Pakistan travel blog: What happens when two American chicks go to Pakistan?

Pakistan travel blog: What happens when two American chicks go to Pakistan?

We made it to Pakistan! We took four flights to get here from San Francisco to Istanbul Turkey to Islamabad Pakistan and finally skardu here you can see on the map
starting in the US we flew over and right all the way to Pakistan a country surrounded by China, India, Afghanistan, and Iran for most of our trip we stayed
in the northern area which is where all the beautiful mountains are but first… Well, we have an app called Pao that’s all about exploring the coolest spots around the world and three of our programmers
actually live in Islamabad Pakistan their co-worker invited us to his
wedding and we knew we had to go and meet everyone for the first time so after hours of traveling we finally got to our destination
and within the next few hours we had lost a bag I was interviewed for national Pakistan TV and some girl came up to us and asked us to be in her Tik Tok video but what we didn’t realize was she was actually famous on
tik-tok and our videos with her got hundreds of thousands of views it was a
crazy two-day travel experience but we finally got to sleep We woke up in the
absolutely stunning shangri-la hotel one of the most iconic hotels in the region
as it features mountain and lake views right outside your room next it was time to set out on her day
with our Travel Guide to hear her driver and our co-worker Waseem see here took
us to his village in his family’s home where they cooked us a massive lunch of
homemade traditional food they were some of the nicest people we’ve ever met so
hospitable and so excited that we were there it was a really really special
moment for us we got back in the car and the wind started picking up as we went
to our next spot we turned off the main road went through the sand and ended up
at the highest cold desert in the world climbing up the dunes was not easy but
the view was absolutely nuts hardest because of the wind but there
were massive mountains surrounding all of the dunes we had a blast running
around of course they had me model on the card
too after a long day it was time to head to our next hotel and get a good night’s
rest this morning we woke up in Shiar fort a beautiful fort that was renovated
into a hotel the grounds are so relaxing and located next to a raging river the
breakfast was awesome make sure to try the french toast and fresh peach juice next our co-worker must seem surprised
us with a visit to his family’s home which is over five hundred years old
they made us a massive breakfast spread on top of the breakfast we already had
it was so good he felt so lucky to see where one of the paused programmers
actually grew up it was time to hit the road again and make our way to our next
stop Deus I national park this park is massive and filled with mountains lakes
and crazy views it is super popular to camp here there’s even a tent set up
with a kitchen inside if you get hungry we ordered some chicken curry rice and
chickpeas and there was some of the best food I had the whole trip oh and if you go to deicide make sure
you have a four-wheel drive car you’ll be driving through some pretty crazy
terrain as we drove who came across what would
soon be one of my favorite parts of Pakistan their trucks instead of having
boring old loader trucks all of their trucks are painted by local Pakistani
artists I became completely obsessed with them and one even gave us a little
ride on the front so freaking cool the next day we woke up in the P TDC
Rama hotel known for its beautiful grounds and wooden architecture right
near the hotel is the trailhead for a fun hike to a super pretty Lake one- we
noticed about pakistan is there is tons of pollution so if you end up going try
and take some trash with you our next stop was one my mom had been dreading
for weeks we basically had to take a drive on the second most dangerous road
in the world to do probably the hardest hike we’ve ever done any final words doesn’t look like it but this is a
two-lane road made up of dirt and rocks with the six thousand foot drop off
it was beyond terrifying but the boys loved it and of course they had to do a
little photo shoot well we made it we’re alive
definitely one of the scarier things we’ve ever done we said our goodbyes we
finished the day with a hike up to where we were sleeping for the night in the
morning we woke up to the most insane view of Nanda Parbat also known as
killer mountain it has a 22% kill rate for those who try and climb it you
definitely did not want to try that but we decided to hide to the base camp
before we left we got interviewed again and then set out on our adventure so guys now got ya have any last words
before the stomach screw them the next day we woke up very sore and
had to make the trek down to the Jeep and then get drive back to town after making it out alive it was time to
head to the largest city in the northern area for some food but you got it we then sampled some local foods
including their version of a snow cone but they get their ice from the glaciers we tried some fruit some fried street
food and then we went to the river in town to cool off the next morning we woke up in the Hansa
Dunbar hotel with a 360 view of the mountains from not only our room but
from breakfast and from their rooftop we then set out to our first stop of the
day Lake octopod this Lake had the most turquoise water I’ve ever seen in my
life you can see it from the top or go down
to the water and even take a boat ride if you want they let me drag to our next stop and it
was my first time driving on the right side of the car and on the left side of
the road I think I did pretty good our next stop was Hasani bridge what
used to be one of those dangerous bridges in the world until they
renovated it only the local people are allowed to cross it but they let my mom
walk out a little bit for a picture we met some of the local ladies and they
were absolutely amazing they even told one of them I thought she was beautiful
and she replied I know freaking badass thank you her final stop of the day it
was one of my favorites of the whole trip the posse of cones this mountain
range is shaped like cones and so breathtaking the pictures and videos
don’t do it justice you were so excited we did the passage home dance the next day it was finally time to head
back to his lala Bob for the wedding Pakistani weddings are traditionally
three days long filled with fun traditions and celebrations we ate so
much food saw beautiful decorations stunning outfits money throwing and even
some horse dancing even though the hiking and mountains were stunning our
favorite part of the whole trip was the people I can honestly say in all of my
travels to more than 40 countries I’ve never felt so welcomed and safe just
walking down the street people would come up to me and shake my hand and
thank me for coming to their country some even gave me presents without even
knowing me Pakistan is nothing like it’s shown on the news and everyone I talked
to said to me get your friends to come visit us too so I hope you put Pakistan
on your travel list and if you want to save all the spots that I went to on my
trip download the pop on the iPhone now

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  2. Looking at these areas in video is something else but in real life if you get to see these beautiful places with eyes you’ll most probably have goosebumps because the beauty of nature there is indescribable and we Pakistanis warmly welcome everyone around the world to come and visit our country Nature is a blessing of God it is not owned by any country and people here are too much friendly and hospitable (You can search on YouTube or ask from your friends who have been here)

  3. Looking at these areas in video is something else but in real life if you get to see these beautiful places with eyes you’ll most probably have goosebumps because the beauty of nature there is indescribable and we Pakistanis warmly welcome everyone around the world to come and visit our country Nature is a blessing of God it is not owned by any country and people here are too much friendly and hospitable (You can search on YouTube or ask from your friends who have been here)

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