Paper Basket from old newspaper – How To, Tutorial

Paper Basket from old newspaper – How To, Tutorial

For this project we need newspapers, cardboard
in the size of the basket we wanna make. Glue, Scissors, a rolling stick, optional
are paint and laundry knifes. We start by cutting the newspaper into strips. Then we get the rolling stick. We start in the corner and roll it up as tight
as possible. And then we glue the tip to the roll so
everything will stick together. Then repeat this process. I think I made 25. Now we get our cardboard and we cut 2 circles
in the size of the basket we want to make. Then I get one of those rolls and I cut it
in the height of the basket I want to make but a little bit taller. And maybe you also have to glue the tip again. I will do this with 11 sticks, you can chose
to do more or less, as long as the amount is uneven. I will apply glue to the circle and place
my sticks. In like a star form. I also will glue one long stick to the cardboard. The one I start to use the weaving. Then I apply the second circle, I place something
heavy on top and let it dry. So with this roll I will start the weaving
process. Ok that’s dry. Let’s start. We alternate the sticks. First I go to the front, then to the back,
then to the front, and then to the back, and so on. When we reach the end of our first roll we
will apply another one. Put some glue to the tip and slide them together. And then continue, the beginning can be a
bit hard. But don’t give up. It can help to place a object in the centre
as a reference. But it’s not really necessary. Tighten the strips now and then, so it will
look more neat in the end. When this is done fold the end back so the
strip will stay in place. You can also glue it. Then I cut all the strips at the same height. Glue them and fold them back. Here you can use the laundry knifes until
the glue is dry. Now we will paint it black and the basket
it done. Thank you for watching. If you like my video’s, please subscribe.

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  1. I love the video, and how Lady is watching you, wondering what you are doing. The English word for 'laundry knives' is pegs. x

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