Oregon’s Leap Day Lady wants you to know and love Feb. 29

Oregon’s Leap Day Lady wants you to know and love Feb. 29

I’m Raenell, I’m the Leap Day lady. I live in Keizer, Oregon. I was born on Leap Day 1960. So I will be fifteen at 60 this year. I started a birthday club for people born on February 29 in 1988. The club has now blossomed into what it is now at learyearday.com. In 1988, I had 21 members and it’s just taken off. We have over 11,000 members worldwide. Every leap year, we get hundreds of new members. This time a year, I’m all about the leap. This is Leap Central. This is his Royal Leapness. It’s a toy that we designed 20 years ago, but we can’t find a backer yet. And those are the Leap Day baby dolls. The only doll with 29 eyes. This is a game. My grandkids have had more birthdays than I have. Over here I have my rock area where I do my leap day rocks. I’ve been placing these leap day rocks all over Salem and Keizer and actually up and down the Willamette Valley. The purpose of leapyearday.com is to help people understand what and why Leap Day is. It’s the most important date on the calendar, to keep how we keep track of time in line with how the earth moves. So if a year’s divisible by four, it’s a leap year. If a centenary year is divisible by 400, it’s a leap year. The leaptionary is where you’ll find our leap words. My ‘leapness’ is everything about me that is about my birthday. Leapitude. Leap on. And when someone or something is ‘leapified,’ that means they acknowledge Leap Day. They’re into it. It’s fascinating what I’ve been learning about Leap Day through all the different Leap Day babies around the world. I didn’t plan on being an advocate for February 29. Once I started hearing the stories from the members, that they have these issues, I realized something really needs to be done about this. There’s a technology issue. The computer systems don’t acknowledge February 29. Invalid date. Didn’t consider it. Didn’t put it in the system. It’s like some programmers forgot. And that’s why we need to get it fixed now. The little leaplings born this leap day, they should not have to go through this. Kohl’s coupon. It’s for Leap Day babies to use for their birthday. So I wrote them and told them, thank you, but we can’t use it on our birthday because it expires on Feb. 28. And we’re not saving the world here. We know that. They’re little issues. Little wrongs that we want to make right. We want to educate, acknowledge and even celebrate Leap Day. It’s an awesome day. It represents balance and harmony. And I think people should use their extra day wisely and do
something good with it.

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  1. Please share this if you're into that. You will be helping spread Leap Year Day Awareness if you do. Thank you. 😎🌞🥳

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