Hey guys, I’m Anna and welcome to livluvlang. The channel where we teach you how to learn multiple languages and how to go abroad. Hey! You’re watching… Today we’re going to start a new series showing you the different kind of houses and rooms that you can find all over the world And after this we will make a little vocabulary list in our blog so you can check it out and learn new vocabulary from the target language so for example today We’re doing, our new Japanese house! Woo! And everybody wanted to see our house, so here you go. To start, so if you don’t know I live with two sexy ladies, which are Teresa and Carey. They’re not in house at the moment, so I think we will do you like a little tour, so I can show you around. Ah, and also if you don’t know we live in… Tokyo Japan, and it’s too legit. It’s awesome. We are so happy and we are so lucky and yes, so let’s go! So the first thing that you see when you enter a Japanese house is the Genkan. Here you take off your shoes and- these are all our shoes and umbrellas. You see the stairs, but we go up later. The first room is a little toilet here and it’s like Japanese style. And the second room… Is the kitchen! So this is a kitchen and it’s really big. Japanese houses are not usually like this and yep. Also like Japanese houses don’t have have anything inside. When you go into them. So like everything that you see here, most of it, we put here. This is our medicine cabinet, but let’s take a look at the view. It’s amazing. So this is… Behind these buildings there is the main street… so they are kind of like a shield against all the noise, but we do have a train railway here. Maybe I will show you later when the train passes, but it’s kind of nice to just stay outside here like with my a chair that because I was just enjoying the afternoon. And it’s really nice. Also we do have like double closing doors. That allows the noise to stay outside. Second room we are gonna go in is the Washitstu. Haha. This is like the, let’s say the guest room. As you can see there’s a futon here if somebody wants to stay overnight and this is a kotatsu. It’s a japanese-style winter kind of table. So what happens is that when you sit down here, there’s a heating system It makes you warm! It’s so cool and of course the door is… So you can see, The panorama from here as well and the window is shōji, Japanese style. It’s a pretty nice room, but the best point of this room is this! We have lights! In the evening it’s just so nice you have no idea. Next room is the studio! Haha! I know everybody wanted to see this and so here we shoot some videos like indoor videos and stuff. We have what’s like the computer editing position and it’s so really nice and Cameras and stuff with some stuff and next to the sea here. There’s a bathroom, it’s a little messy. So we have a laundry machine and and those are the showers here. There’s stuff in your style, so just like place where you, like, shower, and then just above and behind there and it’s really nice. So let’s go upstairs, haha! Upstairs, upstairs, upstairs~ Upstairs~ There’s Theresa’s room. Oh first of all like here is Carry’s room but you don’t… I’m sure you don’t want to see Carey’s room right now. It’s kind of messy. Oh and there’s another little toilet. This is Theresa’s room. He has… Hey! She has a bed and a table and TV! And we also have a Wii so nice! We can play with our friends and stuff and an art station of Theresa where she makes her art. So nice~ And next to Theresa’s room. There’s my room! I have my guitar, my computer, and stuff. And both of our rooms are Japanese styles, but Carry’s is western style so it’s a little different, and I’m still here! Ha ha ha ha and here outside we have a little, I think you call it veranda in English, as well where we have, ha ha I’m still here, a little sink here as well. Where we brush our teeth and stuff and we did laundry so there’s laundry outside the moment and still like the beautiful.. We’re in the seventh floor right now so the panorama is amazing because most of Japanese artists ike you can see the houses down there right. They just face like to each other. It’s just you don’t see panoramas like this in a normal house and it’s just so nice. to be able to live here… So this was our house and I hope you enjoyed it. I wanted to say that Japanese houses are not normally like this. They’re really little, but we are living… we are three people living together, so what happens is that you can split all the costs that, come from owning a house like that or like this and yeah. So this is our house! I hope you enjoyed this video, and if you did, please leave a like and subscribe to the channel and if you like our videos, please consider to support us on patreon and also, check the vocabulary list on our blog and that’s it. See you in the next video! Bye bye!


  1. Your house looks heartwarming and cozy! Again loved the video, I only "compromise" my studies and procrastinate a bit when you guys upload and I actually see the notification xD I am excited to get my degree and to move out into my future, little and cozy house 😍 Keep up with the good work, your effort will be rewarded, I am sure 😘👏🏼

  2. You guys いい部屋を見つけましたね👌
    I think it is the one well renovated a old style(昭和式)apartment.

  3. Awesome tour!
    I moved too!
    I put up an empty apartment tour video 🙂
    Check it out and let me know what you think?

    Spoiler alert: My place is not as nice as yours 😛

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