Painting on a Newspaper (No-Canvas-Painting – Malen ohne Leinwand)

Painting on a Newspaper (No-Canvas-Painting – Malen ohne Leinwand)

Sometimes I simply don’t like one of my pictures any more.
Did this ever happen to you ? I stick then a newspaper with wallpaper paste on the canvas. The whole is coated with wallpaper paste once again. You can push the paper with some folds and cracks in it
and let it dry – this is a beautiful structure. After drying, I prime the newly created painting surface with white paint. You don’t need to work too accurate here – so some curiosities remain. The dried wrinkles are now hard. Of course one cannot paint a photorealistic image on it 😉 But the structure is ideal for an abstract image. I paint with broad bristle brushes pretty colors on the surface and create an informal abstract work. I show this picture just as an example, what you could paint on such a highly textured surface. Working with the spatula knife is also possible. Now my new little picture is finished. Thank you for your interest.

3 thoughts on “Painting on a Newspaper (No-Canvas-Painting – Malen ohne Leinwand)

  1. Wieder ganz super schön, das Bild ! Geht es auch langsamer ? Dann hat man mehr davon. Vielleicht beim nächsten Bild ?

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