Paid Blogging Jobs: Make Money Working for Other Bloggers

Paid Blogging Jobs: Make Money Working for Other Bloggers

Hey, Angie Nelson here
from Today we’re going to be
talking about a topic that I’m especially passionate about. And that is how to make money
by working for other bloggers. Now if you’re a new
blogger yourself or maybe you’ve had a blog in the
past, maybe you are looking for an easy way to put
those skills to good use and make some money from them. And that’s what we’re going
to be talking about today. And if you’re a new blogger,
working for other bloggers is actually a great way to bridge
that cap, bridge the gap between starting your own blog and becoming a full-time blogger. You may be surprised at all
the great skills that you actually have already that you can use to make some extra cash. Make sure you stay ’til the
end of the video to find out how you can learn more about
the great opportunities we’re talking about in
today’s video, in addition to some other great work-from-home jobs that you’ll want to check out. Now one of the first ways that
you can make money working for bloggers is going
to be an obvious one, and that is becoming a writer. As a blogger, you know how
important that great content is. These bloggers are going to be,
you know, have a steady need for great content that
they can update their blogs and their social media profiles
with on a regular basis. It’s going to need to be engaging content and well-researched content. And as a blogger yourself,
those are going to be things that you’re already familiar with. There’s a good chance
you may even know about some of the other aspects of blogging such as SEO and keywords. Now because you already know
the rungs of what it takes to make a great blog post, your skills are going
to be really in-demand. And you can do things in
content creation other than just writing blog posts. You may be able to make some money by selling article starters which is going to be maybe a shorter post
that business owners can take and make their own by filling out, filling out an existing outline
with some research. You may be able to find a little niche in writing product descriptions or product reviews for bloggers. You may be even able to take
your services to the next level and offer some more premium
services at a higher rate such as writing e-books, or creating some of those content
freebies that we give away when people are opting into
our newsletter list, maybe you can get started on
writing some courses for other bloggers, or some
other kind of digital products. Those are things that can
demand a premium price. Now along with great content,
you also need great images. And this has really opened
up a great field for those that are familiar with
Pinterest buzz standards or Instagram. If you know your way around
a image creator like Canva or PicMonkey, you may be
able to get yourself a foot in the door with some bloggers
who are in need of some of these images in order to
promote their work better on social media platforms because
many bloggers love writing but they hate creating images. And you could even take
that a step further. If Pinterest images are
your thing and you also know your way around the platform
like nobody’s business, you can make a good living as
a Pinterest virtual assistant. These assistants not only do things like creating Pinterest images
but they’re also pinning to their clients’ profiles, making sure everything is optimized, and
getting that traffic back to those blog posts. And that brings us into
social media management. Pinterest isn’t the only game out there. We’ve also got Twitter,
Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and others. And all of these things
do require some kind of community management. Your job as a social media manager maybe run the gamut from growing that community and getting more
followers on that platform to making sure that those inboxes are cleaned up
and any comments are responded to and taken care of. Again you might be creating
some images in order to promote their latest blog posts or
resurface some existing content. If you have the know-how,
it may even involve some social advertising campaigns. Now the services that
you offer, the platforms you’re using are going to be up to you as the social media manager. You can decide whether you want to offer something more broad
and general across a variety of platforms or whether you
really want to specialize and dig deep into one platform, like that Pinterest virtual assistant that we talked about before. Now I’ve already mentioned
that content is the king when we come to blogging. But maybe you don’t want to
focus all your time on writing. Maybe you’re really into the
logistics that goes into it before that writing takes place. And in that case, you
can offer your service as a content strategist. Now as a content
strategist, you could help your clients to research
keywords, uncover some maybe content gaps that
they have on their blog. You can help them brainstorm
some new content ideas. Maybe you can go through some
of their existing content to help optimize it for
search and monetization. Maybe you’re the person
that’s putting together their editorial calendar. Or maybe you’re the person that’s hiring those freelance writers and making sure all the projects are getting done. Now one big demand that we see right now is email
newsletter managers. While social media’s great,
we all know the risks that are involved in building
your, your online empire on someone else’s property. At any given time, Facebook or Pinterest or the next social media
platform can just go belly-up and not be available to us anymore. In that case, the only thing
we’re going to have to fall back on are our own blogs
and our own newsletters. Now because of that, it’s
so important for bloggers to constantly be working,
getting those email subscribers onto their list. Even in the good times with
social media, it’s always needs to be driving back to getting
these people in a place where you can market to them no matter what the future holds. Now as an email newsletter
manager, you may be doing everything from setting up their list with a newsletter provider
in the first place, to helping them with creating
some of those opt-in freebies, to actually writing the
content and sending out those weekly newsletters. Now if you’re really
passionate about WordPress, you can always offer your
services as a blog manager. What you may be doing here are things like updating plug-ins, making any tweaks to their blog themes that need to be done. You may be backing up their site. Perhaps they need someone
to upload and schedule their latest blog posts. You might also be doing things like troubleshooting tech
problems, making sure that their comments are approved,
or taking care of any spam that’s going on on the site. Now to really make good money
in this industry, you do need to have some technical skill as far as WordPress is concerned so that you can cover a wide variety
of those little tech problems that do pop up from time to time. Now we’re going to be hopping
back to those images again. If you have some great
photography skills, one industry that’s really booming right now is selling stock photography. We have seen in the recent
years some bloggers getting into trouble with maybe using
some images that they got off of Google without permission or maybe down the road the person that had those images available free in the first place has sold the licenses and now someone else is trying
to get some money as far as copyright infringement is concerned. So it’s really important
that bloggers know where their images are coming from. And they need to make sure that they’re using high-quality images to drive that traffic as well. And that’s why we’ve seen so many of these stock photography
sites popping up. Now there are several
that I use every month to get the images that I use for my blog posts. A lot of the sites that
I use are really focused on female bloggers and their needs, whether that be family-focused photography or maybe some of the desktop layouts that you see online a lot right now. But you can really take it
and go wherever you want with that, and niche down or stay general. But you’re going to be
offering those photographs to bloggers at an affordable rate. And in many times these are
memberships so they are going to be paying that recurring
subscription fee to you. And along those same lines,
we’ve seen a bigger demand from the recipe bloggers. If you are really great at trying out and coming up with new
recipes along with shooting some great food photography
or shooting those food videos, there’s a really big
demand for that right now from these bloggers in the recipe niche
that are needing to keep their blogs updated consistently and with some great content. So we’re seeing some, a big need there for recipe development
and photography as well. Now these are just a few of
the more popular opportunities that you have for offering
your services to bloggers. I am going to leave you a
link in the description below to a post that I have that
has 10 of these great jobs. And within each of these job industries, I’m also going to give you
a little bit of a breakdown into some of the specific
services that you can offer. So make sure you check the
description below for that link, and I’m also going to leave
you a link to my job leads page which is updated several
times throughout the week with some of the latest job leads we have for working from home. Now if you like today’s
video please give it a like and a share and make sure
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of the next video. Until then, I wish you best of luck in your work-at-home job search.

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