think it’s all four items all stuck together. I’m so disturbed. There is a mildly sticky giant comb, some masking tape with matching red stains from the box. Not disturbing all. This, oh it’s sticky oh! Oh my God, this is horrifying! There’s hair stuck to it. It’s actual hair all over this thing. it bounced on my knee. Ooo, I’m gonna shower for a week after this video and then – what am I even holding? Oh my God, guys, this is either something really sexual that I don’t understand – Oh, it touched my eye! *slow mo* -don’t und- Or, it’s a part of someone’s curtain. It’s slightly sticky as well, which is not giving me good vibes, so I’m just going to cast this off into the fires of hell. Oh, It landed on my light. please don’t set on fire. Next we have, oh, why is this sticky? Why is everything sticky? It is a spirit level so I can see how level things are. How level is my nose? Not very and now it’s got sticky residue on it. Thanks for that, I guess. Ethernet cable, still in its package, at least I got something new. Um, what is this? Please be nice? Oh? Bristol Fashion week that’s actually something nice that isn’t disgustingly sticky so bonus! Some cherry blossom scented ASDA dry shampoo. It actually smells pretty good. Hopefully my head won’t melt. Why is this person so obsessed with red candles? Maybe they’re in a cult and they worship sticky things… Some slightly sticky tissues. I’m gonna just throw them on the bed. I don’t know what that is, but I’m scared. I’m throwing it away. Ooh, some Oreos! Even though that’s in a package, because it’s been sharing a box with the rest of this stuff, I don’t think I’m gonna eat them. Another red candle. Yay, Satan, and then this is the last thing which is actually stuck to the rest of the box, and I’m really scared to open it. This is for you. This is for science. I said I’d do this and I’m regretting it. Oh! Why? Why would you do that? There’s literally cotton buds in here, please don’t be used. Okay, they’re not used, but ah- Gross, this is so gross! Is this the extension off someone’s vacuum? A vacuum extension… with some hair sticking out of it. I give that a minus 14 out of five. I regret everything, I told you this was a bad idea. Do not buy eBay mystery boxes! There we go. As the price increased that went gradually downhill, so I dread to think what was in the million pound box that someone’s gonna buy. But yeah, now you know the science is real. Don’t try this at home I see why it’s good because you’re like drawn in by the allure of mystery But then human nature just means people are going to send you gross cotton buds and sticky things that don’t make sense. So never do this. Don’t spend your money on mysterious boxes, go out and buy something nice for yourself that you know what it is and you know it’s probably not going to be sticky unless you like sticky things. And that’s the end of the day—video So if you enjoyed this mystery box video give me a thumbs up! I’d say I’d do this again but my thumb’s are actually covered in sticky residue, So it’s highly unlikely unless I get loads of thumbs up. You can subscribe By clicking my bubble, my last video is over there. I’m probably going to spend the rest of this week washing my hands. oh Good bye. Uh, I wiped it on your face, uuh-

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  1. Phil: “And finally… this one, which I’m really scared of because this is a very unusual attempt at wrapping a box.”

    Person that wrapped the box a few days earlier: aggressively taping box “I NEED MORE TAPE!”

  2. I'm sure while the nappies were in the box they were clean Philly. And those weird balls are very sticky. Appreciate you phil 🙂

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  4. Phil should do an Amazon customer returns box next, like Safiya Nygaard did! He said in his latest video that he watches her so I think that’d be cool!

  5. Don’t put the collar on a cat if you get one they can get there feet stuck through the collar and it will really hurt the cat

  6. I love your Pokémon shirt dude !

    ( Random fact I own the 2015 version of the Amazing book is not on fire )

  7. Phil : You can buy popcorn with that amount
    Also Phil : Gets popcorn first item
    Coincidence ??? I THINK NOT!!!!

  8. Phil: “decent items…”
    Phil’s hands: squeezing air boobs
    Dan’s soul: shakes his head, gets up and bangs it against the wall

  9. It was on screen for just a second (on purpose perhaps?) but the package at 7:58 kinda looks like a bag of cock rings ?? maybe ?? ?

  10. I think the last box was just someone trying to get rid of the evidence of the weird, very specific murder they committed

  11. The trash bag wrapped one was weird

    Also,in wicca (correct me if I'm wrong) red candles mean passion
    Idk if that means anything tho

  12. as always, i came into this video feeling anxious as frick, and halfway through it i'm starting to feel normal again.
    i literally have no clue what i would do if phil didn't exist. he calms me down instantly, it's like magic.
    thanks phil <333 stopping my anxiety attacks since i can remember

  13. Instead of putting ?❓in your title you should have put ❓? for mystery box but you put box mystery just saying

  14. 5:08, в смысле необычный способ упаковать посылку? у нас посылки на Почте России только так и упаковывают…

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