100 thoughts on “Parler CEO: Social media is supposed to be a community forum

  1. Freedom of speech is part of our 1st amendment in our constitution of the united states that can not be violated. If it is violated, the person or company must be held accountable by law!

  2. I remember when Facebook was supposed to help family stay connected,
    yet the boomers only managed to alienate their offspring by being overtly political, lol.

  3. Give any new social media time and it's destroyed by the very people who get on it , it's a never ending cycle ! YouTube does a better job only because its so broad and has many interest away from politics , all the icons available make it easy to steer away from the madness to something else ! It works from keeping most of us from going into the abyss !

  4. Social media needs to be regulated as a public square .. Problem is some George Soros Pedofile bribe agent will buy off these people or laptop snap photos of them picking their nose or something and then they will threaten to dump online unless THEY adhere to their Satanic agenda.. In SHort; Blackmailers/Extortionists people should be a capital crime , but not only that .. Blackmailers and Extortionist's families must be punished as well .. Sorry folks THE USA was getting ripped off for 30 yrs thanx to these people GO AFTER THEIR FAMILIES TOO!

  5. I was suspended a few times from Twitter and FB. 3 strikes you’re out I say. Keep FB to keep track of kids and grandkids only. Won’t go back

  6. What a joke you conservative would get bored with no one to argue with just a bunch uptight individuals trying to get their point across

  7. There's a book called "1,375 well sourced examples of Barack Obama’s lies, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, hypocrisy, waste, etc."

  8. It should be marketed "for Conservatives", it should be marketed for FREE SPEECH , all views welcome. Time for people to practice tolerance from all sides.

  9. You will never fix censorship until you ban moderators. They're the ones responsible for delivering us this Orwellian nightmare. Mods on private forums. A certain type of authoritative fascist identitarions always become mods.

  10. That guy hit the nail on the head when he said that social media should be a platform not a publisher.

  11. I just can't understand or believe We the United States is actually considering giving up our freedom of speech. Hell, our freedom as individuals it self is on the line !
    Why do you want BIG Government people ?

  12. If you insist on provoking the Agenda 2030 rules, you will be progressively disciplined. Barack Obama, George Bush and David Cameron along with 168 other countries have signed off on this.

  13. I really think it's time for the DOJ and the communication people who is it FCC somethin to step into this crab this is ridiculous

  14. When I plat blonde for the people by the people come like the Post Office they are actually the protectors of our free speech and our communication that's what they were meant to be started as but of course that needs to be fixed because their whole financial situation Is ridiculous

  15. Fox need to learn how to add content to their YouTube channel and videos like maybe a link to parler

  16. They collapsed Myspace for facebook because it was the internet grape vine giving word of mouth at the street level far too much power.
    They're now data spools we fill blindly that are then sold to 3rd parties but good luck meeting new people from distant locations and actually being social with them.

  17. Another example on how corporations and the BAR Association keep forgetting who their supposed to be working for…

    Operation: Crucified Serpent

  18. This lady is a FN moron. The tech industry is owned by liberal minded people simple because technology is ALL ABOUT CHANGE hence the term 'liberal'- which comes from the verb 'to liberate' meaning FREEDOM TO CHANGE. Conservatives are about NOT CHANGING. They HOLD ON TO their existing opinions and values forever. So there is no point for conservatives to use social media since everyone already knows their views because they have been the same FOREVER and will NEVER CHANGE. Social media and tech companies spend 90% of their time trying to CHANGE and CREATE NEW THINGS. That's just not in the conservative mindset. So you end up with liberal minded people who want to create these sites, so of course your going to get bias. Just like if you go to a Church, you're going to find bias. You want something to CHANGE, try being OPEN TO CHANGE first.. fn idiots.

  19. There's something about this woman she's so ugly and fake looking. I love Fox and hate that they downgrade them self with this fake woman fake teeth fake hair everything gross nasty.

  20. Conservatives don't belong on social media. Social media is about changing the World through new ideas, views and opinions. Everyone knows what a Conservative thinks because they've thought the same exact thing for decades. Makers of social media outlets aren't 'anti-conservative', they are just 'anti-boring same old stuff'. Saying Social media is wrongfully bias is no different than saying a Church is wrongfully bias. Everyone is welcome in both, but you've got there for the same reason everyone else is or your just going to be left out.

  21. if you look at the linkedin profiles of the clowns running this "company" you'll find four fratboys who have never held jobs for more than six months


  23. Social media fooled many of us into believing they were a neutral platform. I believe they were one of Hillary's secret weapons, and thatd their 2020 strategy, flood all social media with their socialist garbage and block republicans!!!

  24. Freedom of speech must be protected as we see Google, Youtube, Twitter eroding our democratic right to fight back against the establishment Globalists who are hijacking all of us into their domination , tyranny and control. The people will rise despite their efforts to stifle and shut us up. A boiling kettle of water eventually will boil straight out of the kettle that contains it.

  25. Does anybody remember when YouTube started no dumb commercials ..cat videos people playing music it was real people with no ads that's what social media supposed to be real people with no ads

  26. John Matze is way hotter than Jack Dorsey. it seems people on the right are more attractive than people on the left

  27. The only solution to the current silencing of peoples voices, is to turn social media into a standard like email. A system like RSS where anyone can subscribe and anyone can set up a server on what ever system they want. Centralization of power always fails…

  28. They are blacklisting on parler too if comments about china have gotten you flagged already.

  29. You have to scan the front and back of your Driver's License and take a selfie to get verified. That does NOT seem like a good idea – Security risk. What if it's a DNC, RESIST, Media Matters, Antifa LARP or a scam to get access to your personal information? This feels real shady to me. Many of the Twitter-banned accounts on Parler turned out to be FAKE accounts. Has anyone really vetted these guys?

  30. With Democrats fighting to take Americans Constitutional
    Rights , Americans must be on
    guard with our enemies! Democrats want to take away our freedom of speech and religion as well as the right to
    bear arms! Democrats want to
    replace our Democracy and Republic with tyranny and slavery ! When you want to live
    poverty and lawlessness vote for a Democrat like Bernie Sanders or AOC who hate America and wish we were more like Cuba or Venezuela!

  31. Just had fun reading Gab's wikipedia page. Every one is far-right, alt-right, neo*, anti*, and the rest of the labels. Reviews are even more scathing — users are called names and user count is ridiculed. Gab was kicked out by apple store, google play, mozilla, chrome, stripe, paypal, coinbase, medium, and more. They really want Gab to fail!

  32. I just signed up Parler should ban any feminism, homosexual, multiculturalism activists or any thing related to Zionism order immediately

  33. Also youtube applying a strict rules against freedom of speech should we get a new video platform more than 3 youtube accounts been banned because of the contents against the Zionisms order secret plans to corrupt the world

  34. All of Saudi Arabia joined in basically over night because they are tired of being banned on Twitter for speaking up against Iran and the FAKE NEWS in the west. Saudi Arabia is also very pro-trump and conservative.

  35. I am a member of Parler, but I struggle with the navigation. There is no place that i have found that explains the meaning of the symbols and how to use them. Most of you youngsters will be able to figure it out for yourself, but I need a little help. I never know if my posts are posted!

  36. Wow, completely different reporting than what CBS had to say about this platform and they didn't even interview the CEO but rather a producer from CNET. It really felt like the only reason it was covered was to smear it with labels and mark it as a no go place for extremists. I remember the days when this wasn't so transparent and blatant.

  37. 2:00 we have no morals, nothing to defend, we are here for the money and will be happy to comply with whatever Moloch wants.

  38. in the meantime..shouldnt you have official accounts on all social medias..how silly..
    how can we invest… great idea..
    so far you platform sucks..im hoping it will outperform loser FB and twits etc..
    be blessed
    doc johnny

  39. I can't find out how to join Parler, no matter wear I search all I get is stories on it but none show how to join! Can anyone help me ?

  40. I deactivated my Twitter account with 5000 followers and registered the other day. They could probably use more venture capital to streamline the application. I think it is just better. Freedom.

  41. The interwebs are doing all they can to stop us from using this. I just tried to log on and could not find it using duckduckgo.

  42. Google is blocking people from finding parler in the app store. People are searching for it but can't find it.

  43. I will join – if I can use a computer for it – hope it's not going to be like Instagram with only phones. Frustrating…..

  44. HELLO!!!! your sign up page is NOT working properly. Pleasecorrect it!! do the whole process and submit, and the "expired capcha" pops up

  45. Parlar, in this context, is pronounced parlay.
    A meeting, of discussion.
    Like, terms of surrender, or setting the rules of battle.
    It has to be open to all, for it to work.

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