PAPER GUN from newspaper #TOY Make at home #DIY Craft for kids

PAPER GUN from newspaper #TOY Make at home #DIY Craft for kids

Today there is going to be a gun fight between Aayu and Pihu with paper guns Do you want to see? come I’ll get back at you with gun bullet yeaah I have a double barrel gun it shoots 2 bullets at the same time Hmm.. now you know I have a fat bullet gun and I have a double barrel gun I have learned to make this Do you want to learn too so come on let us learn come on commando ATTACK!!!! To make a paper gun we need newspaper or craft paper pens straw scale fevicol, scissor and rubber First of all we will roll the straw with a newspaper and put little bit of fevicol in the middle while rolling and make long sticks like this we have to make these rolls with pens, and with the straws similarly I kept a pen in the middle added some fevicol and at last glued it together with fevicol We have to make 3 rolls with pens like this and 2 rolls with the straws we have our rolls ready the rolls that we made with pen from that we have to cut 2 of them at 14cms and cut one roll in just half similarly the rolls that we made of straw we have to cut those at 12cms then we will stick these rolls one on top of another just like in guns the rolls that we cut in equal size we will stick those together and then then stick them with bigger rolls so the gun shape is ready Now we have to take the thin rolls and stick a small roll on top of it so that it looks like a trigger we will stick it at the back of gun and set it with a rubber band and add the bullets from the front we will cut the bullets in small size we will add the bullets from front and pull from the back to fire the gun So did you see how well the bullets are working Our gun is ready right? This is such a nice toy it’s ready without any expenses and we made one gun with waste materials and made 1 gun with a chart paper you can decorate this as you like and we will keep showing you our new new creative ideas If you loved the video please like it and subscribe if you haven’t yet you can take any chart paper of your choice and make a gun with that and then decorate it as you like Even I’ve made a gun like my sister A double barrel gun and that too with newspaper If you liked the please share it with your friends

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  1. I love your all videos. I want to meet you both and your family . I live in Assam and the city is guwahati. But it is impossible to meet you all . Bye the way mam ap bohot talented ho

  2. Aayu and pihu aap ek house banao dear shreyal main maharashtra me rahta hu aur me marathi hu muje aayu boht pasand hain pihu be main ek ladka hu

  3. Wow superb…….. Very. Easy gun to make….. I am a big fan of aayu and pihu… Hope you make more creative things…… Best of luck!!!!!

  4. Aayu And Pihu make claws of an eagle my name is Tiger Shroff your videos are very very interesting make more interesting videos like always can you give your mother phone number I have to call you

  5. Best channel
    Doing great and making awesome video 👍👍
    I like the channel
    💯 marks to the channel

  6. See plastic bags are banned in india and it is also harmful to us so please can you tell me how to make paper bags at home please . I am also from kota

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