Painting a Page in my Travel Journal · Time-Lapse and Talk-Through · SemiSkimmedMin

Painting a Page in my Travel Journal · Time-Lapse and Talk-Through · SemiSkimmedMin

Hi my loves, hope you’re all good! Today I’m working on a page in my travel
journal. So I sketched this in really quickly when
I was there and then I forgot to take a picture so once I got back, I used google street view
to draw it out properly. And I just have a doodle there of a building
I did yesterday that I really liked the look of and wanted to sort of recreate that style
in this piece. So I started out by just going over my pencil
lines with my micron pen, just so that I wouldn’t lose them once I started painting since the
pencil marks were so light and I was already planning on having my paint really opaque. I don’t know in the end if this really helped
but it didn’t do any harm either. So just finishing that off with a few details
here and there. And there you can see what it looked like
once it was done. And I don’t know where the beginning of
this clip went but basically I started painting in the shadows, I was layering the paint quite
thickly as I said because I knew I was going for a very restricted palette but I still
wanted it to have a bit of texture to it which is why I added a few hints of lighter and
darker colour in there as well. The limited colour palette is something I
really like in landscape paintings. I think- I like it in a all paintings really-
but I think its really effective in landscape paintings. I’ve for a long time really admired the work
of an artists and I think animator called Matthew Cruickshank, and I’ll leave a link
below to his website so you an check out his work, but I love the colours he uses and just
his painting style in general. But yeah I’ve been trying to go for that
less-is-more look, rather than putting in every single detail, which is really difficult
for me because I find it so easy to just get caught up in one area of a painting. Then moving on to the next colour, I chose
my colours before hand, you will have seen at the beginning a had a couple of really
messy thumbnail paintings just to test a couple of combinations out. I definitely wanted a blue and a yellowy colour
to match the colour of the building… which I’ve just realised I completely forgot to
even explain! Hang on. So this gorgeous building, we came across
it on our last day in Pula, Croatia, we were on our way to he amphitheater to check out
the ancient ruins, you know proper tourist stuff, and we didn’t really know where we
were going, we just got of the bus and started walking and we walked by this beautiful blue
building with lovely gardens out front and we had a closer look and realised it was a
second hand clothes shop. Anyway, we had a good look inside, one of
my friends bought a really nice shirt. I’m working on a video of my Croatia trip
so you’ll see a bit more of it in that hopefully because my description doesn’t really do
it justice. But yeah back to … colours. Erm I knew I wanted blue and yellow as my
main colours and I just wanted to find some shades that went nicely together. Fran Meneses or Frannerd here on youtube just
put up a great video on colour theory and choosing colours for your work and in it she
mentioned a feature on the adobe website where you can come up with colour schemes. I’ll try and link that below. So I messed about with that for a while and
then in the end I kind of cheated and did what I do quite often and just searched pinterest
for blue-yellow colour schemes until I found something I liked. And it worked out really well, it gave just
the effect i was looking for. Sooooo yeah, also I finally made up some prints
of my Mermaid Man and Doberman pieces and they’re in my shop now. They’re crazy cheap because I had them printed
at a different place than usual and even though they’re still really good quality- I’m
actually really impressed with how the colours came out on the Mermaid Man piece- they’re
not quite to the usual standard. So grab yourself a good deal while you can! I also got excited and made a few Doberman
stickers, how cute are these! There aren’t many so I’m just gonna throw
a couple in with the first few orders until I run out. I think I have enough for about 12 orders
so act quickly if you don’t wanna be disappointed. But thats, yeah thats it for this one! Thank you all so much for watching, I’ll see
you’s next time, bye!

53 thoughts on “Painting a Page in my Travel Journal · Time-Lapse and Talk-Through · SemiSkimmedMin

  1. i can relate to the minimalistic palette issue so much, i always end up going crazy with shading or tiny details, especially with more opaque paints like acrylics!

  2. This painting is really beautiful, and i agree with what you said on colour palettes, it's so easy to get caught up with too many!! But the ones you chose were just right ☺️

  3. I absolutely adore your work! I just purchased your doberman print, I was also wondering if you were planning to turn your Portrait · Original Aqyla Painting of the man into prints? I love love love that painting and always check your shop in case you were selling prints!

  4. Could you maybe make a perspective or like architecture/buildings tutorial thingy? I just love your building drawings but I suck at them lmao

  5. What's the place you are painting called? (adress or something to navigate) it's really nice so i just want to look up how does it look in real life 😊

  6. Oh wow you've been to Croatia, no wonder I thought the building style looked familiar.. I hope you enjoyed your vacation, Cro can be a bit challenging if you don't have anyone to give you some tips on how to get around 🙂
    Anyway, I always look forward to your videos, you have a beautiful style and a pleasant voice, which is always a great plus on youtube 🙂

  7. I bought a small bottle of Acrylic ink from schmincke but totally forgot to buy something to paint with the ink. Should I use brushes, if yes what brushes? or should I buy a brush pen that I can fill with ink?

  8. I love this style! And the colors, it ended up perfect! Can you make more travel illustration videos? May be also some of what you take on a trip/how you sketch during?

  9. i loveee your videos so much!!! The advice you give are so constructive and useful – just wanna ask if you could make a video/ gives some tips on mixing the right colours and layering in painting? I struggle a lot with getting the right colours…

  10. Great video and thank you for the link to the Adobe color picker. I forgot it existed! Very handy indeed, I'll be using it in future.

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